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I just read there are unknown colors only some animals can see.
How come not even a single scientist has replaced his eyes for animal ones and then describe the new colors for us?
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in some cultures color is classified by the result of a multi place function like color*texture*contrast*shade
blue who are capable of seeing blue but have not learned what blue is do not see blue things. the color of blue things carries no meaning to them
I'm blue daba dee daba daa
But brain understands only RGB-oriented protocol with eyes.

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Is it possible to place circles in the plane so that any straight line passes through at least 1 circle and at most 100 circles?
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Place 100 cocentric circles on the plane where the circle with the largest diameter defines the extent of the plane.

This is a hack though since a plane is normally defined as having an infinite extent. Oh: homework?
Let Xn = (0.5n,0)
and Yn = (0,0.5n)
then define
Sn = B(Xn,0.6)
Zn = B(Yn,0.6)
Intuitively it is obvious no line exists that doesn't intersect one of these circles. Can you prove it?

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Idea: create a dating service that only allows people with the PHENOTYPE to sign up.

We will breed the next generation of fields and Nobel laureates in no time.

Thoughts? How could have no one thought of this?
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Because there is an upper limit to the amount of brain mass the human body can support. Witten's physique is not structurally sound. You would need to cross his PHENOTYPE with a brainlet body builder's.

LOOK at him. He's spindly. I bet a light breeze upturns him head side down.
Soft eugenics. Nice. Life is variance; live the difference!

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What's your answer to this?
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The poo circles the loo because I have decent sanitation in my country.
Brainlet thinks the sun "circles" the Earth. We all know Earth is flat and the sun arcs across the sky, transports to it's original position like a bowling ball after hitting the pins, and rises again the east.

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Quantum physics noob here. Trying to grasp philosophical concepts parallel to Boltzmann brain theory. What even the fuck is a non-thermodynamic-equilibrium state and more importantly, why does even the fuck it matter when trying to suss out the inescapable horror that is entropy?
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it is an offshoot from the lack of an explanation for randomness in the universe

a brain with a memory of a tree is more likely to randomly arise than a world with a tree and a brain to observe it
who the fuck goes to school at 5:30am

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>authors claim result
>authors won't share code or data set
>technique description is vague and missing key details
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there are like a million papers published each year, just throw shit like that out
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I just recently published such paper. People can email me if they want to see the implementation or data sets.

Why do boomers hate common core so much? It's basically just making math easier for kids using terms they can understand, and then it lets them find their own method(s) to use that works for them.

Are they just talking out of their asses because they hate change?
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Because the baby boomer generation never learned real math, which is just applied logic and critical thinking. Their idea of math is something different, a very basic and practical formal version of math.
I dislike cc because it doesn't treat math any different it has for the last 50 years. It's still just plug and chug, rather than logic and reasoning.

A rose by aNY other name
It's only useful for multiplying large digits ie. hundreds or greater to a number somewhat near the actual which you would never need to do irl.

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What is the difference between normal stress and shear stress?
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90 degrees
Isnt that just a mechanical wave?
Waves are displacement due to stress. Stress is a force that's distributed across a surface instead of a single concentrated point. The distinction between normal and shear stress just tells you which way the force is acting relative to the surface, with normal stresses acting perpendicularly to the surface and shear stresses acting parallel to the surface. You can describe stress in any direction relative to a surface as a combination of normal and shear components.

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Hey /sci/, I need some serious advice.
I just got an insanely lucky internship offer for about a half year down the line I believe.
It has to do with statistical modeling and I'd assume data analysis of epidemiological systems.
I'm finishing up my degree in applied math at a top(ish) uni.
I've taken a mathematical modeling course that was mostly differential equations that was mostly theory and little programming (discrete and continuous systems).
I've also taken nonlinear dynamics courses.
I have about 2-years programming experience in C++ and some linux skills. I don't know any other programming languages.

Would you expect that probability theory courses and stochastic processes would help me a lot to prepare for this?

I have to choose between an optimization course and a machine learning course, do you think there's an obvious choice here?

Also, what are the most important skills you think I should pick up? (programming in R or SAS, more experience with data structures, etc)?

If I haven't given enough information for advice, sorry, just tell me to fuck off.

I'll check back up on this post in an hour or two.
Thanks a ton.
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First of all, sick quads bro.
Second, I am by no means a qualified person to give advice, but machine learning is the big thing right now as far as I can tell. Optimization - I don't know exactly what a class called that would cover it could be a lot of things, but all of those things are honestly pretty easy to learn yourself or just use by looking up the algorithm/results. R is also a really, really helpful thing to know, whether you actually need it for your job explicitly or not. That's my take anon.
OP here. Thanks again :)

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How does /sci/ cope with failure?
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I try to channel my self hatred into an obsessive work ethic. I need to be punished. I can punish myself with sleep deprivation and frantic cramming of material.
Lol, this. Someday I'm going to turn into an emotionless robot that can only work, but like whatever.

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