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Oh brother..
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those hitop chucks tho
let me see one from behind.
pretty good, but i'll need to see it from the back

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Is the whole Apple ecosystem worth the added cost because it's fashionable? Is it even fashionable at this point? Is thinkpad-core a thing?
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>Asking if a laptop is /fa

Kys it's just a laptop.
/g/ refers to them as more the domain of /fa/
unless you have to work in logic or final cut for some reason don't bother.

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We've been talking in the menswear fw17 thread about how to get into fashion and learn more.

I figured I'd start here by making a thread about Helmut Lang, who I consider one of the most influential designers of the past thirty years.

I'm gonna post some photos, articles, information, and links. Feel free to discuss and contribute.
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helmut backstage_bondage_fw03.jpg
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Helmut Lang is a retired fashion designer who started in Vienna in 1980. He was a dominant player in 1990's fashion and grew stronger by the year. Around the turn of the millennium he sold a partial stake in the label to Prada. After a period of financial decline and internal disagreements Lang announced his departure from the label in 2005 as some argue he was reaching his peak.
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Helmut coated arm coat ss03.jpg
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A short article that gets at the core of his unaffected look of cool.

NY Times Lang interview

On Lang's targeted gradual progression from season to season
This article offers insight onto why the label ultimately fell. The events leading up to Lang's departure.

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nope. i'm a weirdo and shut-in
I am. My clothes didnt get me my girlfriend in fact she thinks me obssesion with high fashion clothing is weird
>she thinks me obssesion with high fashion clothing is weird

god damn it this so much. i would have to lie to her about how much my Margielas cost or else she would rage and wait to bust out new cops around her. *spoiler* she was a sensitive poorfag

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Time to move on, /fa/
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Everyone already knows those are top meme
i bought some but without the stripes
Nike blazers. Calling it now

Screencap this

ITT: fashion red flags

When you see a bitch with this, you know to stay away
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But why
It essentially signifies the same things that chokers, nose rings, and fluorescent dyed hair do
but what even is it, you mean a patch or this patch in particular

it would be nice if you'd love me

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love me anons
love your tumblr
thank you, share yours

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clothes and makeup

seriously though, I need to know

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knoch has some new stuff for sale
nothing for me this time, considering the bomber though
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>size S
I wanna go for some of this, but I've got 11 cm on the guy and don't want my little baby wrists being exposed. Any chance this stuff will fit decent on long arms?
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labcoat doggo.jpg
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probably not, i am 180cm and i bought this labcoat from him. and as you can see it barely fits and looks a little cringy because it's so tight.
>size 46
>size SMALL

anorectic confirmed

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I like that denim jacket. How much do you think it'll be?
hopefully they have some nice tees, need some atm
Like 80% of my wardrobe is made from lemaire uniqlo collabs. I can recognize what pieces will go on sale and what will sell out.

For example this shirt is sick you better cop that in the first few hours. Source:

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Sup /fa/ggots,

pic related is my day2day jacket, it´s like 6 years old and kinda worn out, so I´m looking for a new one now.

Can you recommend me a good leather jacket, or a kahki/milsurp one? I thought about the M65, but maybe you flaming homos have some better ideas.
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M65 is a solid choice for a versatile day2day jacket if thats what you're feeling. I wouldn't go for a bomber cuz its a meme and too normie. investing in a solid quality leather jacket is a good idea but that can cost quite a lot. go for the m65
go to a military surplus and find an m65 field jacket

leather jackets are somethign you wanna spend big money on, also if you're an uggo like me you probably just shouldn't get one

personally i still love bomber jackets but they are basically a meme at this point
ew you wore that ugly shit for 6 years?

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papyrus spaghetti.jpg
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Hey guys,
I'm trying to find that site that had the fa avatar-maker. Can anyone help me out?

Pic unrelated
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nice picture

no not really
bump, no idea what you're talking about but wanna check it out
It's done in a sorta hand-drawn way, and you can give yourself dark eye-circles and a wine bottle. I've seen it posted like five times

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>$675 for a weeaboo jacket

I'm seriously thinking of buying this even if I spend all my food money

Should I buy it, /fa/?
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hory shet w2c
>even if I spend all my food money
No, get your priorities straight. You don't need that jacket, but you do need food
fuck no, why would you? it doesn't even look that good, I wouldn't buy it for $10

What the fuck is wrong with these? Produce a rational argument against you hypebeast faggots. I dare you.
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Or even these?
havent played duckhunt
I'll bite.

Well since fashion is subjective, what's 'wrong' with them is merely opinion. In my opinion I don't really like them. I'm not fond of the Era model because in the UK a few years ago literally everyone had a pair in schools and it was boring as hell. The print isn't fantastic, the ducks are kind of dumb and hard to pull off.

That being said, if anyone wore these in my presence I wouldn't give a shit. What's the point in mocking other people's clothes? That's dumb and pretentious at best.

These are okay. I'm fond of the Old Skool model but the grey is boring and the black sole is too. The stripe is kinda cool and different; niche, but I wouldn't buy them (perhaps if they were a different colour).

t. The fella who likes Shark Hoodies and Yeezys.

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Sneaker Deals Thread

Post deals on sneakers its not that hard

DS Adidas NMD CS1 PK Grey Size 11 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/192083606166?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
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File: adidas-olive-nmd-r1-1.jpg (83KB, 1024x684px)Image search: [Google]
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i'd suck 50 dicks and drag my balls over a mile of other balls to get my hands on one of these

fucking shipping fees man
White qasa on okini for 170 euro

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