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I don't think you understand what you're parodying/imitating, and in general your post is just crude and in bad taste.

Fuck off.
man bun cromagnon detected
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Salt Bae.webm
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No but that Patek Philippe Aquanaut on his wrist is.

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Is toy collecting not /fa/?

Does anyone else here collect?

I've been thinking about giving up my toy collecting hobby, I've got all the Star Wars S.H.Figuarts... I'd have a lot more money to buy clothes or other junk with both from selling them and giving up my hopes and dreams altogether...

I guess you could say I'm in crisis

*leans into ear* HE. WILLNOT. DIVIDE. US.

I'm dying on the inside.
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go away
I think toys are cool but not really edgy enough to be effay. If you like it you should keep doing it
No you don't understand I am a turbo autist and get banned and/or ostracized from every online toy forum or group it really taints the hobby for me and they're mostly disgusting neckbears and skinnyfat losers with cargo shorts and... here on /fa/ I at least get some acceptance y'know! I'm just accumulating plastic refuse, I could be accumulating FULL RICK

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what are the best reasonably priced velcro shoes (preferably white)

CP's and Raf's are a bit much
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non raf stan straps?
File: 1484760339403.jpg (83KB, 495x693px)Image search: [Google]
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i'm sorry but the raf lows are the only acceptable ones.
File: ASLV-MZ11_V1.jpg (62KB, 960x1450px)Image search: [Google]
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I have these personally. Uncomfortable on first wear but worn in now

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There was a ubiquitous classic Adidas sneaker similar to the Gazelles or Samba, made of navy nylon. What was it?
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Probably Adidas Dragons.
Country OG
I own a pair
That looks like it! thx

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Hey \FA\ rate my high school graduation picture fit.
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this is from a reddit post about some kid getting his pilots license nice try
Yeah! My big bro posted that.
how would you know?

do you go on reddit?

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Post 80s inspo I want to look like a feminine twinky boy band member
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File: BORN MOBILE.png (216KB, 503x421px)Image search: [Google]
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those guys aren't as feminine or twinky as the average millenial fuccboi (i.e. you)

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that looks fucking amazing though
Viktor and Rolf was fucking amazing yet again
I really like this.

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What the fuck.jpg
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Need some new running shoes, apparently I was doing it all wrong and that's why my feet and back were hurting for the past 2 fucking years.

>This is your average running shoe
What the fuck? Is there literally nothing that is good for running that DOESN'T look like complete shit?

Fucking help, Jesus.
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you are ugly as shit anon, so why even try anyways, just wear these shoes
No-one cares how you look when you run, go to a running shop and try some on. Its better that you have ugly running shoes and dont kill your legs and back, then you can look even better when you're dressed to kill.

I accidentally shrunk my clothes in the washing machine.
Do you know how to unshrink them ?
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hand wash with conditioner and pull it back into size
Probably too late but you can wet it and put it on a big mannequin
What conditioner ?

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I need some help quickly. I'm about to head to the new balance store to buy some new shoes. I'm having trouble deciding which pair to get. I have two in mind above the others, but am open to suggestions. I will, in the next two posts, put pictures of the shoes I am interested in. Please bear with me.
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This is the pair I am currently leaning towards.
File: nb2.png (630KB, 1035x451px)Image search: [Google]
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This is the pair I am also looking at. I like the look of the blue ones, but am also looking into a black variant.

Any suggestions?
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Here is what I recommend for your girly look.

File: file.png (215KB, 325x487px)Image search: [Google]
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What are some hair products that give a textured, dry look?
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Matte wax

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Why do you hate V-neck shirts anon? They're simple, classic and go well with my sweaters cause the neckline is typically lower

whats wrong anon
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I like V neck shirts. makes me look thinner and is my goto basicore look
they're gay
define gay

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just a shit version of these m8
Should i cop a pair of reeboks like those? Are reeboks meme shoes? I've only ever heard bad reviews about them, but noone wears them around here so..
they are very comfy i have a pair, they look nice and you can wear them with lots of things. that being said you could probably get the same out of another similar white shoe e.g af1s. it's person preference really

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I can't afford visvim, what are my alternatives?
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Something actually stylish perhaps
File: wot.jpg (19KB, 403x389px)Image search: [Google]
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whatta those mate?

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