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Obligatory skinbyrd thread.

- Chelsea cuts
- Doc Martens
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Lookin to cop this boy in a size around GR6 in Canada, any idea for a place where shipping isn't ridiculous?

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There's a thread for this. Ask there >>12180085
Thx bb
surplus store faggot

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What do you think, /fa/?
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I always see you hating on people
Did some tatted beef cake with piercing steal the girl you liked?
Is it because youre a boring straight fag?
Are you some type of conformist try hard?
Does insulting people on a Mongolian basket weaving forum really get you going?

Who else here doesnt like this trip fag?
lets take a pol
Pic related is the poster above me
Not sure if bait or not OP but your tat is kind of dumb but you be you
>Does insulting people on a Mongolian basket weaving forum really get you going?

I've never seen him insult anybody...

What personality traits are the most /fa/?
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a lust for dicks
You are lightyears behind, OP. What time machine did your psychology professor stumble out of to still believe in personality traits? Everyone knows it's states not traits!
If you want to get your model of the human psyche from some theories this side of the millenium, go read up on the works of Jaan Valsiner, Brady Wagoner, Luca Tateo, Tania Zittoun, Sergio Salvatore and associated researchers.

arrogance, cockiness, aloofness, pretentiousness

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Ive been looking at slingpacks recently. Does anyone own one? Inspo? Recommendations?
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Ayyy just copped that
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Here's mine. Love it, but the quality is kinda iffy.(Canadas REI, but it's still only a $30 bag.)

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Old one @ 3 hunna

>just got this yesterday
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My usual cut is an undercut.

Is it acceptable for someone who is white as a ghost to get lines or designs buzzed in?
>post ends with 1488
>racewar confirmed fuck obama and fuck black "people"

also cool hair bud, idk why you want to nigger it up
what do you mean by "nigger it up"? This was after I got home from a concert last night

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Proud to be Pepsi Edition

Last thread: >>12129965

Answers to these questions and more in our handy pastebin: http://pastebin.com/hTiigudJ

Remember to ask questions for the FAQ!
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Posted kinda late in last one. Do you guys like it? It's the first patch I've made
How did you do it? Care to share a tutorial or something?
I have an embroidery machine. There's a couple tutorials on YouTube how to make one

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Is this the new undercut/hitler youth /fa/? What do I ask for at the barber?
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god he's so perfect
>tfw you have similair hair

Feels good man

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I want one of these Vetememes tees. Why are they still not available fake at aliexpress for $5? Please get to it.
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because despite being an actual 100% legit meme brand. everything is actually cut and sewn.

on another note why do you keep making so many threads?stop it, please. you keep archiving the good ones.
what logo is that mimicing?
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For real?

How can I be a 10 if I'm only a 7.5 on a good day?
What do you personally do to try to achieve perfection?
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Workout even tho these faggots will tell you to starve yourselfe, being fit is a huge part of this. That said dont go full roid mode. Have a healthy diet since looking healthy = atractive, sleep and drink a lot and generally take care of yourself, than its the clothes, whatever ur going for have them well fitted and have them match and there u go, lastly there is plastic surgery if u got the money
Oh and get a haircut that fits ur headshape
What's the safest way to get a nice tan? My skin is really sensitive

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ITT post the most autistic /fa/ item you have ever worn

I used to go around school wearing a medic bag
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That's kind of neat to be honest
I used to wear a folded bandana
Did someone ever get hirt and expect your help?

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are my friends effay?? (Im on the left)
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That guy on the left looks friendly and lovable mess, I like his little wine stain
Considering the fact you're all hideous and your trans mate in the middle can't make its mind up what it is, no you're not effay.

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am i /fa/t?
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please respond
No and why would you ask?
You have a fine body.

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They can't keep getting away with this.
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Oh my God, this is a literal train wreck.
Anime is REAL
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This is pretty sick fuh real

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/fa/ or nah????
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they do look pretty good. what's the name of the model?
horrible, especially the useless zipper stuff
canvas sahara I think

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