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Is there any designer more /fa/? Is there ANYONE more /fa/?

Also, Haider general.
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He looks cool as fuck have to give it to him

tfw I kinda look like this guy

just no glasses

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Where can I find these? Apparently they are called

"Baby it's cold outside"
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Anyone from Peru who knows where I can get some fine clothes for males?
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harvest wool from llamas

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Hey guys, im trying to go for the $UICIDEBOY$ aesthetic, what kind of brands and pieces should i cop?

Already got a pair of nike flipflops
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Personnally I've got the same long curly hair as Ruby and I just wear a white hoodie or shit like that with a black jean and a pair of air max 95, it fits well.
Grow ur hair long then get a top cut to get the $scrim look.

What are some movies with effay characters
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Pic related was a /fa/ character in an otherwise garbage tier show
it doesnt get more /fa/ than having a heroin compartment in your heel
Leon Lai in Fallen Angels

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let's keep it cringey, folks
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Oh brother.png
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Oh brother...
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fuck you

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waywt for january 24th
new thread for more attention edition
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tuesday - january 24th.jpg
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tongue out emoji
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File: i look so dumb and gay.jpg (92KB, 512x512px)Image search: [Google]
i look so dumb and gay.jpg
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ur fits are always pretty good man
lol what even is this

i can handle the truth

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2015 was pink
2016 was orange
2017 is YELLOW

Already proven by fw17 runways, YELLOW is the new black.

Post yellow inspo.
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we gotta adapt before the general crowd does, /fa/!!
I wear my Beat Happening t-shirt with a beige Harrington and black trousers/shoes

am I /yellow/

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Is it possible to pull this off without looking like an idiot?
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>rubber sole
you gotta be tall and handsome but thats about it

then again that could be said for all forms of fashion but this stuff especially
I wish he had invested in shoe trees

File: Girls.png (490KB, 449x401px)Image search: [Google]
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>he wears anything but plain, dark coloured hoodies
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why u post 5 year old memes on s
File: japan_online_front_grande.jpg (34KB, 600x592px)Image search: [Google]
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You'll never be a true S A D B O Y like me OP

captcha: japanese subway sign
>He wears hoodies.

File: C7rMa26.jpg (67KB, 720x960px)Image search: [Google]
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is you and your crew as effay as us?
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guy on left looks great
I wish I had a crew.
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cup noodles

File: ad_208608797.jpg (106KB, 804x1023px)Image search: [Google]
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can someone id this jacket?
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Is Ewan McGregor turning into Daniel Craig? M65 field jacket.
i want to find
this exact jacket
That's not an m-65, it's just m-65-inspired. An actual m-65 has epaulettes, different cuffs, and less obnoxious stitching on the pockets. It's such a classic design that plenty of brands have issued imitations, but none of them look as good as the original. Do yourself a favor and get an original. I got mine at an antique store for 20 bucks.

File: a.jpg (58KB, 918x918px)Image search: [Google]
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these giant, heavy hairstyles (such as the disgusting and overdone HY) make you look like autist tryhards
>makes you look manly
>showcases your other facial features
>low maintenance
>highlights how slim you really are
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File: OHUbuCV.jpg (465KB, 960x640px)Image search: [Google]
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only non whites and fatties would hate this look, cuz theyre unable to pull it off
so are you white /fa/?
where does this meme come from?
I sure wonder.

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Alright /fa/ i seriously need help with my shitty eyebrows and I wanted to ask if there's any way to improve them without hair transplant surgery. I looked in to using coconut oil but the results of that seem to be difficult to notice.
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File: 14854554527332.jpg (81KB, 680x680px)Image search: [Google]
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so basically how do i go from that to something like this? (shitty photoshop)

Or possibly copper supplements.
try using castor oil. I've been mixing castor oil and coconut oil and dabbing it onto my brows for a month. it works for some people but not all.

btw i think you look alright with your current situation right now

Why do some really nice/expensive men's shoes have soles that look like this?
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the sole itself is 100 bucks, you won't find a deal
also, ask stupid questions in fuccboi general


This is what I'm getting at. It kind of ruins the look for the sake of not slipping, yet I'm pretty sure you'll still fall on your ass walking in bad weather

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