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As a chelsea alternative?
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I'm guessing they're much bulkier all around and a skinny jean won't fit over the top properly and people will think you're a cowboy or some shit
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mhmm try again sweety
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looks all around similar to Wyatt's, and those are pretty damn slim.

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here you go brother


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Jesus, /fa/, why is everybody wearing these boots it's almost unbearable.
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>White father
>Black kid
top cuck
>white father

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You know I had to do it to em
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that fucking sock tan
This would be an okay preppy fit if the shorts were an inch or two shorter, the belt matched his boat shoes better, and the shorts and shirt were more contrasting shades/colours
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Lmaoooo, don't do it again.

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>50 KG
>170 CM

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baby gap
Lol /fa/ggot
lol gain weight you fucking sissy
Easy as fuck to get clothes being 170 m8, just bulk >>>fit

What made you decide to only browse /fa/ and no other boards?
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But I do read other boards
if you browse only /fa/ you're not /fa/
I browse a lot of other boards, though. I've been here more lately because I'm going through one of my periods where I don't care about anything, which is generally accompanied by a strong desire to look good for some reason.

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What is with the influx of users from /r/streetwear, KTT, hypebeast.com, the basement all of a sudden? I have been noticing more and more people defending Bape and Supreme on this board for a while now. Can someone explain? Pic related is of the crossposters from hypebeast forums.
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perhaps it is simply the times changing, as it always is. only now has it been made apparent

this is prety much what hapened, look at the supreme thread. so much arguing between hypebeasts and people who hate supreme
>the basement

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Which color would be the best ? I hesitate between Black, Grey/Lead, and I would like white but it doesnt exist, the closest to white is Sand.

The grey ones would be the hardest to puul off because of the color.
They are almost not making these anymore I think, so I would like to take the occasion.
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why don't you buy a leather version of those ? Canvas is horrible.
It doesn't exist and I find other Doc Martens too big or too "heavy" for me.
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Or maybe these, but I don't know if it would look good with casual clothes

What are some fitness focused brands to look at? I'm a beefy body boi and I got my tax return. I need some fitness minded clothing, but don't want to just default to Nike
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Just buy more under armor hoodies Chad

Adidas. Don't trust these skinnyfat autist fags with bowlcuts and all black thriftstore cl


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hey /fa/

I need some flags to put on a black jacket but I don't want to look like a neo-nazi. can you guys recommend any flags that would look cool.

I'm British if that helps 8)
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Dude you already have a thread stop shitting up the catalog.
If you're the same guy that made the thread about the confederate flag you should just kys for being a bitch nigga who's too scared to wear a flag
Not wearing your own flag because scared of what only leftist cucks will think. Your father should have beaten you more as a kid.

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Did Raf Simons rip off fucking german milsurp velcro shoes?

These go for 30 Eur on german ebay. I dunno what to feel, help me please.

On a serious note, how do Raf velcros size? Do they correspond 1:1 to CPs, as in Velcro EU42 = CP EU42?
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No, you are probably thinking of Maison Margiela high top GATs. Raf Velcros were inspired by what kids were wearing way back when. It's more inspired by a baseball boot such as Converese.

For the shoes, I wouldn't recommend them. The profile and shoe itself look very bulbous and I think they wouldn't too look pleasant on feet.

Common Projects use the same sole as Raf Simons. That said, both shoes fit half size too big. So if you are a 10us you get a 9.5us. Or if you are a 43eu then I would recommend a 42eu.

Feel free to ask more questions, friend.
>baseball boot such as converse
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Margiela Velcro Hight Top GATs and Velcro GATS for comparison. Pretty easy to notice the similarities.

that's what they are called, friend.

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im so glad i purchased this
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he is so glad he purchased this
Congraulations! You just purchased this! What's the next step of your masterplan?
What's your end game?

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Why won't adidas give Nike a break?
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honestly, nike has been on top for so long that its refreshing to have someone else overtake them
id on the yohjis?

those blackouts are fucking sick

where to cop? do they exist yet? HELP

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>you will never be as effay as 2D
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cubs doubt.png
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I want to sniff that crotch
Be careful. It sniffs back

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its high time we bring this inspo back with dead memes
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>hitlerian youth core
File: 1626948861651546.jpg (234KB, 1000x590px)Image search: [Google]
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Why is it always bottom of the barrel whites who are into this regurgitated garbage?
mad at knoch again OP?

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