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what the fuck do I wear during summer in Australia? So far I've mostly been sporting plain tees and shorts with generic low-top Vans. is there anything I can do (aside from getting better shoes) to make my fits more interesting without dying of heatstroke?
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where in aus are you op, i'm in melb
i can't do shorts and i feel like they just dont work on me (also self conscious of my hairy legs) so mostly plain tees and loose-fit cropped pants this summer. nice sunglasses / caps help make the top half a bit more interesting if the tshirt is plain
beyond getting better shoes (which would help alot depending on your aesthetic) probably wear something similar to what bladee or lean is wearing in the plastic boy music video. It's pretty simple and clean but looks nice at the same time. then again it may not work as well without the ozweegos for blades look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T_ePuuIsOw
Something noice.

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What made you decide to dress better?
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In high school i saw the yeezy 2 come oit and thought it was cool and brought me into sneakers, which brought me into fashion.
the fact that I never had many clothes to begin with.
>dress like a high school nerd because I was one
>date girl in college
>she's into fashion
>got me into it

that's it

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Are there any /fa/ streetwear/skatewear brands?
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Raised by Wolves
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Are you opting for minimalism branding streetwear?

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What are some effay items I can keep around my house?

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Who is the hottest person to ever post on /fa/?
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Taken right now
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Slater & Knochensack.
I'm objectively the hottest person to ever post on /fa/, but I don't have to post a picture of myself because I have nothing to prove to any of you nappy headed hoes.

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let's start a good ole instagram thread boys.
Always looking for more chill people to follow.


new. not posting too muc, but some friends and "artistic" Mississippi scenery.
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Damn, I can't imagine /fa/ users and Mississippi residents have much of an overlap

for what we lack in cute grills, we make up for in lifted trucks.
whut MS has tons of cute girls

Are those classic Gap hoodies /fa/?
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nothing Gap makes will ever be /fa/
b-but what about the gap x john elliot collection
saw some light skin girl wearing a marron or red one
10/10 would marry but im too skinny

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What the fuck should I do with this haircut?
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are you a darker blonde?
if so get hair lightening shampoo.
My hair's pretty brown
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Hey so.... Can we get a good Inspo thread going?
I'm inparticular looking for stuff ancient egypt inspired, especially jewelry

but 90s stuff is also welcome.
whatever is inspiring you lately.
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Lads I don't pay attention to fashion and I shop at goodwill. Does it show?
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swap the coat out for a decent denim jacket, bomber, coach jacket, or parka and a hoodie without the white trim and brass zipper and it looks solid.

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Why do glasses make anyone look good?
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They don't always. Colin Farrell is already a good looking guy and he looks better on the left
I think so. I wear contacts but I've noticed that when I wear my glasses I get more attention

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where can i get this shirt?
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That's link's pajama top. Check some weeb site.
some girl handmade it, make your own
Start the second quest and your grandma will let you wear it the whole time instead of your green tunic.

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>tfw body out of proportions
>tfw shit facial aesthetics
>tfw brown hair/eyes
>tfw hair is frizzy and impossible to style properly
>tfw no matter how effay my fit is, i'll still look bad
Ahahahah just fuck my shitt uppp haha
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get /fit/
Maybe you can become a Vetements model since theyre all about that antifashion these days
if you have frizzy hair go for a buzz or an undercut.I've learned to tolerate if not like my frizzy jew hair.

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So i'm thinking of shaving my head. this is me about 1 year ago, my hair is longer now by about 2 inches, but underneath the locks there are bald spots developing underneath the temples all the way back along the sides to the nape of my neck. The only part that is noticeable is the temples but its not too bad yet.

Are there any actually good hairstyles for balding guys? How do you rock a shaved head?
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If the bald spots have a random pattern and there's overall thinning I'd say shave

If your hairline is maturing I'd say a simple short cut would look better - a lot of men seem to have a knee-jerk reaction to receding hair where they just shave it all off for imo no good reason - especially if you have a mature face.
>mature face

ill take a picture of it. its really fucking weird since my long hair covers it up, but underneath its like i went in and plucked out most of the hairs. whats left there is in that curly dieing stage.
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so this is with just my hair unstyled and pulled back to show the hairline.

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for the Aussies, thoughts on Lad-core?
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bunch of soft cunts
"How can I let everyone who sees me know that I'm from a very low socio-economic background so I had to save up for two months to buy this Polo Ralph Lauren polo and a pair of TNs so that I can act hard to make up for my massive insecurities over the fact that eventually I'm going to be an old loser living in the far western suburbs with no job or life prospects."
Cunts like this ruin polo.

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