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Is it ever socially acceptable to wear joggers/trackies/sweatpants etc outside?
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Yes, if you have confidence.
Why's that?
Sometimes. Going for a coffee first thing in the morning or running for groceries? Eh, why not.

Is caseycore /fa/?
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No. He is annoying, Jewish and loves attention.
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ya dude fuck the jews heil kek!
That's not Casey Anthony.

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Other than /fa/ what are some good places to get fashion advice and have discussion? I find KTT to be just be a hivemind and r/mfa and r/streetwear are fucking awful
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Ill give you a bump OP
/fa/ is so toxic
Its just a bunch of insecure twink boys insulting each other instead giving constructive criticism
i use to browse KTT frequently about 3 years ago and desu it's only a slight step up from r/streetwear cause they will flame any trash fit

but like you said they circle jerk i will see boring fits posted there but people will act like it's great cause a certain well liked poster posted it. it's dumb

that's why i came to /fa/. the anonymity (unless you're a tripfag) helps get rid of that

but i've been seeing it happen in our waywt lately with frequent/regular posters, like the chair guy and that other chair guy that takes his pics outside

most of their fits are trash but they get a lot (yous) for being a frequent poster i feel like

i say stay on /fa/ and lurk the inspo threads and find what you like and go from there. as far as advice do us a favor and keep it in the fuccboi general or browse the archive before asking something dumb.
this is the best place on the Internet for fashion and that should say something. everywhere else is dead. sz, sufu, sf, ct, 8ch, not sure if 2ch or 2chan had a fashion board but that's pretty much it. this is the best. but /fa/ has been a roll lately there's actually some fashion threads and discussion happening here as of late. all we need to do is keep the ball moving.

here's how to fix /fa/
>remove/ban face rate threads
>remove/ban thinspo threads
>remove/ban car threads
>remove/ban political threads
>remove/ban fake items threads
>remove/ban personality threads
>remove/ban qtdntot threads
>remove/ban specific questions threads
>remove/ban tumblr threads
>remove/ban instagram threads
>remove/ban cringe threads
>remove/ban tattoo threads
>remove/ban predict trends threads
>remove crossboarders
>ban crossposters/crosswebsiters

we are in serious need for a mod or jany. since we have almost none, /fa/ has to come together as a whole and have to be the change we want to be made. if you see any threads like this right now or in the future, just sage and report them.

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how tall to wear an overcoat?
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5'11" minimum
what country are you in?

note height is relative: in holland 5,11 is like 5,9 in america
6 foot 2"

Is it gay for a man to straighten his hair? Do other men look down on this?

If you look better as a guy then I don't personally see the problem as long as you're not putting on makeup and stuff it's not gay but I'm curious to hear opinions.
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It's fine to do if it makes you look better, sure. I wouldn't worry to much about seeming gay when it comes to fashion, it's a dumb thing to limit yourself with and can also stop you from looking the best you possibly can. You can even put makeup on in certain situations and not have it be too weird (again, only a light amount and not all the time)

Just don't straighten your hair too much, though, because you can fuck it up.
Gay is taking a dick in the ass.
Straightened hair doesn't look good, in my opinion.
Not at all. This whole "gay" meaning "high maintenance" thing is retarded.

If you wanna straighten your hair straighten your hair. Use make up? use make up

Just understand thats it's something that requires putting time into your appearence, and thats whats considered "gay", because for some reason its considered gay for a guy to take the time to look a certain way.

I dont give a shit, and no one who matter will either.

Im a guy, and i'd look down on it from a "that seems like such a pain in the ass to put the time in to do it all the time", but i genuinely could care less what another guy chooses to do with their body

How do I achieve this look?
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Be bad at science and inject botox into your eyes
File: ancient bogdanoff.jpg (116KB, 1024x717px)Image search: [Google]
ancient bogdanoff.jpg
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>he rejects the bogpill
forced reddit tier meme

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why does a rape-excuser wear such a t-shirt? just curious
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He's wearing it ironically, just like half this board does with their clothing
Hes wearing it to get pussy, just like all male feminists
When was he ever accused of rape i write rape and asap rocky and only ian comes up

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Please post more like this

Also, anyone know what this kind of style is called? I'm getting a little curios about it and wondering if it's effay
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File: Jesse_Rutherford_LosAngeles1.jpg (759KB, 1500x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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he is jesse rutherford from the neighbourhood. (my fav band)
If I'm remembering correctly it's called "white trash tattoo man, but he's actually a trust fund kid"
File: image.jpg (183KB, 730x1027px)Image search: [Google]
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I'd say Heroin Chic by the characteristics of the tattoos, pale skin, neat/messy hair, "nostalgic" dress style . Check out 90s Calvin Klein, late 90s to early 2000s Rick Owens, Wacko Maria, Saint Laurent Paris aw2013-ss2016 for similar styles. I'd also recommend Raf Simons aw96-ss04, Number (N)ine aw2000-aw2005. It's a very nice punk/post punk/grunge kind of look. Seems like something up your alley.

So, 70s /fa/shion is coming back this year... thing is, it's ugly as sin. How can we fix it and remake it before normies?
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Mila's dress is cute af.
manlet platform shoes already came back

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What core is this?
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is this a jojo reference?

File: IMG_5027.jpg (78KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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Fell for the football hooligan meme and got me some Hamburg's.
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aren't those too big for him
look a little big yeah
you can take the rice farmer off the rice field,
but you can't take the rice field out of the rice farmer

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unnamed (2).jpg
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unnamed (1).jpg
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File: unnamed.jpg (420KB, 1304x1828px)Image search: [Google]
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i'm quite drunk but would like advice/inspo/criticisms/people ripping me apart because fuck it

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Are wristwatches /fa/ or just plain autism? Are they worth a cop?
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Wrist watches are amazing if worn right. Just dont be an autist about it.
only normies wear wristwatches. it's all about silly bands now
Pure autism, don't bother with a watch it's a dead technology.

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What should I wear to complement by body if I am 6'2" and skinny. Cycle a lot so have quite muscular legs. WIll bump with inspo
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File: Seymour.jpg (2MB, 1000x1403px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1000x1403px

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w2c his hoodie?
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I wish i knew the context of this pic.
Kids about to bust a mad solo on the dance floor.

The kids are making room for him, some are skeptical.
That's an optimistic view.

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