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xd get it? cuz they aren't actually that expensiv hihi :P
upboated m'kind sir! XP
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Fuck off.

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It was just a normal boring day in a normal boring metro in south italy when i saw this chinese girl with what i thought was a fake champion hoodie, but it had a weird logo on it, it said "vetements"
>went home
>looked it up on google
>saw the price
>realized how world is becoming fucked
well hell fucking no
>pic related
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>complains about the state of fashion
>isnt aware of one of the most covered brands

How fucking new are you?

Everyone here knows what vetements is and there's essentially nothing wrong. People have been buying things clearly not worth the price for years, why do you care what some new money gook is wearing and how does that have relevance to fashion as a whole
You guys really overestimate how many people are in your fashion bubble

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is this orient /fa/?
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Get the Seiko variant, those hello kitty diamonds are terrible.
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That watch is horrible, don't try to hard when you wear an affordable watch

The orient sun&moon looks amazing imo

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/fa i have really shit fine hair
should i just buzz it
i flatten out my hair with water after the shower and it looks fine for my facial shape, I just want insurance from u guys
yes i know i look like a retard, do comment about it though

facial dimensions
oval face shape
forehead 11.3
cheekbones 15.2
jawline 8.5
length 19.4 cm
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I don't get why the dimensions
also don't buzz it looks fine
this photo was taken awhile back, ive been trying to, with moderate success, thanks for the unrelated comment thou
Try it, its gunna come back.will look weird for 5 mins but that's it

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summer fit.jpg
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I just thought of this idea while listening to some runway music

What if we held a contest for everyone who wants to participate, you would have to basically create your own runway on 4chan

You would take several pictures of different fits of yours, choose a music for your runway and then present it in a thread

It would be much more organized

The winner is chosen by voters I guess, maybe on discord it would be better so no samefag votes
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fucking autistic whoreson
This is one of the gayest things I have read on /fa/. Especially the
>while listening to some runway music

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Hi, copping this sweater, just wanna make sure it's legit?

And are there even fakes on YSL?
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YSL licensed their brand in 80s and 90s so basically you find anything from thrifts that's YSL it's garbage quality made in China that was originally sold in sears.
I don't get what you mean, could you rephrase it?
tldr 99% of vintage YSL items are worthless

same goes for all fashion houses

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So, Riccardo Tisci has left Givenchy; 12 years in a high-end label is crazy but I do wonder what the next step for Givenchy is
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to make actual good clothes now that that hack is gone
Tisci will go to Nike
>to make actual good clothes now that

2013-2014-2015 givenchy was fucking fire, but then it dropped to really bad piece of clothing and remake of classic slip on sneakers with only the givenchy logo on it and squared the price, riccardo has got it and he knows it, something inside givenchy must've happened

how can he be so fa and fat at the same time ?
Confidence ? happiness ?
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top tier personality genetics
nah, our man's Pete


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A question here from a non effay regular.

Why are pricks so fucking pretentious but you can't back your shit up? You spend your lifesavings on useless shit and dream about being rich like us by disguising yourselves? Why not buy something cheap instead of trying to fucking fit in? We can see you for what you are ffs.
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>non effay regular
>knows that pricks so fucking pretentious
>knows that spend your lifesavings on useless shit and dream about being rich like us by disguising yourselves
are you NSA?
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My watch makes yours look fucking pathetic, you faggot povvo
the color is very uglyt

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Where can i get thick tshirts looking like one in pic?

Also maybe in the same colour, relatively inexpensive
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That's a jumper.
oh lmao, where to get anyway?
literally any clothing store ever

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w2c t shirt
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vim > emacs
what a qt
don't wear it if you're not a programmer

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i've saved up enough /fa/

going to buy one big ticket item what should i get
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Dude stop flexing no one care about what's in your bank account douche.
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Buy your mom something
A house

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I'd say if you were going for an ironic meme aethietic it'd work out pretty well. You'd need a nice tshirt to go with it
>implying superman isnt /fa/

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How come lang was inferior to jun in every way?
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Now that is a bold statement and I hope you have something to back it up.
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I'm too poor for cps, rancourts, or gustins... are stans a good poor-born alternative?
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gustins are a disgusting forced meme
i feel it being forced
Stans are perfect, don't listen to anyone else
stans are meme shoes depending on where you live desu

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