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How do I dress like this?

Where do you even find a jean jacket that's regular medium denim blue and not distressed (not dark indigo or pre-torn) these days?
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did you check walmart op?
No, I need something that would fit a non-obese body.
red handkerchief

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Ok /fa/, redpill me on analog watches, I think I might get:
Am I getting meme'd?
Can I do better?
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are you memeing me? $675 for an eco-drive citizen? is this the style you're looking for anon?
Incredibly tacky. Go for a speedmaster instead.
This is why I asked, this would be my first expensive watch.
I like how it looks but I guess I can find a watch that looks similar but better with your help.

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safe, tasteless minimalism is killing fashion
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im sick of seeing japs in baggy fleece and vans
faggots with bad posture need to leave this board
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Is it legal to wear a ski mask in public?
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need this answered because it's butt ass cold in Ams lately and my gaiter ain't cutting it no more.
that depends entirely on your jurisdiction

Whenever I wear something like a light blue shirt I'm at risk of having those wet sweat marks showing up. I'm not otherwise a sweaty guy, but, it really limits what I can wear.

I've been using a combo deodorant / antiperspirant, but I think I need something stronger.

Any recommendations?
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You got good metabolism.
Wear an undershirt it might help

Everyone keeps telling me to FULL RICK, but I bet most of you manlets are a t-shirt away from full Morty being available in your wardrobe
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+1 upboated

Good joke dude keeep it up

Thanks for killing a thread
I mean, yeah. /fa/ has been "basic with a few $200 dollar pieces bought on sale" for awhile now.
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steal that look.png
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Here's handy guide to Rick in Full Rick.

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Anyone know any legit sites to get this jacket? Apparently there's like two versions of the same jacket from different companies. Is there any difference between a £45 and £180 version?
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there's no legit sites to get it because it's not a legit product
The cheaper one is from aliexpress and the more expensive one (alpha industries bomber) is from beavertonsmostwanted.
Do you reckon it'd be worth paying extra for the more expensive version?

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from the back?
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From the back
There are several WAYWT threads this doesnt need its own. Regardless it's looks alright but it's nothing big and special

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>he hangs his clothes on these
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they're perfect for t-shirts because they take so little space
your mom could've used that before you were born
It's ok to be retarded

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How do I into scumwave?
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More like comfywave, tbqh
>soles not flush with ground

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no one cares about offwhite. fuck of back to r*dd*t streetwear newfag
Kys contrarian faggot

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Are there any chats specifically for avant-garde fashion? Not streetwear junk but just people who enjoy dressing in nicer shit?

I'm getting bored of just talking to it with my girlfriend who only understands about half of what I go on about. I need people with similar interests as me to talk to which is hard when you're in bumfuck nowhere
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let me know when you find one ;_;
mfw people ask me about fashion a lot but can't talk about it passionately with anyone bc nobody knows enough

mfw live in a big fashionable city and just don't talk to enough people i don't know
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>the only people who know about fashion are asian international students
>I'm not cool enough to even approach them

What's that brown and black nonsense this season? I thought this is a faux pas?
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its street niggercore. Its an attempt to look "classy" but comes off as not knowing how to dress and having no individuality
Brown and black is only looked down upon when in a formal or semiformal setting. Same with black and blue.

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Could we have one of these threads please?

Also before anyone does, the point is not to say

>hurr my wardrobe would cost more than that

It's about working within a restriction and still being effay.
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>3 basic tees
>2 pairs of pants
>2 pairs of shorts
>spend rest on pretentious sneakers
Any sneakers in particular?
I don't know, something retarded like 5 pairs of white Air Jordans that all look the same

This is considered /fa/ by americans


Just a bunch of streetwear items thrown together with a pair of jeans. Classic american look adapted for millenials.

>not a single tailoring element
>no accessories
>no intention to look slightly elegant

It's not even about Rick Owens or the goth ninja bullshit. You people do the exact same look when you try to wear Saint-Laurent :

>leather jacket
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They're probaly scared of the peer pressure

At my uni people can dress whoever the fuck they want and no one will make fun of them
w2c hoodie
w2c closet toilet

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