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Is Adidas crazy enough to do it /fa/?
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Yes, and I will definitely cop a pair.
Id buy those. They look mega comfy. I remember I used to work at balenciaga and we had these really stupid shoes that were nothing but mesh netting on top (the kind inside of swim trunks) and foam like this on the bottom. I got a pair of the prototypes to take a pic of and post on here and I ended up ripping them the next day. :| let's just say they never made it to production and some lucky fags out there have pics of them.

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Red pill me about Reddit fashion boards (does Reddit have boards?)
Is it all shit or is there any good stuff on it?
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It's all shit but at least they're better than this board
>autistic neckbeard edgelords

>autistic neckbeard fedora tippers

That's the only difference.
Yes they have boards. They are only marginally worse than /fa/. I think it's hilarious that /fa/ acts smug and superior but these children are still stuck on the likes of Rick and the techninja meme. Especially the Rick fixation is hilarious. Doubly so when some of these cunts are slowly realizing the reality that as an expensive, well pressed designer (who makes fucking hoodies and sneakers for God's sake), that he's basically just as fuccboi hypbeast as Supreme or whatever.

"W-why are these niggers wearing muh Rick?? I thought I was a patrician special snowflake and he was only a thing on my Chinese cartoon porn forum secret club!!"

You catch that gem of a thread?

4chan's pathological obsession with hating Reddit at all times and in all things is pretty much the reason /fa/ despises streetwear. Just because there's r/streetwear. Rick's basically All black streetwear anyway.

tl;dr - /fa/ is better than the Reddit boards but that's not really saying much in the first place.

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might be a decent shoe if they removed the glob of fucking blu-tak in the middle
looks like an nmd rip off
they are OK but why are they duct taped in the middle? do they fall apart that easy? look like nerd glasses with scotch tape holding them together.

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How can I look decent in clothing when I'm fat?

>inb4 lose weight

I'm working on that, it takes time. But whatever clothes I wear, I always look bad in. And it doesn't help that my proportions are atrocious. I'm an 18 year old male but I've got the figure of a THICC female. I own some jackets that make my shoulders/chest look wider than my hips so it helps, but right now it's like the peak of Summer, so it's way too hot to wear jackets.

Please help.
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please help report these threads
you don't get to look fat
you have to suffer for being such a weak willed lazy cunt your whole life
lose weight or stop trying, you cannot be fashionable as a fatty. run daily until your body is no longer repulsive and you can start lifting and building muscle. you will look and feel better and clothes will look like they were made for you

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I read the Wiki, now I'm trying to decide on a simple, versatile starter sneaker
> Adidas (Samba, Gazelle, Stan)
> Reebok (Classic; anything else?)
Am I missing anything? I appreciate NB's ethics, but they look soccermom-core
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pls /fa/ i need u :(((
Shoes Like Pottery
reebok instapump fury if you wanna be a little more adventurous but still have something that works with everything, at least in a basic colorway (ie full black or full white)

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he's not thicc it's just bad lighting
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Here's some inspiration for you
Fat people should be shot on sight

Is /ottermode/ considered effay?
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You can easy reach this mode in less than a year.
Post more examples so we can make a proper decision.
yes how to achieve
im neither skinny nor skinny fat
im pudgey but like my ribs and shit are still visible and i have a lot of lower back fat as well as stomach fat
however my arms are like french fry thin, i dont wanna lose weight cus i dont want my arms getting thinner, i wanna get them bigger, but i dont want to go on a calorific deficit cus i dont wanna get any fatter

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/basic bitch/ inspo
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Kill this thread immediately

i like this pic; im gona post on facebook
Does anyone have those pics with that group of girls all wearing knee high boots

so im 5'1 100lbs 37"25"36"
boobs are 32E/DD
i know i cant ever be androgynous and /fa/ but what else can i wear to look fashionably aware at least without looking like a thot
dont tell me to lose weight i dont wanna be underweight w saggy tits thx thats not how it works
pic related basically everyday fit so my boobs arent taking up half my upper body

also advice general
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be my gf
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if your boobs bother you, get breast reduction surgery.

if not, maybe look into draped tops like pic related
i have had several female friends with this problem

the unfortunate truth is that people are gonna be shitty and assume youre a thot if you wear clothes that in any way indicate you got huge tits. for social sake and for your own health id recommend looking into a reduction if you really hate them that much

otherwise, that pic you posted probably does a good job of concealing whatever youre trying to conceal. big, drapey, oversized tops work wonders on this shit. go buy some jumpers and jackets

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cp achilles.jpg
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I see Stans, Gazelles, and Sambas mentioned as good entry-level Adidas sneakers, but what about Superstars? They look to be in the same vein
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File: IMG_0021.png (709KB, 640x1136px)Image search: [Google]
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No they're basic bitch meme sneaks. Also I'm posting the chart in case you need it
I appreciate it, but can you zoom in or something?
File: GATsGalore.jpg (1MB, 2088x4092px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2088x4092px
Here's the original. It's not an Adidas chart though.

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Is getting a Leather Jacket worth it?
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Depends on what kind it is tho

Is the leather real or not?
Do you have a shitty posture/narrow shoulders?
Skellymode or fyat?
Edgy neckbeard-tier trench or """"hip""""" moto-racer with racing-logos plastered all over?

The one that I currently wear was found at a flea market, after researching I found out that it's "Tomahawk Garments"-biker jacket, around $99-120 brand new, I got it for €42. It was pretty cruddy and distressed, but after shining and coating it with dark saddle-wax, it turned out to be looking pretty awesome. Fits me well, very warm and heavy. And surprising considering it's a size M (I normally wear size L-shirts and jackets), I can still zip it up and use the waist-belt just fine.

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freddie ljunberg.jpg
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Is this the perfect male face?
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File: ancient bogdanoff.jpg (116KB, 1024x717px)Image search: [Google]
ancient bogdanoff.jpg
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this is
No, his features are too sharp and his eyes are ugly.
File: freddie 2.jpg (127KB, 900x1350px)Image search: [Google]
freddie 2.jpg
127KB, 900x1350px

File: logo_stone_island.png (239KB, 2000x2025px)Image search: [Google]
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What is /fa/'s opinion on Stone Island?, More specific their jackets, are they any good and/or Aestethic?
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I show u my peepee!
I don't really see the point in spending over 400 on a jacket if it doesn't even have gore-tex.

That being said they have nice stuff, but it doesn't really appeal to me.
I'd buy one if i had a shitload of money and some NB shoes

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How to tell a barber what haircut you want if you don't know what haircut you want and don't know the jargon of barber-folk?
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If you need to ask this question it means you need to admit your Mommy always decided your cut for you and you need to learn how to do it yourself.

tell them how much effort you are willing to put into haircare

tell them how long you want it to be

show them a picture of what you want, it should line up with steps 1 & 2

Your best bet is to not go with what you want right now. Get a #2 crew cut and see how that looks on your face. Read the sticky. Develop a nice cut from there

Don't hop on trendy cuts if you're just now starting to be fashionable, you'll look retarded
Bowlcut is the only thing you need to know

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Just got this human finger bone necklace. Do you think it would look better with our without the heads?
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100% without
Congrats that's actually a penis bone. How did you fall for that?
nice tubby nochin you fucking inbred sloth looking ass loser

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