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opinions on zak aka ecco2k
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[serious question] What is the appropriate age range for wearing chelsea boots. What is the upper limit?

I feel like it looks like shit for someone with a receding headline to wear them.
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>I feel like it looks like shit for someone ... to wear them.
hit the nail right on the head there buddy, 99.99% of chelsea boot wearers are /r/streetwear cucks or fashion victims
anybody can wear them provided they are thin and capable of dressing like an adult
any age just as long as you have a vagina.

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This is what girls want.
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What ever happened to emo mickey mouse?
I'd fuck him

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Lets design presto mids, this is my boring attempt. Might buy

Try here if u like:

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One side says "Drippy" the other says "Trips"
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I'm still trying to figure out if I wanna buy these
Get in the prestos shinji

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>Wtf Anon you look like a ninja
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Yeah that's right. And if you keep pissing me off I'll fly kick you.
What shoes is left wearing
Oh shit I'm sorry!

>there are people who are gonna be hyped for this
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shirts fire bruh
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water shoe look going on here

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Why can't I dress like a normal person? I posted this yesterday and whatever I wear just does not suit me. I lived in shorts and T-shirts my whole life and I just cannot think of anything that would make me look good. I tried jeans but like they are so uncomfortable to even just sit down with.
Can someone please help me, recommend me stuff that would make me look like less of a child with a mental condition

Yes this is what I am wearing right now
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because you literally have autism
Not autism as in online meme autism used as a joke/insult, but actual mental illness autism
No no no. I just have never ever been shopping for actual clothes. Mum used to buy me clothes. And its been a year since I bought new clothes. I actually want to look normal this year. But I don't wanna look like a faggot
your shirt seems too big and those look like swim trunks

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/fa/, i have really shit, fine hair, should i buzz it based on my face shape
Ive asked on several hair generals with no response
so yes this deserves its own thread, i really need advice on this shit
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more pics
File: webcam-toy-photo3.jpg (93KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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semi wet hair
go for it

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u mad my friend is designer at raf?

ask me anything
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"Paint a fuking mural on the back of a parka. I am fresh out of fucking ideas." - Raf Simons, fashion designer
Why would we be mad?
can he get cool raf stuff for you?

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adidas stripes 2.0.jpg
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i bought these as an impulse buy what can i wear them with i need some ideas
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a goose
They are black and white sandals just wear them with fucking anything.
if you wear any other logos with them you will be seen as being a hypebeast id keep the rest of the outfit very plain

>EWW ANON! I can see your nipples through your shirt
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Suck on them you filthy whore or i'll stomp you with my cargobaskets
>not wearing an undershirt
>wearing see-through pieces as a male

>tfw fairly tough guy
>melt into a whimpering submissive blob when a girl plays with my nipples

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Who here /uppermiddlebrow/
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who here /living in the early 20th century/??
cus it sure as hell seems you are op
According to this, I'm /allovertheplace/
What's on the next page?
post more pls

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Are counterfeit purchases effay?
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I like bootleg/unofficial aesthetic
Nope, but if you MUST get gaudy branded shit (Hermes, Polo, LV, Supreme, Bape etc.), get a fake. Much cheaper and you are not supporting a shitty brand.

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a real good look.jpg
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what you guys think of this look? like the autistic adult walking around drinking a pepsi look? I think it's pretty sick desu n with my body type I feel like I could rock it.

I'm 6'4 and very thin. I already wear huge XL+ shirts with dragons n fairy bitches n shit so it isn't much of a stretch. Yall think this is a good look? Maybe get rid of the sweatpants and toss some black skinnies in there instead.
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Just do you dude
simply epic
ya bro imma do me i jus wanna know what YALL think

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christian dior 1968.jpg
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If you have been approached by somebody and asked if you were a:

- Girl
- Homo
- Homeless
- Store worker

You have achieved /fa/ superiority.
Prove me wrong.
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One of my substitute teachers in high school referred to me as a girl.
my brothers friend says my lemaire shirt makes me look like a surgeon about to operate on someone

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