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I am finally on the next plain of /fa/ existence

I no longer spend money on anything but clothes and enough things to survive, just barely.
I often starve for days at a time to get my new Yohji or Rick piece.
I am on a constant high because I always have some sick fit on the way in the mail. I can't contain how happy I am knowing some beautiful piece of art is coming to me. And every time I get my new clothes I feel like a god. Confidence pours out of me.
I have also gotten my perfect body to allow maximum effayness.

My wardrobe is almost complete. Are you feeling effay yet? I will soon leave this place and go on to a better world, to spread my wings in fashion heaven. come join me faggots
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Burh that's just narcissism and blind consumerism.
no that's enlightened consumerism
u funny guy op

/fa/ cars thread

Need some ideas for my new car purchase
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PT Crusin'.jpg
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i need a link to induce carotenosis: how MANY mg of betacarotene do i need to take to turn my skin fashionably orange ?
4 portions i ve found, but tjats not clear what are they refering to
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nevermind the question, who the fuck is that?
File: irregular.png (155KB, 339x308px)Image search: [Google]
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no nevermind YOUR question bitch, nigga im set on becoming an oompa loompa just tell me how

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Also Fash-core inspo thread.
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>That distended stomach
Sorry but there is nothing attractive about this man
File: 21website-web-master1050.jpg (205KB, 1050x788px)Image search: [Google]
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You're allowed to have bad taste, what can I say.

File: L.L.Bean.png (370KB, 995x630px)Image search: [Google]
370KB, 995x630px
Why are these certain boots becoming very popular? I see friends in Chicago and Cincinnati wearing them and it's recently been growing here in California. would anybody have any guess's?
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File: IMG_5933.jpg (82KB, 507x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Just 'cuz. They're kinda unique looking so they're perfect because everyone is about looking unique. This is why fashion that looked tacky in the past is cool in the future. Give it 5-10 years and this shit will be cool
I know many people who have LL Bean boots because of the warranty that comes with them. That's appealing to a lot of people, I guess.
Where have you been?

They've been huge for the past two winters. Continually selling out.


(this article is from 2015)

File: cuckada canada.jpg (352KB, 1900x1155px)Image search: [Google]
cuckada canada.jpg
352KB, 1900x1155px
wc decent sneaks on sale?
canada a shit. might as well be living in australia
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"decent" as in rafs and such

ssense is in my very fucking town and it's overpriced as fuck. insolent fucks should be firebombed
Why does JT look like Nicolas Cage here.

The Canadian dollar isn't worth very much right now. Ssense has generous Canadian pricing if you consider that you don't have to pay import taxes. If you want a decent exchange rate try shopping at stores based in Europe, since the Euro is not doing well either.

In general, it's probably a good idea to shop at places that do Canadian pricing online (e.g. Saks and Nordstrom) and it would be better if they offer shipping from within Canada.

If you're just looking for Raf/Adidas, you can get them from like Simons. Looking at the online stores for local boutiques can sometimes be helpful but it might be better to shop in person and build a rapport with the staff. Gravity Pope, J+O, and TNT are some Toronto shops that carry Raf/Adidas online.

If you really want to get these things for cheaper though, just start working at one of these boutiques.

Tripsk do you live in Toronto?

File: theblanktraveler.png (405KB, 721x1000px)Image search: [Google]
405KB, 721x1000px
Hey /fa/ so I've started up a clothing line with some friends and was hoping you could check it out.
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Pretty nice designs desu, keep it up
I actually really like all of your stuff. It just doesn't fit my wardrobe really. But I might cop a tee or two. Keep up the dope work dude.
Thanks bro its nice to see people like the designs

File: 1462965960997.jpg (840KB, 1000x1500px)Image search: [Google]
840KB, 1000x1500px
I literally just want to steal this look, wtc this shit?
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cloths: thift store/ jc pennys
hat + shoes: supreme
it makes me sad that this dude gets his stuff from thrift and department stores and looks cooler than i ever will
basically any shitty fast fashion mall shop will work

File: BLINK★182.png (548KB, 485x629px)Image search: [Google]
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When will style of pic related make a comeback?
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>he doesnt wear dickies shorts and a wet moptop hair style
get with the times my dude
I think you're confused
that is 3 white guys but it's not blink182

File: hair.jpg (97KB, 634x804px)Image search: [Google]
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Is it effay to be hairy?
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only if you have a roman nose
Is it possible to stop being skinnyfat without cardio?
If you're above 6' tall and have masculine features, sure. It's easier for it to detract than it is to add

When will Nike learn??
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What kind of popcorn is that? Looks kinda nasty desu
nigger stompers popcorn
>he thinks he'll stomp a nigger with something as squishy as boost

oh boy pepper your angus, tyrone finna go all 9 inches deep in ya azz

File: hipster-subkultur.jpg (79KB, 500x618px)Image search: [Google]
79KB, 500x618px
I try pretty hard to look fashionable but I always seem to have cringe-worthy fits. How long did it take you to find what worked for you?
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It took me over a decade to perfect my look.
The most important thing is being cognizant of the reality of your own body size/shape, facial appearance, and even your personality.

Fashion does NOT exist in a vacuum. If you are a guy who is 5'9' with short legs and lifts like me, obviously some things are going to work, and some things aren't. Ditto if you're a 6'1 hungry skelly twinkboi with pouty lips and sad eyes.

Keeping this in mind, /fa/ is often VERY unhelpful, because they have dogmatically decided that some things are bad, just bad, period-- and some things are god. (Ex., streetwear = BAD, Rick = GOOD).

In reality, there are those on whom street wear is a good fit, and those on whom Rick is a good fit.

I like Rick Owens but apart from Geobaskets or Ramones I would never wear his clothes. It would look silly on me. Rick Owens doesn't match my body or my personality. Those who can pull off Rick Owens/Yoji/etc. looks really good. But in reality, 95%+ people can't really pull off Rick.
interdasting, thanks

i'll look for models with my body type and see what works on them that fit my personalithy

What is this type of collar called and can you wear a shirt with regular collar under it?
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From what I understand it's a band collar.

I personally think that you can wear any round/jewel neckline, as well as a crewneck.

Depending on the jacket you get and whether or not it has gay fake aging and distressing, you could also wear a buttondown collar. There was a good example in one of the w2c (I think) threads earlier in the week, but I did not save it.
If these things are honestly coming back, somebody fuckin shoot me now and spare me the impending misery.
Coming back? They never left

File: 1486585296986.jpg (200KB, 760x1083px)Image search: [Google]
200KB, 760x1083px
What is this style called?
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File: 1486586283042.jpg (450KB, 1023x1280px)Image search: [Google]
450KB, 1023x1280px
Scissorfuck Core
vagina interest me-core

File: .jpg (179KB, 940x504px)Image search: [Google]
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do girls care about watches these days?
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who cares
No. I usually have guys comment on my watch way more.

When you're getting a watch you're getting it for yourself. Pick something you like to look at or that is comfy, preferably both.
>these days
they never stopped. the ones worth persuing that is.

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