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Where were you when Patrik Ervell dropped an absolute banger?

NYFW general as well I suppose.
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Maharam textiles look unreal as usual.
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let's decide it for good. which one is the God?
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the one that looks like an AIDS stricken Morissey.
Rick all the way
jerry lorenzo
then, rick owens
its just culture shit that you wouldnt understand

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I have a funeral tomorrow and I don't own a suit, would this be appropriate?

This is my only good black jacket but I'm not sure if a collared jacket with a collared dress shirt will look retarded. Also was gonna pick up a black tie today.
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Depends what's expected of you, you should probably ask the closest relative of whoever passed away.

Sorry for your loss.
>asking the closest relative
>not just asking the dead relative instead

youre supposed to wear black to a funeral aren't you? get a different dress shirt

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Hello /fa/
I got my self two regular fit jeans and I'm thinking of slimming them a little.
What do you think ?
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Probs won't work too well, you can see if a tailor will but otherwise just buy slim cut jeans. I recommend blk dnm 25 jeans.
Woah man you're talking crazy
>blk dnm 25 jeans
pictures ?

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H'whut exactly is a nu-male?
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all of those are defiantly numales except maybe 6

A nu male is any guy that is kind of nerdy that gets triggered easily and thinks they are progressive. They are usually in some sort of schooling for tech related stuff and get friendzoned often and always laugh at their female friends jokes even though women are not funny.
3 is acceptable

all else is cringe

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Why is /fa so againts hypebeasts? Come on guys, it saddens me to see an entire "culture" be cut of from /fa. Can you pls tell me some reasons why its like this
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Because accepting it allows a huge flow of r/streetwear kiddies trying to ask stupid questions like whether or not they should buy something like a champion hoodie. There are some good parts about it, but pretty much the entire online part of it is pure cancer. Resellers, gaudy asians, tastelessness, "fake hype", and general shitposting associated with all of it. I like some hyped shit like good sneaker collabs ans some supreme here and there, but I am totally fine with ostrasizing hypebeast shit on this board.
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because it makes you look like a ridiculous laughable cuck
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i'm looking for a polo shirt that doesn't have these weakass plastic buttons (pic related). i don't really care if it's 4 holes or 2 holes or whatever. i just want to find something with nice firm buttons. maybe made out of some kind of stone or something. not plastic or the lacoste-marble shit.
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this is a very important issue that need resolving
you're probably joking but yeah it fucking is. fuck you.
Not that guy, but no it isn't.

Buy a high quality polo with shitty buttons

Order pearl buttons

Seamrip the old ones off, sew the new ones on.

Such an arduous task.

is this a shoe a average looking skinny 24 yr old white dude can pull off for casual wear?
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how white and average exactly are you?
dylann roof grade white = no
pic related kind of white = go ahead
maybe in between?

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Is this an appropriate way to wear tall boots like these? Pants are just black Levi's 501's.
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I prefer to fold my bends so the leg doesn't mushroom out the shoe
no, that's not right
Tuck looks messy. I can see the hem of the pants sticking out.

I'd have to see the whole pants+boots to make a full opinion, though. 501s are kind of baggy, and there might be a parachute effect tucking them in the jeans - but it might be all right.

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can you give us a quick rundown on his style
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the whole world is getting bogpilled
The next step in our evolution

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which perfume do you use?
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Versace Eros
Right now I'm crazy about La Vie est Belle. It's also my grandma's favourite though, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
>giving money to the scented jew

Wiki's down

Post non-Niggerland starter boots that are widely available. I made the mistake of moving to Canada from the south
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Why would you say that? That's so fucked up.
Say what?
The N word

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can anyone ID either of these jackets?
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haha they look so wierd xDDDD haha funny stuff
Hey Igor.

Thoughts on vans X undercover?
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like the design but the two colors they come in are horrible
I'm gonna cop that pair, I'm hoping not sold out
Boring and look like shit quality for the price. Vault line shoes are usually great but these dont even have a leather insole.

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