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dumping style

feel free to join
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no he is not, hes in tryhard territory
even if he bought that sweater before "telephone calls" came out, still no

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Looking for tinted jeans like this one
check that this one have a slight yellow hue
how is the right term for that?
I had one once that was chrome tinted or red.
Links on aliexpress or other site appreciated.

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I have to try
Try hot topic I'm not joking the hot topic brand rude.

>you've moved out and took only the clothes on your back
>you must create your new wardrobe

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>you've moved out and took only the clothes on your back
wow this sounds like a bad idea why would do that

why buy a new wardrobe when you can buy a suitcase
It's just a hypothetical scenario what do you have autism.
id on the shoes?

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Can someone tell me what type of haircut I should get based off my facial type. I am an autismo and I am not good at these things.
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For some reason its rotated so I just reposted
Just go to a barbershop and say you want the most popular hairstyle
An actual haircut would do a lot for you, you are not ugly, the hair just ruins it. If you are unsure just go with a classic side parted, this hairstyle suits most faceshapes. Also, do you have actual autism or just very little social skills?

How to get into the Male Fashion Industry? Is fashion school worth it? Anyone work in the industry that has some tips?
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>have a vision and creativity
>have the skills to communicate your vision through clothes
>work hard
>and then some
>get lucky
since you are asking about it here you probably have some romantic high life picture of working in the industry so really just don't though
do you have any experience in the industry?
dumb luck. internships. more luck

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I want to start expressing myself more femininely but I don't want to start dressing super femme/girl mode.

Just andro/unisex. I'm 5'10 and 153 lbs, I'm trying to get to 143.
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Full Rick Owens
Well, what do you wear atm, just as a guide to where to begin and how far you want to go.

Chinos, skinny jeans and loose fitting top.

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why do you people care so much about how you look to others
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Honestly idk. Somehow i'm just so self conscious and insecure and very low self esteemed.
we care how we look to ourselves
wan sex

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why do americans dress so casual and sloppy

i mean besides being overweight, everything is just horrible and nothing fits properly.

ive been to france, england, japan, korea, china, and no other county has the same lackadaisical style
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Rampant Consumerism

Have you seen their buildings? Their infrastructure? Their cars?

Its all cheap shit made to fall apart so you can buy a nice shiny new one in 10 years (only for it to fall apart quickly)
All the countries you mention are old civilisations who have a tradition of artisan craft and by extension, fashion.

The US does not have that. Many US designers realise this and move to Europe once their career takes off.
>All the countries you mention are old civilisations who have a tradition of artisan craft and by extension, fashion.
Korea and Japan were agrarian backwaters well into the 20th century, whilst France and England have been prominent nations for a mere 400 years - incidentally not much longer than America, with its 250 years of independent governance. Furthermore, the US overtook Europe as the centre for enlightenment ideals and economic prosperity well over one hundred years ago.

Chinks, despite their age-old cultural cornerstones, are more mindless in their consumerist ways than Americans; this is a maoist scourge, no doubt about it.

tl;dr: read a book

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Where to get nice parka's other than Canada Goose?
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I bought a nice one from acne studios
Alpha industries,carhartt, canadian milsurp

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Is Kmart a good place to get fashionable clothing?
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This is BAIT BOT with an automated message to let you know that this person isn't looking to have a real /fa/ related discussion. Do not reply to OP and continue to have a good day. :)
its hit or miss

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I think we can all agree the way society and technology are progressing, the dystopian cyberpunk future is just around the corner.

How can you subtly dress cyberpunk without looking like a LARPing sperg?
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>my identity?
>haha nice try nazi NSA
Check tumblr and instagram
So many people with these looks nowadays

More like nuclear wasteland-core, nigga

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Models of /fa/, any tips to make your face look model tier? Besides genetics? Feel free to comment. my dudes.
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Please respond
You need perfect skin

A good skincare routine will help, foh sure. Models have the skin of a baby's butt. They probably have good skincare products as well as drink a shit ton of water.

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Hello Anons,

I would like to buy a watch (french, swiss or german one) my budget is 1.000 euros. Do you know some cool brands ?

What do you think of the one in the pic ?
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post fit


I am from Pakistan, me no cellphone or computer, please help buy me watch.

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I need a pair of all black leather sneakers what shit do you like?
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I have the same Stan Smiths you posted and they're pretty fucking comfy.
stans are 2pleb3me

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