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This thread is for urban techwear.

If it's black, water-resistant and looks like it belongs in Ghost in the Shell or Akira, it probably should go in here.

Feel free to shit it up with memes.
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New Y-3 is very cool.
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Take notes how to approach techwear more casually
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New Veilance anorak.

Last one died, rip. What's your opinion on stitched/steel toe boots?
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looks shitty
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What are some other boots with this design? i.e. minimal extras - maybe a zipper on the side or back - and a flat crepe/wedge sole. The ones pictured are Damir Doma. I know Rick has some like this as well.

Any ones around $200 or less?
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what are these boots called, it was in the last thread

I think I remember someone saying they were paratrooper boots, but that's too vague

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Whats the one thing that stops you from being attractive and fashionable anons?

>t-take a wild guess l-losers
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I'm 5'6" and I mostly pull in girls due to my face and interests, over time even though I'll be in a happy relationship it gets to me and my insecurity can come out. They usually get bored and leave, then its rinse and repeat with long bouts of loneliness until I find another shallow whore to ream through.
that's rough anon, i know how rough 4chan is on height. Either way you're still very attractive if your getting girls at all. Just know that whilst it does matter insecurity warps reality an incredible amount and it is genuinely not as bad as you think.
There are more than one thing that stops me from being attractive.
I'm not fashionable because i don't have a sense of what i think it looks good because i'm too biased from my cultured that is very afraid of being gay. This shit gets so ingrained you don't know if you really don't like something or just were taught to.

lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Screenshot (74).png
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lets do a deal here.

buy my gats plz need to afford vacation

only three items left
> Triple white tubular runners size 10.5
> Size US M yohji yamamoto Y-3 long fit sketch tee (fits large and xl).
> Common Projects Achilles High in red. Size US 10.

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Presidential kiddo edition

How do I get hair like this?
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what are the top 3 styles for this year? We still in hitler youth mode?
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Thinking about cutting the top after about 7 months of growing it. What kind of hairstyle would look good on me with my lousy facial features? Currently the top and bangs are about 6-7", and I have a 4 on the sides.
File: comphairison.png (2MB, 1680x1116px)Image search: [Google]
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uhhhhhhhh could i get some honest opinions about this cut? just got it last night because i was tired of dealing with long hair.

Still learning how to "style" the short cut, its been a long time since it was like this

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Go on /r/femalefashionadvice's WAYWT and pick out a decent fit
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why do they all have such shitty bodies and posture

literally nothing looks good
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r/streewear is better
File: z3VEjzV.jpg (1009KB, 2229x3728px)Image search: [Google]
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Pic related is the only thing I can find desu


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What ever happened to the raw jeans "movement"... Is it still alive?
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menswear tier now, in 5 years they will be wearing everyone's old cav empt and acronym gear

>this is the future you chose goy
Definitely still a thing, but it's not the blind obsession like it was a couple of years back.

Remember that anon who left his raws in the freezer for like a year?
>in 5 years they will be wearing everyone's old cav empt and acronym gear
Some will, but the die hard fans will keep it going. Hopefully when it comes around again trend-wise, everyone will be over "muh fades."

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anyone selling any c.e pieces ? general c.e discussion thread.
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Which size do you wear?
medium or small
Your chest measurements because I want to sell some stuff from CE.

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How the fuck do I get a defined jaw line? Is there anything I can do or do I just have shit genes? Also rate my side profile
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first fix your overbite
anyway besides braces?

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What are the most terror wave white sneakers?
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are 44 dot helmet covers terrorwave???
Common projects
spalwart canvas
dva myachas
hill side for terrorist from space

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What are some effay jobs?
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Author, movie director, musician.

Anything creative like that. Anything else is not effay.
Businessman. Nothing more effay than a Wolf of Wall Street type
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nazi meme.png
111KB, 275x275px

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advise and rate.
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ignore filename its me
File: Snapchat-1754260636.jpg (507KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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nice hair and hair. your frames suit you.
i meant
>nice hair and jaw

File: 20170203_145542.jpg (3MB, 4032x3024px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 4032x3024px
ITT: we post our shoes and other anons rate
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sick duramo's brah
can you give me the white ultraboosts? thx
What shoes are the top right?

File: 1405469470965.jpg (120KB, 1400x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Template in pic related
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Post yours first faggot
File: 1405567358550.jpg (217KB, 1400x1400px)Image search: [Google]
217KB, 1400x1400px

Pants are okay, shoes are okay. All the rest makes me not wanna be anywhere close to you.. Lemme guess. You have a bear and the sides of your head is shaven.

Don't you use a phone, wallet or anything? Fuck's wrong with you. Make a new and better one.

File: Logo-BALMAIN.png (128KB, 985x320px)Image search: [Google]
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I bought 1'000 EUR black Balmain jeans with leather detail. I also have a collection of Balmain shirts, Balmain sweatpants and Balmain sneakers.

Ask me anything.
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$0.20 has been deposited into your account

t. olivier rousteing
How can you afford it?
Why do you like balmain, what makes them appealing for you?
I understand their style, but would never wear it.

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