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how do i dress like im rich
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well are you a girl or a boy?
button the top button
clean clothes, no stains or distresses

What are some subtle anime shirts that one can wear without looking like a giant weeb?
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either embrace it or get something else. thsi weak ass insecure bullshit isnt fa
I see the occasional Survey Corps Tshirt or hoodie here

mostly on alt-girls though

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tattoo thread
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l (1).jpg
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Last thread: >>12702598

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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I just had 900kcal i wanna cry i was doing so well till today
I just wanna get thinner legs why
work it off
Good morning fasting anons!
Sorry, I'm on mobile and I'm not sure how to link to your posts from the previous thread. But I'm assuming you and anyone else who wants to join will see this.
It's day 2/10 for me, and I'm really happy to be doing this! I put on a bunch of weight over the past couple months and I was pretty down about it. Now I am off to a good start in reversing that, clearing up my skin, and resetting my relationship with food. My main concern is not yo-yoing. I have a plan for slowly upping calories after my fast, but I'm going to be going on vacation with friends right after, and I'm concerned about my willpower around food and alcohol. I want to participate, but I don't want to lose control. Any tips? I want to really plan and meditate on how to maintain discipline after I fast.
What about any of you? Stats? Particular reasons for fasting? How long do you plan to fast?
Wishing all of thinspo a binge-free Monday.

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bahahahah this fit is whack
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anyone have inspo with casio digital watches, this one seems nice, is silver the move?
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Would look sick with an alpha industries bomber and yeezys
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Go gold instead
Don't listen, i have both and the silver looks so much cleaner/better

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Which accessory is the next choker?
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cock ring

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are you taking pictures of strangers on the subway anon
Art School Juniors who have no hope to get a career going and moving back home with parents/10

nailed it lmao

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dude fuck off i didn't make this thread for you to be the first fucking post with your gay ass
it's not the guy in the pic posting the fits here

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>tfw Uniqlo only has two stores in Canada
>both are in Toronto
>will open one store in Vancouver later this year
>no plan to open any more stores
>won't do e-commerce
>Uniqlo U.S. won't ship to Canadian addresses

wtf is this shit
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>tfw just moved to Japan
>Uniqlos fucking everywhere
>there are more Uniqlo stores in the Philippines than Canada

I live in MA and they just opened another near me earlier this year

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Share your ig, recommend good accounts to follow, rate and interact with other users
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jah_eel is best
can people screenshot the feed pls? it takes like 1 second and gives you more of a chance of getting followed bc most aren't gonna type in and search for your account

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What aesthetic caracteristics and behaviors attract you into girls?
I like girls with a innocent/weird look
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I like girls with a nice bootay
I like serious girls. Too many girls fall into the trap of trying to be cute and playful. A serious girl is rare.

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Simple thread. Post your hair, post desired styles.

I'm getting a haircut today. Last haircut I got was a Caesar, It worked out because my hair actually looks like Caesar when short (At least in the bangs.) But it grew back horribly. My bangs are noticeably shorter than my back and I'm looking for a new effay haircut. I have thick wavy hair that curls somewhat. I also have a wide forehead that I usually keep covered.
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Bumping with some decent inspo
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tell me, does this hairstyle actually look good from any other angle? cause i haven't seen a single picture of that hairstyle from eg the front

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post your fav pics of our beloved queen froggo
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how is she so perfect
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froggo ily

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As some of you know the Cup is a virtual soccer tournament between various 4chan boards that takes place four times a year: /lgbt/ just won the 2017 Summer Cup. The game is Pro Evolution Soccer and the matches are done AI vs AI with custom models and uniforms to match the memes of each team. It's completely ridiculous, and it's really quite a lot of fun.

/fa/ was one of the original 16 teams in the cup a few years ago but has had slightly spotty attendance since then, last competing in the Spring 2016 Cup. Take a look at their page below to read up on the team's history and see the old roster:


Here's an old match as well:


Do you want to see /fa/ compete in future cups? If so, please post in this thread. As long as there are a couple dozen board fans that consistently check in each season for any roster polls and the like, everything else for the team can and will be taken care of.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Oh, and post any ideas you have for new players- I think the team roster could use a good overhaul.
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yeah keep doing it

players should include

and i don't really care about the other 8 but, don't include any mention of techwear fags thanks
Maybe all variations on "is x /fa/?"?
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These need to be in the roster.

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