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>University student

Having watched The Big Lebowski and only recently 'discovered' how comfortable bathrobes are, The Dude's style seems like something very comfortable and largely reasonable to wear out in public. Especially those days which do not involve major social gatherings.
>going to a morning lecture
>get some groceries
>study at library

Also being a driven person by nature, going for an intentionally laid back style from time to time might promote some overall chillness into life.
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if you dress like a slob most people are going to think you are a slob
You will look like. A poser
File: Goslinglookalike.jpg (406KB, 2247x1771px)Image search: [Google]
406KB, 2247x1771px
>going for an intentionally laid back style from time to time might promote some overall chillness into life

hahahaha are you an actual person?


File: IMG_1442.jpg (2MB, 4032x3024px)Image search: [Google]
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Picked these up today for the collection. Thoughts?

Also general Jordan's thread.
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If you buy clothes purely for a collection you're a fucking joke.
Wear shit you like, don't care about opinions of others.
Stop being a meme and a fucking parody.
"The collection" is a rotation of shit I wear on a regular basis.
those shoes look stupid fwiw

File: does not see to want girls.png (198KB, 371x596px)Image search: [Google]
does not see to want girls.png
198KB, 371x596px
asexual, "sexless" style thread
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most styles on here are
if that is sexless then why do I have a boner?
you must be asexual :)

Is /fa/ own anything from rick or is just a meme. All his line are hella expensive.

Post your ricks for inspo.
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you're on a fashion board, asking if Rick Owens is 'just a meme'. Are you asking if its a cliche or a picture of a cat with an anthropomorphic facial expression, please clarify what sort of info you're looking for.
so were do i cop cheaper ricks.
Yo shut the fuck up newfag

File: 88f81e1f_Palace-1.jpg (78KB, 1200x757px)Image search: [Google]
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Here's a fun game; we post a fashion brand and associate what genre of music it'd be linked with

Palace: Grime
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File: 1.png (5KB, 549x92px)Image search: [Google]
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future garage
File: 204px-UNIQLO_logo.svg.png (5KB, 204x203px)Image search: [Google]
5KB, 204x203px
Yeah right, if by grime we mean exclusively bbk and stormzy then maybe

File: 7896786987.jpg (111KB, 500x688px)Image search: [Google]
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Where do Asians cop their basics?
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File: KJU.jpg (1MB, 3312x4040px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 3312x4040px
They steal it from Kim.
In asia
Downtown China

File: Texas Tech.jpg (1MB, 3100x3615px)Image search: [Google]
Texas Tech.jpg
1MB, 3100x3615px
Starting with the least /fa/ school on the planet
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I have to be the only one lmao
File: gatech_logo.gif (14KB, 543x534px)Image search: [Google]
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it's getting warm
File: mason.png (9KB, 219x142px)Image search: [Google]
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ay lamo

File: 0OV5335U_1549_030A.jpg.jpg (20KB, 800x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Are these glasses effay enough? Damn fuckers cost me over $800. They better be.
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Idk man. Good glasses that fit means no one is going to notice it. Unless you get those weird ass branded ones that scream Oakley or Prada. Oliver's people is nice but it's expensive for glasses no one will care to notice its a Oliver's people and expensive.
If they fit your face, yes.
Will 800$ fit better than 200$? Probably not

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who /buy-cheap-shit-from-ebay/ here?

>buying cheap clothes from ebay made in a child factory in china is comfy desu
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Why would you want to look like a condom ?
>hating on turtlenecks
turtlenecks are goat
File: hair idea clothes.jpg (29KB, 412x500px)Image search: [Google]
hair idea clothes.jpg
29KB, 412x500px
TRY finding more stylish pants at THAT price

LAST THREAD >>12381404
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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File: 1491699800031.png (4MB, 5560x3312px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 5560x3312px
If you want recs, provide as many criteria as possible: including sex, price range, seasons/weather, occasions, other frags/notes/accords you like/dislike, special conditions i.e. can easily be found in mall department stores, other ephemera i.e. personal style/aura you want to project, etc...
I'm about to spend $400 on samples, $600 total

I'll have 122 samples, Ha! Ha!

116 of these are unique. I have narciso rodriguez twice for some reason, lumiere noire too and invasion barbare too. now im getting a new black aoud because my sample looks spoiled (cloudy and yellow) and also another molecule 01 because the luckyscent spray is a mistake. so 115 unique

File: 936901-l-1463129529.jpg (537KB, 900x676px)Image search: [Google]
537KB, 900x676px
I'll wear mine regardless
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not if you have a ton of shit... if you have a few patches and the jacket isn't a size too big like in the picture ya it would look good
File: jacket.jpg (2MB, 4008x2712px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 4008x2712px
I posted mine in the patches thread as well

like >>12391278 said, if it has few patches or a well tough out theme, they can look really good. I only wear mine to gigs, wearing one in any other setting will usually make you look like an autist.
File: 1491833114789.jpg (2MB, 4032x3024px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 4032x3024px
>I posted mine in the patches thread as well
me too. Jacket has a Weakling patch on front.

File: image.jpg (73KB, 500x750px)Image search: [Google]
73KB, 500x750px
It's getting fuckin hot already cuz I am Florida fag. Some nice fit ideas or some shorts? Maybe some shoes that go nice with shorts?
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File: 1491467037914.png (2MB, 1163x1316px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1163x1316px
Ive been looking for a summer thread. Lets get this going.
File: blog_ALD_96803_3-S.jpg (85KB, 350x200px)Image search: [Google]
85KB, 350x200px
Bucks are a good summer shoe.
Keep it light and breezy

File: 1630-1013-buy-sell-trade.jpg (27KB, 400x333px)Image search: [Google]
27KB, 400x333px

Post your wardrobes, cut deals, reduce, reuse, recycle.
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File: gillmatic.png (224KB, 672x737px)Image search: [Google]
224KB, 672x737px

A.P.C. x Carhartt WIP
Carhartt WIP
Norse Projects
Won Hundred

/fa/ discounts available. Just message me and we'll work something out. Definitely in the market for trades.
File: IMG_20170309_204649.jpg (1MB, 4160x3120px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 4160x3120px
well, I got stuck with money shortage, so there goes my white velcros once again.

333 USD is the lowest I'd go with everything included (box + dustbags)
300 without the box, as that eases shipping, and another 10 bux off if I get to keep the dustbags.


Would've been interested if they were my size. Good luck my dude.

Rank the importance in being effay

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face > height > body > clothes > shoes

I would put clothes over body because good fashion can hide the shortcomings of a person's body, agree with the rest though

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How to order this haircut?
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You need his bone structure (specifically his squareish jaw) and you need a thick neck.

I assume you are a skinny framelet fashioncel twink.
>I assume you are a skinny framelet fashioncel twink
>assuming there is something wrong with skinny embarassed twinks
Just tell me how to order it fuckboy.

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