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Rate me, /fa/.

Everything I wear I stole from my ancestors.
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*blocks your path*
are you the dude that hides my browsing history in chrome?

Is alright, but I feel like the coat and hat would be better off a darker colour.
shit is that show for that russian gif art guy?
those are amazing

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>finish shower, dry myself off and put towel around myself while not thinking anything of it

>notice that the way I wrapped my towel could potentially serve as viable fashion

Could you see yourself wearing this in public?

Could a fashion company actually make and sell this shit to the public? Reminds me of ancient clothing, it kinda looks cool.
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It's a fucking towel anon
get rid of stomach fat
Titus, fetch the cross

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what does /fa/ think of my look
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Very cute. Just like Miku!
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I recently got a haircut with the sides shaved and the fringe/middle kept long, I put it up in a top knot but I have a few hairs around the front of my fringe and other areas that aren't as long as the rest and just hang around when I do my hair in a knot, what do I do in this circumstance, /fa/?
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need pics to say for sure
Joe Rogan is such a repressed homosexual, I dont think he even knows lol
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Here's the length of my hair.

Give me some edgy inspo please. Also what are some edgy fashion brands (metal x rave inspired)?
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/scumwave/ and /chavcore/ general.
Eastern Europeans and Scumy white trash lads only
Post inspo and give scum tips.
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really wish this wasnt DOA
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That is an awful slogan
yep might as well be "Regular Clothes for Regular people"
There's a word for it; it's "irony".

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Can I get some Inspo for the 1461 monos? I just copped a pair and id like some ideas of how to style them nicely
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ill start with what i could find
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1bCPwAq - Imgur.jpg
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pic related also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSta1O9gVCk

vid isn't monos but that's the proper jeans fit
also the pic might not be docs but close enough

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>tfw 6'4
>tfw size UK13 feet
>tfw cant buy fashionable, low stock shoes as they only stock popular sizes

What are some good shoe makers that consistently put out size 13 shoes /fa/?

inb4 ronald mcdonald
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>tfw also 6'4''
>size 11US shoes

U jelly?
bet you have a tiny dick though, feetlet
Your lucky, I'm a size 14 and it seems like size 13 is the last size they sell of every shoe in my experience

>Cut your hair short
>It'll look good

Who else fell for the short hair meme?
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i am handsome enough to pull both but yeah i miss my long hair
I did, but I guess it's the best time cause right now summer is coming so I'll just let it grow and before winter it should be long again.
this also and rarely does it happen that someone looks good with long hair and bad with short.
>this also and rarely does it happen that someone looks good with long hair and bad with short.

Someone can look good with both but only great with one. (See Harry Styles)

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Are Squidbillie's hats effay? I found a site that sells all of em
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yo i found a site that sells ronald mcdonalds shoes and like carrot tops white t shirts are they fa
Squidbillies been the GOAT
squidbillies are /fa/ but the merchandise is not

too many people have been wearing lame, ironic stuff like that for ages. it's like a "free moustache rides" t-shirt. girls will just be repulsed

Everything that's not related to any other general thread goes and is not big enough for another new general thread goes here.
"Is [something] effay?" shit goes here.
"Does [something] fit me?" shit goes here.
"Where should I search for [something]?" shit goes here.
Two-posts discussions go here too.

Before you gonna create a new thread, make sure it's not discussed here.
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it's called the fuccboi general you clueless newfriend
i wish redditor refugees would at least lurk for 5 minutes before shitting up the board

Who's gonna cop ? Nobody can call you out on Ozweegos anyway

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what are you mad for ? it's just shoes
you know you've lost every last ounce of self respect when you start buying fake clothing

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Is worth to buy this one?
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You'll regret it in six months when this shit trend fucking dies.
not gonna lie, like the jacket but $600 is an insane price
Poorfag spotted. My shoes cost more than this hideous vomit they're trying to sell as a jacket.

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Do you think it's cool to wear the Flecktarn camo in a breezy Spring weather?

I'm asking because it feels to me like it's only wearable organically in the Fall, when the vegetation is of similar colorway. But in current season it feels kinda weird, no? Let alone, cold Summer nights.
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not if you dye it black bro then it's real cool bro wear it with some paratrooper boots bro
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I decided to dye my spare one after all. It's a more recent version from 1997, with too bright colors and that extra button. If it works well, will also dye my main older one.

Using dollar store cheap dye and a kitty litter bucket. Will I succeed? Stay tuned, will keep you posted of the result when it dries.
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4 packs of dye $1.67 cad each

Will see how it turns out.

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