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costanza the fuccboi.jpg
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what do you guys do with the stickers that come with clothes? i've got a fuck ton of them just lying around
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they're just stickers, lol. do whatever you want we dont give a fuck.
Just curious really, figured I'd stick them on my laptop or something but I don't wanna fuck up the metal or anything
Keep them for a future sticker bomb or if they're hyped brands sell them to stupid kids :)

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What does /fa/ think of YSL?

don't shift the discussion towards SLP please
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YSL but not SLP.. the fuq
SLP is pretty tight op
what's wrong with that?

there have been countless discussions on SLP on /fa/

I am interested in opinions on their fashion before rebranding

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Sup /fa/.
I'm taking a gril on a date next weekend and I wanted to get some opinions on what you think is good "date night" attire. Casual but not lazy. Put together, but not black tie. I was thinking brogues for shoes to start off.
>ITT: what would you wear on a date?
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File: shark.gif (2MB, 273x273px)Image search: [Google]
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Business casual for any life occasion, a.k.a dressing as an adult:

>trousers (different shades of blue, brown or grey)
>dress shirt (no tie, no patterns, light shades of blue, no pockets, french cuff+cufflinks for pizzazz)
>dress shoes, such as oxfords, brogues, double monks, derbys; black shoes are too formal, stick to differents hints of brown: cognac, armagnac, etc; do not forget the shoeshine)
>blazer/sports jacket
>accessories (cuff links, pocket square, watch, rings)
>fragrance (perfum)
>clean shave
>fresh haircut
thanks anon, really appreciate the input.
These are all good suggestions. The only thing I'd say is, depending on what you're doing the blazer might be a little much. Unleas you don't want to be percieved as laid back.

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Where he got his shirts from? I need the name of brand/shop
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Man I ain't clicking dat link.
there's something very weird about him

File: 9ZyAe.jpg (221KB, 1024x912px)Image search: [Google]
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please tell me where I can buy those pants and that shirt
im sure you already own it.
i got the exact same shirt lmao

File: Kirkland-Minoxidil-Hair-Loss.png (351KB, 426x383px)Image search: [Google]
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Does anything else actually work for preventing a receding hairline/regrowing?
It seems awful that you need to keep taking this indefinitely to keep your hair from falling out, pls tell me there's something else I can do
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would buy once just for the logo

fin if you want to risk the sides

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Will this style return?
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I hope so
>vineyard vines
>spotted the pleb

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So I wear jeans waist 32. Jeans size 32 are actually all slightly loose on me.

Otoh, Speedos even in size 34 make my ass look HUGE and feel like they are size 28 and look ridiculously tight on my inner thighs. Wtf?
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> size 32 waist
File: igor template.png (2MB, 910x1395px)Image search: [Google]
igor template.png
2MB, 910x1395px
emaciated anorectic faggot
Don't forget you're in /fa/, fatty.
Also, filtered.

Does this look cool or no? Im gonna make one for myself. The genesis of this idea is that I was thinking about getting some kind of man purse or something or a fannypack or whatever but all those ideas suck and then I just thought up this one instead. I cant stand to carry anything in my trouser pockets. I am prob also going to do a mandala bleach stencil on the front of the hoodie as well. I want the most functional type of clothing /scifi inspired utility clothing so that I can be the most capable human I can be.
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File: x354-q80.jpg (53KB, 354x354px)Image search: [Google]
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Also: what are good hoodie layering looks? I need some tips to look good when this thing is made.

File: cowboy-boots-with-white-denim.jpg (34KB, 750x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Redpill me on cowboy boots /fa/, can they be rocked?
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I think that they look better than the chelsea meme.
You can't really wear any kind of boots without looking like a insane moron unless you are actually a cowboy

Any boots? That seems a bit extreme.

File: 20170420_204027png.png (594KB, 959x831px)Image search: [Google]
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from the second round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs. Oh wait...
Is Westbrook the most /fa/ current nba player?

File: 1492406326208.png (2MB, 1500x1160px)Image search: [Google]
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Is this /fa/?
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File: 1463922015080.png (408KB, 810x780px)Image search: [Google]
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Yui (best girl) is always effay silly
I like anime and you weeaboo faggots make me look bad.

Sage in every field.

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Is she fashionable?
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No, she is perfect.
File: connect.jpg (354KB, 640x843px)Image search: [Google]
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"she" is a Chinese cartoon character
Yes, she's best girl

What is your most used purchase? Not necessarily your favourite one, but your most used one.

For me it's a black Undercover double layer tee that I got years ago. I'd say I probably wear it at least once every two weeks. I wish I could find a photo of it...
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File: Boohoo-com.jpg (44KB, 628x356px)Image search: [Google]
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Usually stay away from massive online stores given the amount of shit they pedal and the time it takes to sift through it, but I've got a 40% off voucher. Anyone got any quality purchases they've made from pic related?
Black skinny jeans from H&M.
white/navy striped shirt from the gap. Probably have worn it 3-4 times a month since mid 2013.

File: Ben_10_Tennyson_Reboot1.png (97KB, 385x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Is Ben 10 /futurefa/?
I'm noticing that knee pants (knickers in old school) that have been in anime and weeb 2d have been more visible in mainstream US media (Big Hero 6, Ben 10) Thinking a pair of cargo knickers in the right fabric might be cool.

As an aside, I also think I like the cushy heel/tongue slip on vibe of his shoes too.

If Ben 10 isn't /fa/, what cartoon characters are?
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what the fuck
did they reboot Ben 10?
File: Gwen_Tennyson (1).png (234KB, 1100x2308px)Image search: [Google]
Gwen_Tennyson (1).png
234KB, 1100x2308px

They did, restarting it for a younger audience. This is 10 yo Gwen now.

Ideas on starting the next fashion craze, is knee pants it?

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