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Old thread at 299
Don't forget to give others feedback when you post your purchase edition
>share recent purchases
>rate others purchases
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just bought this ancient pack of YSL cigarettes for just 10€. its still full but probably not smokable anymore, no idea when these were a thing. im gonna spray it with clear coat and use it as a cigarette case because im tired of the gore pictures they put on the cigarette packs now.
>not smokable anymore
why not
I mean they are dry as fuck but you better fucking blaze one of those

How do you prevent dry or chapped lips? I don't lick my lips and despite trying extreme shit like not leaving the house for 2 weeks (ruling out shit like cold air) and buying insanely expensive lip balm, nothing fucking works. Sometimes they'll start to approach a reasonable state, but then just a day or two later I'll look in the mirror and they'll either be covered in crevices or nearly yellow from the skin hanging off them.

What the fuck do I do?
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I live in a fairly dry climate. I just use chapstick since its less than $2 and usually lasts me more than a month or 2. I just use that shit whenever it starts to get dry, usually 2-4 times a day. It fucking sucks since my whole body except from my face is dry except for my lips.
Here's the thing I can never understand. It is not normal for a human being to have fucked up lips and therefore if you need a chapstick or something similar to look after your lips then you must be doing something wrong. Nine times out of ten I just tell people to stop licking their lips. Am I wrong to say that?
There's stuff called overnight therapy or something at Wallgreens that really worked for me when I was 15 and had lips that were constantly swollen and red from being chapped. It comes in a little quarter-sized container

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4chan fa meetup2.jpg
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All these inspa pics are of near-underage manlets with no shoulders. Wtf is wrong with you skinny little faggots.
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op irl wishing he was as good looking as the underage manlets
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I wanna rub those manly breasts. Show butt

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Where can I get an SLP negan style jacket for non rape price?
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sorry but u can't
nah sorry SLP is the first and only people to make a leather jacket like that you'rr out of luck. Only other option is to sacrafice your first born son to Hedi Slimane and hope he blesses your pleb ass.
Maybe Sandro or something.

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Not joking, what websites sell shirts like these?
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bumping, trevor! smokes

TPB website sells the houndstooth button down for like 50 lmao.

Or you can just go thrifting, you'll probably score something alike.
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Don't worry OP, Ricky's my idol too. I got you.

First: go on eBay and search "anime button shirts" and you'll find a fuck ton of his type of shirts

Second: search any common patterned title like checkered, bandana, camouflage, etc. and just type "Hawaiian shirt" right after it.

Third: for exact replicas of every shirt that he wore through out the entire T.P.B., go on Etsy and search TPB Ricky's shirt. There should be like 5 different users that make them.

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What is the name of a jacket like this? Also Dylann aesthetic thread
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he murdered people going to a church because he hated Blacks... he cannot be compared to Elliot Rodger who just murdered people he hated for bullying him, this kid was a true racist (not like sjw's calling anyone a racist for micro aggressions)
ok but that doesn't answer his question
Who gives a fuck, he has a nice jacket.

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What are /fa/'s opinions on suspenders being worn casually?
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This. Belts are a thing, no reason to wear suspenders.
Embarrassing. I doubt they'll ever be commonplace ever again as well.

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What's the most expensive clothing brand out there? I'm pretty rich and feel like spending some money on clothes after not buying anything for 3 months.

I'm a guy and prefer urban wear, 27 years old for reference.
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I thought this place knew about fashion. Guess not.

Who was the /effay/ criminal?
Pic extremely related, James Holmes.
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This debate is already over until a new fashionable mass murderer arrives.

Also can you guys tell me what watch he is wearing? people say only vets wear those or something?
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luka magnotta.jpg
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Luka Magnotta is the only true answer

>checked his hair before hiding the body
Luka Magnotta is my hero desu. I wish more people ate the chinks. Chinks and muds. They are overtaking our spaces. Wake up, yeah, you sheeple.

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What tranny has the best style? For me it's somikchan
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If they are very visibly trans, their outfits are probably very cliche = not very effay.

The most effay ones are probably either passing ones that just dress as stylish girls or more androgynous leaning ones that blur the lines between male and female with fashionable fits.

Inb4 all trannies are gross/just men/OP is a degenerate
What are you faggots gay or something you don't like trannies?
Trannies/Fembois/Traps cannot dress for shit

Don't they realise half the battle of 'passing' is learning modern fashion? I swear they all dress a decade or two behind it makes me gag

gimme some of them small good clothing brands you know.
>the strom meme

ye im not dressed that smart
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maybe you'll like this dutch as well
b interessted

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or #2
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first one looks
trying bit too hard there being sam hyde

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who is the most effay character in this show and why is it alex?
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literally what show

stop shilling your stupid series that nobody knows and fuck off to /b/
clay would be close second i guess

tony would be the very last
i stopped watching literally because the appearance of clay annoyed me too much

only alex and justin are good

Hey, oldfag here (33), how should I dress on weekends so that I look like my age and put together, but not too fuddy-duddy?
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full yohji
First of different shoes. Get something with a more simple and timeless look that still has good support. No elastic Sketchers slip ons. Laces.
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Hair inspo.jpg
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Inspo and products
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I'm so glad Dylan and Cole grew up hot. I used to have the biggest crush on them when we were kids. Well, when they were kids and I was in my early 40s. And they have nudes. What a time to be alive.
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>Well, when they were kids and I was in my early 40s.
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