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Which one, /fa/?
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Double-edge razor. Cheap, close shave, and I don't cut myself at all because I know what to do.

No shaving brushes or anything like that. Just massaging in some shaving foam.
t. edgelord
this this this. i always suffered horrible ingrowns and the infections that come with it, tried everything under the sun including antibiotics and steroidal creams...a DE razor cured it.

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Can I be thicc and /fa/ at the same time?
Pic related is my goal desu
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Not really
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This chic is not thicc, cuck, she is just fit bimbo.
< This is thicc grill.

While fuccbois are busy chasing the latest Reebok meme sneakers they don't realise that 2017 is set to be the year of the penny loafer.
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lmao your upper body looks so short and nerdy with those
you look like some fucking frogposter
you look like an old man
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>trying to fashion forecast
>calling other people fuccbois

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What do you usually pay for a suit?
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between 5 or 7 hundred

I have three right now

All three were in that range

I'm 22
I'm a business student though and graduate in two weeks

Prob buy some nicer ones once I start getting paid/working
File: Cej33C-WQAEY8yf.jpg (54KB, 600x568px)Image search: [Google]
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>between 5 or 7 hundred
For a designer suit, sure.

OP, you could spend a bit less on ZARA, H&M, Express, etc and then spend a little more to have it fitted.

Which house is the most effay
>pic related
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>House of Normies
dude obviously Ravenclaw is going to be the most effay. After that, Slytherin (trust fun kiddies all dressed in full rick or thom browne). Griffindor rounds up the first 3 and hufflepuff is the least effay
Even the name faintly suggests a slight obesity problem
File: newt-scamander.jpg (243KB, 640x594px)Image search: [Google]
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But,,, there is pic related.

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How do you clean your glasses?
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cleaning cloth + those small spray can that you can find wear you buy glasses(water works too).
i take them into the shower and spray some water, otherwise just clean them off with my shirt
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with cum

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how many of you work in fashion related jobs
plz no roleplay
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my friends graduated from fashion school and she had a short job in fashion and is pursuing other things. Other students from that fashion school has fashion jobs
i work part time at a custom men's clothing store
I pay my rent by selling t-shirts on redbubble.
All the money from my day job goes right to savings.

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Hi, I'm looking for a shirt that this guy is wearing.
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they sell them at the cuckstore
reddit: the show
>search: numale idiot shirt

This guy literally rips off everything from SLP or whatever is similar in aesthetic that happens to be trendy. Perhaps after a couple of sucked dicks, he somehow has his rip-offs being displayed in Barneys, including these hilariously blatant rip-off sneakers (which weren't all that original to begin with from SLP)

Look at the comments of this. Are people fucking retarded?
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Is this guy the biggest scam artist in "fashion"?

Why does LA have to produce such vile, unoriginal trash?
why get upset?
fashion is riddled with brands like this and you can find even 'high name' designers basically ripping off other designers or at least ridiculously heavy influences
if they exist, they have their niche, it sells, not your thing obviously but then that's fine
lmao what the fuck
seems like a prank on fashion

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Hey /fa/, newfag here, I bought pic related recently for £8 and idk what colour shirt would go best with it, I plan to wear my custom converse with them which I will take a pic of.
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File: DSC_0017.jpg (311KB, 1632x1224px)Image search: [Google]
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Here are the shoes.
Pretty dope

Something pink or white, oversized and tucked in
File: received_1857517237820428.jpg (30KB, 480x744px)Image search: [Google]
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Yeah, I was asking my friends and they said something similar.
I was originally trying to go for a full blue idea with a custom shirt, similar colours to the shoes and a navy collard hoodie. (Pic related)

File: tyler durden clothing.jpg (25KB, 425x283px)Image search: [Google]
tyler durden clothing.jpg
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How do I get Tyler Durden's style without completely copying what he wears in the film?
I tried to wear a culmination of random shit found at thrift shops and I just look like a homeless person. How do I manage to cop his look without looking like a jack ass? I am also /fit/ so I can pull of most of the shit he wears in the film.
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You have to hit rock bottom.
his character is meant to be mysterious, very interesting, and charismatic which significantly enhances whatever he wears and makes his somewhat discordant clothing choices seem more alluring and intelligent

I guarantee you're just some sperg with zero talents or worthwhile qualities whatsoever so I suggest you stick with whatever's safest because trying to get creative by faking it and emulating what you find to be cool will just make an even bigger embarrassment out of you

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Is there any good wallet made without animal suffering? My current wallet broke so i was looking at Amazon but everything looks the same, i don't know what to choose, what wallets does /fa/ approve? What wallet do you recommend?
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File: Screenshot_20170423-004210.png (1MB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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Mighty wallet
>Being such a wuss that you feel bad about animal suffering

Holy fuck.
I don't even eat meat myself but doing it for the sole reason of muh feelings is just pathetic
*pshsh... nothing personell... kid...*

File: sogood.jpg (30KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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will start with a dump of one of the best


have to admit his fits are mad hot, love him or hate him

probably one of the biggest innovators in the streetwear game now
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File: jahspo4.jpg (159KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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File: jah2.jpg (88KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1491808155979.jpg (308KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
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looking for the name of the kind of jacket the girl on the right is wearing preferably in other colors. some kind of mix of utility and raincoat idk much thanks if you can find where to buy some.
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Btw, mac demarco core is beyond dead.
You're like 3/4 years behind.You will look like a tryhard, don't even try it.
goddamn I'd bury my cock so deep in the blue cap boy's ass that we'd become siamese twins

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remember when tripfags actually posted good content? Knoch, Birthday, etc. all contributed to this board with niche fits and knowledge. Now we have 3 or 4 consistently awful trips on this board, such as:

1. Edgy mexican beaner that types in all caps, fucking forget his name, its like R Y K Z N D or some moronic shit like that. He literally spouts edgy bullshit and meaningless intellectual phrases.
If you're reading this my guy, you dont need to type in all caps.

2. Igor. Dude is fucking 40, bald, and has a shit body and somehow dresses worse than most of the underage 17 year old faggots here, and gets butthurt when you critique his walmart clothing fit Not to mention he samefags in a desperate attempt to make his crusty fit cool. Get his ancient ass out of here

3. Fake Eliza
This tripfag clearly has a problem cause he's pretending to be someone else. The real Eliza straight up has posted that she isn't the tripfag here with timestamp evidence. It's embarassing that when confronted with the evidence he tries to photoshop the proof pic to say the real Elize is him. its cringy that some basement dwelling virgin has thousands of pics saved of some rando bitch online

4. Fashy
He isn't as bad as the others honestly, but he needs to drop trip as he doesn't do anything or is actually knowledgeable about fashion for this shit. Also no one cares about your /pol/ politics, faggot.

None of these trips actually are effay or even have ANY designer pieces, except for maybe the mexican guy. 3 out of the 4 trips still dress in bargain basement mallcore shit. We need to fucking remove trips or something, the "power" of having a cool name on a Mongolian basketweaving internet bulletin board has gotten to these cunts.
>inb4 hurr durr you're just butthurt lololol
this board has gone to shit and the trips are a big reason why
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RY, and Eliza, are best fa tripfags.
there have been a lot of good trips, and a lot of cancerous ones too. One upside though is that if you know their shit opinions, you can dismiss them easily.
There was never, and never will be any sort of community or "board culture" on this board. Pls look for a sense of belonging elsewhere.

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