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Tell me again why these aren't the ultima fall boots for men
>Pro tip, you can't
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because theyre feminine
Extremely poor grip and suede is a bastard to keep nice, even if applying protectors
They look like shit, and you're a faggot

Where do I start with wealthcore?
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i hate this fucking board

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So has anyone here ever tried running with any of these high end runners? Will they give me a competitive edge? Are they comfier than pleb tier athletic shoes? Do they give support? How's can I trust a fashion designers R&D department compared to companies that mainly produce sportswear? Am I just paying for the looks here? Or is the latest in running shoe technology included in my shoes?

Talking bout things like balenciaga speedrunners, rick owens, raf simons, berluti, etc.
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interesting, bump.
My bet is:

They're shit outside of looks (and they even look like shit)
I believe the raf simons come with a tag the specifically says they should not be used for sporting purposes. They even mention not leaving the shoes in the sun for too long as it can mess with the fabrics.

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Which side was more effay?
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The Union
Union has far nicer hats desu
Trump voter here. Union definitely won the fashion war.

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How do you get started with health goth as a female? Brands, stores, inspo, etc.
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Health goth? What the fuck is that? Whatever it is, you don't need to start it.
that's so fucking stupid
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this guy is wrong. health goth is supreme, you should def get into it.


Is lil Tracy the most /fa/ SoundCloud rapper?

>Not a manlet
>Doesn't wear muh Gucci belt and margiela futures
>Has his own aesthetic
>Used to have cool moustache
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>ed hardy
>cheeto dreads
That's a negative
he rips his style completely

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Got this desingual dress recently- is it genuine? I also need some recommendations what should I wear with the dress. I've looked at some harajuku inspirations - thought that Japanese fashion would fit my current hairstyle. Can you help me please pick something to wear with the dress and tell if it's genuine desingual piece of clothing?
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whats a good style for a scorpio?

>water elemental
>gets girl mindset
>loves classic music
>loves to travel
>"dont mess with me"
>hates stupidity
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Oh My God, Shut the Fuck up
A noose

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Thick rimmed glasses are overplayed to the max.

Is it time for the metal wire glasses comeback?
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it's already here you dumbfuck
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pedo glasses will never come back.

just accept nu-male glasses are basically timeless staples that suit every face and stop trying to be special.


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>Im not into fashion its gay I wear whatever I want

How come all of these people who say this wear the same thing? Usually baggy jeans with running shoes and a t-shirt.

Everyone who "wears what they want" ends up with cargo shorts and hoodies like they coordinated on purpose
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Because they are the most comfortable, affordable and widely available things ti wear. Not that its a good excuse
>I wear whatever I want
What it means is
>I wear whatever is easily available and/or cheap because I couldn't care less.
The clothes you listed are usually easily available and cheap.
Why do you even care what a classless slob thinks?

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this is the current state of the fashion industry
who is to blame? are you happy about it?
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Whats going on with that car door, is it dented,?
please dont touch my raf hahahahhah fashion xd
Are you retarded?

Don't come to /fa/ often but figured you guys could help: I'm looking for a good looking leather jacket to provide protection when I ride my motorcycle, but something that I can also wear a hoodie under and wear casually. I usually dress in darker jeans and wear chippewa 6" service boots when I ride. I can't stand logos or when the bottom of the jacket sits so high on the waist wearing anything underneath just sticks out.

My #1 pick right now is the scorpion exo 1909. I'm looking for rugged, not flashy, and good quality leather. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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File: Chippewa-Service-Utility-Boot.png (787KB, 765x460px)Image search: [Google]
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Mine aren't this light tho

Dude. Headsup before this thread gets highjacked. You're asking on a fashion board for a practical piece of clothing. You won't find any practical answers here, other than what i'd say is, NEVER sacrifice your safety on a bike to look good. If you can find a good balance then power to you.

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Can anyone recommend to me a really comfortable pullover hoodie/zip hoodie? I need a few.
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american giant
File: Screenshot_1.jpg (55KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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not pullover exactly but supercomfy
the $89 one? I'd hope it's really comfortable for that price.

eh, not really interested in ones like that. Thanks though.

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id on my boy finn's glasses?
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Cute froggo
when will froggo turn 16 already?
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stay on topic here guys

another pic for reference

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Are these FA? To wear with just normal fashionable clothes? Or is it only for soccer fans? BTW I am 1/4 Polish and I feel awkward wearing this sort of , I don't have a clue what the words mean either .
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No idea what Americans will think, but to Europeans it will look pretty retarded.
Top one say "white" and bottom one "red"
what do you think you stupid ugly little dicked white virgin

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