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Where can I cop this outfit?

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This thread dwarves at least one reply. Here it is, anon.
>literally a uniform

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Is there anyone more stylish than Ivanka? Post Ivanka inspo
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her face looks puffy

also is that her brother she's hugging?
N-no that's daddy Trump

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w2c cav empt styled graphic tees / hoodies

have no idea what to look for.
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pleasures, undercover, agora, dozens of bigcartel stores
how do you find good bigcartel stores?

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garbage. huge puma logo is scust
Not a big fan of slip ons but I like them
Ugly af

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What size t-shirt/shirt should a 5"11' skeleton wear? My fashion sense is utter shit. everything i try looks awful. i end up just wearing a hoodie. im not unusually tall so i shouldn't need a tall shirt right? if i wear a large t-shirt it's long enough but looks baggy as fuck. small fits pretty good but rides up my back. i heard t shirts should never be above the crotch area also, i don't know how true that is.
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Couple things
>you absolutely are not a skeleton
>you're not tall at all
Go to scotch and soda, buy some white, gray and black t shirts both regular and long cut in medium size, then go and buy a pair of chinos (black) a pair of levis 511 in black and one in navy blue. Start with basics my man. Flip through Knapp threads for ideas, start with basics to get sizing ideas and pick up running to lean off some of that fat. You're what, 17 or 18? Your metabolism will kill when you run
I'll do that, and yeah im 18. I appreciate the advice though i grew up with a single mom so i never really learned how to not dress like a suburban retard.
All good. Scotch and soda is overpriced for what you're getting though so only buy their on sale stuff. Don't bother with r/mfa. Their advice is hot garbage. Look up colour theory and look up various fits for clothing. Browse the occasional inspiration thread here and you'll do great. It takes a while so don't go ham and drop hundreds on single items yet. Go slow and do your research. There's dressing to look pleasing, and then there's the more artistic interpretation to fashion (high fashion and all that). You'll see a lot of brands pretty quick if you stay on this board, steer clear of overt branding (like supreme), its fairly obnoxious.

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How do I start building a wardrobe for the 80's hair metal look? What kind of shoes to cop? Where to get a good looking affordable leather jacket? I really like YSL jackets but they are 4k.
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Get some kind of chelseas or "rockstar" footwear. Something svelte and hedonist, no bulky shoes, unless combat boots.

Converse could also probably be fine. For a leather jacket I would go with Falcon Garments since they do MTM and that looks best 9 times out of 10. Good luck on achieving your goal.

holy shit this is gay, but here you go:

-long layered teased hair with xtra aquanet
-cut / torn tight fitting t shirts
-tight tight cut up jeans, and or spandex depending upon how queer you want to get about it
-pointy boots. dark colored cowboy boots will suffice if you can't find something better
-vintage regular fit black leather jacket

that's a start, but you can just search images on google to get a feel for how gay you want to get with it.
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short sleeve shirts pls
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looking for some non metal rings, and nothing that would break the bank. Any suggestions?
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anyone got fit pics or inspo saved of the slp hedi jacket? pic related
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I bought a leather jacket similar to this instead of a rider. Did i f up?
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should've got the rider.
Yeah that's garbage, but riders are just as bad. Cafe racer or go home.

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Not sure whether I should put the patch on and if I do where should I place it. What are y'alls thoughts?
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You can put it above your chest pocket (close to the heart, if ya feel patriotic), but that's a bit overplayed and it's going to ruin some symmetry.

Personally, I would put it on your upper back just below the neck and the collar. Denim jackets tend to have a rectangle there.

Next time post in DIY general please.
What do you think about putting on the arm sleeve right below the shoulder?

Aight I'll hit them up next time
It's aight, I wouldn't do it myself (second sleeve without patch would stick out too much IMO) but it's not a bad idea.
Generally speaking you always want to place a patch somewhere near the pockets, arms or your back.
The exception is when you want to make a battle jacket.

Where can i buy this winbraker(i live in Riga)
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I thought Soviet shitholes were full of vintage stuff?
With old Soviet stuff
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reasonable price.png
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vai nu ķemmē humpalas, vai pērc internetā pa diviem sotakiem, hipsteri

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Marion edition
Inspo here please
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Black guy here, who is this white woman? I want to cum inside of her.
>Black guy here
Could tell.
Post cute dykes

What's /fa/'s opinion on the clark deser mali boot, specifically the black ones? I saw them posted here a while ago and I need some proper black boots
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Personally I like them, but not everyone here shares that opinion
>Go back to mfa
They're genuinely nice boots but for whatever reason you'll catch flak here. I say cop these, or the Austrian memes, which are also very nice boots
Don't know how others feel but I have black desert malis.

They're not stitched too well, insole doesn't extend the full length of the interior. I don't find the boots are comfortable in comparison to my Blundstones & hiking boots. I'm not a fan of the crepe sole.

They don't look too bad, and are pretty slim. Leather seems decent.

If you can get them on sale or something I don't see why not. If you need boots for bad weather, I would not get these.
>They're genuinely nice boots
Ok nice
Yeah bad weather's not a real issue (tfw Australia) I just want leather boots for purely aesthetic reasons. But yeah I'd been sus about the quality before so not 100% on whether I'll cop. But yeah they look pretty slim and nice, that's what draws me to them

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anyone know what is yung lean wearing in this music video?

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Rick Owens, usually what I'm dressed in.
more specifically?
Raf Simmons Rick Owens usually what Im dressed iiiiin

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