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streetwear inspo thred?
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w2c pants?
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what does an effay bedroom consist of?

what should i do my desk/shelves to make it better?
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You buy clothing and leave this board.
audiophile speakers
nice film camera
your own artwork on your wall
anglepoise lamp
1970s flip alarm clock
>implying fashion doesnt extend to all areas of life

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Wearing what you like and not labelling everything with core and ninja at the end might be 'in'.
Chat Made Malice

Three good words right there
Kiss Mad Men


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Techwear General thread. Old one is archaic.
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What is the most /FA/ running shoe?
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sk8 hi's
CP Achilles Low
based tech runners

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old one in the winter of its years

I w2c a jacket similar to this one in style and color

Help me my dudes
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w2c everythintg in this picture? mainly the shirts and jacket
w2c those white sweaters that say deadcast, greystation and deadboy on them?
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w2c these pants

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could somebody please tell me where this bomber is from?
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how to get that hair
is this a real question posted by a real human?
Fucking go ask him on SuFu or Reddit or something.
Delete your thread, please.

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ITT: describe your style as if it were a post on http://sf-looks.com/

Pic you got em.
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"Rick Owens Raf Simons usually what I'm wearing"
Raf Simons, Rick Owens, usually what I'm wearing.
>Le awesome meme

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Hey /fa/, tell me your passion and how did you discover it
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I don't know man, I am still searching for it. I kinda like movies but I can't really get into it like some one with real passion does, like I can't watch 3 movies in a row or watch one everyday. I just can't really get into anything. I want myself to be passionate about films, books, languages, sports. I really want to but I don't have enough willpower to do so. And I end up spending time browsing YouTube and /fa/. Shit how can I get a passion. It seems like I am wasting my time
Fucking this
I own so many books, movies, and video games (sorry) and I spend a majority of my time browsing fucking 4chan and not doing the things I like to do. I really need to leave or learn to come here often
Get a psych, tell them what you want to change about your life, get a behaviour modification plan set out and stick to it.

You have to work on your body, and you have to work on your style. What makes you think you don't have to work on your mind?

I hope I don't sound aloof, anons, I'm only saying it because I used to be in the same boat.

/fa/ Can you help me decide what I should name my effay design project?
I already have three names to work with, but I don't know which one would work better.

The three names I have are:
VÁRI (my surname)
CASTLER (my surname in English)
THÉVOL (just a nick I stuck with)

>pic kinda related
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If this helps:

Keywords I'd use to describe the style of the project would be:
>techwear, future, brutalism [cited below], geometric, black, gold, functional, comfortable
Names I'd use to describe the style of the project would be:
>HR Giger (organic details, ), Yohji Yamamoto (strong silhouettes, subtle details), Rick Owens (the brutalist element of his style)


Why not use your full name?
My first name is too common; not at all effay.
The only way I'd use my full name is if I translated it to either German or French:
** von Castle
** de Chateau
No name starts off effay. What you do with the project and the status of the brand makes it effay. If your project is good, then the stigma attached to it will make it seem so.
I agree with you to a certain extent.
Which of them do you think has a better ring to it though?
>or which one do you hate the least

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sup /fa/

i need something to masturbate to
post your best bombers
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absolutely disgusting.jpg
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>shamelessly ripping off Helmut Lang
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>I'm sure this joke has been done a million times
My favourite.

Does anyone on this board know w2c clothes that isn't made in sweatshops?
I kind of want to try and avoid brands/stores that do that sort of thing.

I know American Apparel doesn't, but they're not that great.
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Who gives a fuck, you sissy goddamn faggot?

I'm proud to wear shoes that were made possible by the sweat and tears of non-white children.
You know bro there is this neat shit called Google. It's willing to help with pretty good results. You should try it sometime.

thanks, m8's :)

What does /fa/ think of coach jackets?
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It really pisses me off when people think the cross of St. Peter is some edgy symbol as opposed to being an image of humility before Christ

it's full on ignorance and it flares up my ortism

But yeah, Coach Jackets are pretty okay
I honestly just Google searched coach jackets and saved one that had nice colors
But on a whole eah they pretty comfy. I don't know much about them but I've a couple.

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The best black hi-top for under $100 is without a doubt PF Flyer Center Hi's in black leather with a white sole after about 3 months of wear.

Classic silhouette with a twist, shockingly decent materials, and that white sole yellows letter than anything else in its price range. Incredibly durable, interesting toecap, and the most versatile shoe I can think of. At $75 it's a steal.

Pic related. Good, but all leather is better.
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Vans SK8 high tops are better m8
Boring and played out.
They'll be a mainstream trend by the summer of 2015. Why would you want to look like every other fuckface on the street?
lol, always funny when people can't translate nice website maymays into real life at all. What's popular in places in /fa/ or even MFA doesn't mean shit in real life. Propably 0.2% of people you cross your path with even browses /fa/ or similar forum, and out of those who do what percentage do you think actually buys "meme shoes"? Fuck it, can't even remember last time I saw roshes in real life. Maybe seen two pairs of white AF's during last week.

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Knowing the reputation that Zara has with fast fashion, is everything on Zara bad or are there any decent clothing that's worth the price?
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worth the price on sale
the basics are really nice
most shit isn't leather but when it is they shove it up your arse boi
there is decent shit anywhere
its just that it may look bad
has anyone bought there knitwear? is it good? I want to buy some from their but i don't if I should.

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