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Can we get a dope bomber thread?

I have been looking for a decent black bomber under $150 for ages. Anyone know any good places to look?
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fuck you, alright, and the horse you rode in on.
w2c something like the everlane bomber. Its collar is too big for me.


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post-apocalyptic, dead future, ragged, deconstructed clothing
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>deconstructed clothing

That doesnt mean what you think it does
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Comfy clothes thread
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all I have is pictures of asians need more inspo
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Anyone here own Norse Projects pieces? How are they? Interested in their knitwear.
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i have a shirt, 3 jumpers and a coat. one of the jumpers is the siegfried heavy boucle knit, i love it. i love everything i have by norse
I know it may not be much, but I got one of their wool a/w 5 panels last year and I've legit worn it more than 4 other hats combined, fits perfect on my head and looks good with almost anything
just bought this sweater and its awesome

How would /fa/ describe Shia Labeouf's style?

Bumping w examples
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gay sex in a truck stop bathroom, but neither (none?) of the participants are gay
horse shit

he's just trying to play up the whole "le eccentric method actor xD" by dressing like a crackhead despite the fact he makes fucking bank
W2C boots

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New fuccboi general post questions that dont deserve their individual threads and hope that youknowwho doesnt turn this into a shitstorm to feel relevant
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>Where am I able to buy AA t-shirts in bulk for cheap? Or similar material tee's for cheaper

Not the originial person who posted that, but I'm all for it

Where am I able to buy AA t-shirts in bulk for cheap? Or similar material tee's for cheaper.

I plan on buying a pair of Unbranded jeans; do I size up or down?

OP from the other thread here :')
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when creating a new fit, which peace of clothing do you usually pick first?

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cop or not
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Cop or not? It's reversible
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for $50
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is it a bad idea

last one is obsolete
good pics this time please
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east asian metropolis
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It'd be nice if we could discuss some of the philosophical and cultural aspects to this stuff without it devolving into a debate over the definition of "techwear."

Some links:


W2C high vis softshell

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>see a beautiful girl
>instantly feel lonely

somebody help me with these feels
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Fa feels thread
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>have dream about any pretty girl
>instantly fall in love
She actually exists

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how do uniqlo's urban cargo sweats fit?

>i've heard they fit small
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>pic related is 6 ft 180lbs size L
uniqlo thread?

which of these are better /fa/?

Yeah, I'm 5'11 and 165 lbs and wear a size Large. Usually I wear a size medium, but large fit perfect for these. Don't listen to what other people say, the quality is good.

>inb4 malet hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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Old thread is old and dead


>Rap Shit
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>my blog is better on adderall
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>music, mostly classical
>occasional OC
>things I like

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What are you guys's social lives like?

For me, I feel like I save up a lot of money to buy nice pieces but I never get to wear them out because I have very little people to do things with. Everyone in my social circle just seems bland and uninteresting.

How into cool friends?
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I'm too rich to fit in with the average joe and too poor to fit in with the average Shlomo.
>buy something expensive
>don't wear it to places where hot bitches are because I don't want peasants to ruin my clothes by spilling drinks on them or burning them with cigarettes
Hang out at places where you enjoy, you're likely to find friends with common interests. If fashion is your main interest, get a pt job at a store and make friends with the people there.

An /fa/ lifestyle is a lot more cool than owning a rick jacket inside your basement, and it's something you can't purchase with a credit card either.

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post sweatpants fit.
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I picked up some APCs from eBay. They're marked simply "Standard" and are made in France, so I'm assuming that they were in APC's lineup before the New Standard was introduced. Fit seems similar to a '40s-era 501.

What have you bought recently?
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ye boi

cant help you with yr apcs tho. do they fit nice at least?

You have a tiny assed waist
KEK those are fakes

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Fictional characters you'd consider /fa/

Anime is low-tier, but still allowed
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ironic bcz nudist

happy you caught that, anon

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