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Sup /fa/

Considering tattooing this on my finger (middle one, left hand).

Is it /fa/ ? What are your tattoo ?
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might as well get a treble cleft you unimaginative generic faggot
It's 16yo-tumblr-user-core.
>music is my life xD

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Bedroom Thread
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would live in
theres way too much shit going on there.Clear half of it out now.

Also, a TV/computer in your room isn't very good for your mental health. Environmental association. Do you find it hard to sleep? Your mind doesn't associate the bed with just sleeping, but fun and entertainment.

A bed should be for 2 things - resting and making babies.
Bedroom bigger than my house

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post comfycore
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Simple question, are Topcoats for men fa?

Like mid 20 year old.
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Hard to pull off but yeah
a timeless sartorial staple
yeah but if you need to ask then you probably cant pull it of

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Make them stop!!!!!!!
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sick, w2c
So this is Nike's take on the Qasa?
Not released yet.
Nike socks lmao


how does it feel knowing that because of the internet, everything you know and love and have been around since the beginning will soon become mainstream and ruined?

death grips
and now healthgoth
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I never heard the term "health goth" until I saw it reported on.

As far as I am concerned, the more people know about Rick Owens, the better.

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Can we have a /fa/ ladies inspiration thread?
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and this is a thinly-veiled waifu thread
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she looks pretty good here

Anyone have jobs at /fa/ stores??

I'm wondering because I'm possibly moving to NYC for school next year, and would really like to have a job to pay for some of it (incoming freshman). A job at APC or Acne would be amazing. The only problem is I have 0 work experience (High school has taken up all of my time, I'm applying to Columbia which is why I'm making this thread). How do stores like these generally look at presumably like me? I guess this is a question for ALL retail jobs, but ideally I'd like to work at a place which suits my style/interest. Sorry in advance for being very very ignorant in this matter.
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bumping this, literally my same position
applying to Columbia and everything?
I'd say not to constrict yourself to a few brand stores because they simply suit your style. It's not like you'll rock up, give them your resume, and they'll offer you a job. In fact, it's highly unlikely. I'd suggest, more than anything, to not rock up with high expectations and expect you'll be working at any particular store, let alone the ones you like. If two people apply, they'll pick the one who's worked at retail before unfortunately. Even if you are effay as fuark.

Good luck.

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>2010 /fa/ convinced me to buy a peacoat
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are you mad?
nice meta fb image dude
peacoats are more versatile and acceptable than long hoodies tho

also you can wear them for longer, unlike long hoodies which look like shit when you pass the 25 years old mark.

Serious question!

Where to cop avant-garde dadcore for men that would not make me look like clown from sz? I have degree in music, but I am not supposed to wear blacktie to every event or recital, mine or somebody's else.
I actually know a lot of designers that do female version of this, pic related, for example.

Also, I still don't know, if there is a golden middle between classic black derby/oxford and average high-fashion footwear label like Guidi.
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margiela is the answer
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thom browne.jpg
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thom browne
File: ss15.jpg (391KB, 800x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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I considered that, but they are more fashion as art instead of fashion as something you would wear right from runway. Also, Thom Browne and, for example, black fleece are not quite what I would like to wear, cause those are too simple.

And yes, I like Rick FW11 Limo, while that stuff is not simple yet not very... "academical".

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ITT: we make qt loli fits and r8 eachothers'
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0/10 nice triple dubs tho
File: qtpiloli.png (317KB, 361x942px)Image search: [Google]
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File: loli.png (199KB, 403x667px)Image search: [Google]
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heres my waifu

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>scoping out an item
>auction finishes in a few hours
>retards show up and start raising the minimum bid

>not waiting until the last 10-15 seconds to bid
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you wouldve lost regardless
File: CUNT.jpg (74KB, 446x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Not really. I've won 2/3 auctions on amazing pieces 4 cheap m8.
File: image.jpg (29KB, 254x240px)Image search: [Google]
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>Find perfect cardigan
>marked down because only my size left so dirt cheap
>wait a day

It never really stops hurting. Not ever.

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All Uniqlo posts go here.
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This is like making an h and m general.
except it's uniqlo


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post em if you got em :^)
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r u a qt korean grill?
응 물론이지~


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How does /fa/ feel about flag jackets?
Also Cop or not thread
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File: flags2.jpg (46KB, 458x698px)Image search: [Google]
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very bad. unless maybe you wore an obnoxious bucket hat with it so people knew you were just an ironic internet memeslave
not, looks kitschy af

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