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I saw some guy post about this yesterday. I want to start my own brand too. I don't care about money or fame. I have a lot of ideas and i just want my creative vision put to use. Just seing people in my creations seems rewarding enough. Any one got any real info or insights? I am mostly curious about selecting manufactures, how much money ill need to start, and stuff of that nature. I have ideas basically but need someone to execute as i myself am relatively unskilled at sewing and especially producing a shit ton of pieces if needed.

pic slightly related. something i plan to do my own take on as it is one of my favorite pieces. I was thinking double layered pants that created even more stacks and crinkling.
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go study
Without some serious knowledge on fashion no one will work with you. You won't be able to articulate what your trying to design at all. Even if you could create a drawing of exactly what you want which I'm assuming you can't do it would never turn out the same. Everyone would love to create their own brands trust me I've thought about it a lot, but even kids graduating from Antwerp which is probably one of the best connected schools out there rarely start their own brands right after they graduate. It just seems like something many people want to design but think that their thoughts and ideas alone will be able to draft the pieces, select fabric, find seamstresses etc. I said this for the other guy but I would really caution you against starting your own brand unless you have some serious knowledge of design under your belt.
>want to start a brand
>dress in all black

fucking /fa/ has really gone to shit lately

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Old one has died
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So does vaz rajan use guidi leather or is it a collab? Thinking about copping these but I don't know man.
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In need of some new sneakers for casual wear. Decided to go with something more interesting than other shoes that I usually wear and can't really decide between these two.
streetwear seems to still be pretty popular in TO, gonna start getting into it. any actually good brands/lines that arent obey shit teir?

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Chelsea boots inspo thread
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Is this chart /fa/
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Raf Simmons, rick owens usually what I'm dressed in?
>yung lean

most of that shit is old

Sorry to make this thread but, I didn't see a fuccboi general. Does anyone know how to size redwing postmans? I'm usually a size 11.5 but, I wear an 11 in Iron Rangers.
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These CPs for 230 or
these acne adrians for 170?
got any more pictures of the adrians? the bottom one in this pic looks weird?

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sick fit.jpg
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Hey guys, I want to start a small online clothing store to sell decent shit and decent prices. Any recommendations on what to make? What do you guys want that just seem to over priced at the moment.
Pic related: I was thinking of making some pants like those. I can never find affordable slim cargoes.
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I don't think pants like that would fit on me OP, if the image is anything to go buy.
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Short-sleeved oxfords.
Wool zip up coats.
Wool trousers.

That's the kind of things I would make.

I bet a lot of people would be into the whole cheap, long tee, similar-to-tricky-ricky shit
I actually like the sweat short idea. I would find a happy ground between some tricky ricky pod short silhouette and your normal sweatshirt because thats kind of my own happy ground for silhouette. I think a cheap layering tee would definitely sell. I like the wool trouser idea too, a little texture never hurt no body.

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ITT Things you want to wear but social standards won't allow you.

I will start. Fur boots and animal fur coats for men.
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i think you mean you can't afford them.
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If I can afford your mom for a night I think I can afford a couple hundred dollar coat.

Also them boos

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Inspo Thread
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Teach me how to techwear
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>north face

What do you mean by "how to techwear?"

We can't, and I won't pretend to, give you a checklist on dressing yourself. If you want to know about different fabrics or how to functionally layer, there's resources I could point you to. If you're puzzled on how to style for a particular situation, ask! If you're looking for a suitable piece for something, ask! If you want to understand how something works or how a given functionality could be achieved, ask!

But "how to techwear" isn't even clear if you put a verb in the sentence.
someone link my to some nice north face jackets/post some fits. i wanna cop one for this winter

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I read /fa/ all day and I just feel ugly and insecure.

>go on omegle
>start talking to qt andro azn chick
>compliments me, I compliment her
>she seems to like me
>the whole time im conscious of how I look, which angle is more pleasant
>talk for like 20 mins
>she ends up stripping for me

I'm so lonely.
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Go outside you sperglord. Go to a bar and fucking talk to people.
I live in Texas, so most of the girls here don't compare. She was at least an 8.5. If I go out, chances are I won't meet anyone higher than a 7.

I feel cheated. Why'd she disconnect?
underrated post.

Is there a guide to bomber jackets? By price range preferably. If not, can we perhaps make one? Are bombers still going to be fashionable next year?
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op needs to take some time to develop some security with his personal identity first aka turn at least 17
I'm getting pretty tired of seeing black bombers over a black shirt in waywts
Well reddit has kinda caught onto that capsule wardrobe monochrome minimalism thing, so I thought it's possible they would start going out of style here. Clearly not then.

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Any overlap between scifi fans and /fa/ posters?

Most /fa/ sci fi characters? Least /fa/? Hopes for far future cops? Predictions?

Post here to reassure yourself that you'll get to look cool in 2432 and everything before then is just a phase.
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Alternatively post here to tell a faggot to stop shitposting.
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tfw you'll never be able to afford acronym jackets while also being a robot
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Hey /fa/, why do you like the things you do (in the context of fashion and personal dress)?

I've always been drawn to certain things, and never really questioned why, it just felt "obvious" to me. Recently while browsing some other forums I realized how curious and fascinating a question this is. Why do I like the brands, the designers, the elements, the silhouettes that I do? I've only just started to think about this in the last day or so, so bare with me as my thoughts on this are quite vague as well. I'd like us to get together and actually have a good discussion, maybe we'll discover some interesting points.

Your tastes are developed and reflective of your life experiences. Do you recall these formative stages or experiences? What were and are your other interests, and have they affected your approach to dress at all? "Phases"? Introduction to fashion? Social background? Idk???

This is an open discussion, nothing is too silly to bring up. Feel free to speak whatever comes to mind.

So, /fa/, why do you like the things you do?
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I guess a simpler way to ask this would be something like,

>How have your tastes come to be as they are? How did you start and where are you now?
They're all dressed by the internet, for the internet, to placate their inferiority complex and tangent narcissism /thread
i would hardly take the wholly deterministic position of saying that your taste is necessarily a by-product of your life experiences, but yes, i'd agree that its a major influence

i for one am fascinated by americana, but i mean real americana, from when the idea of being an american was really being peddled as something desirable and unique (ergo, 60s onwards), maybe because im a foreigner and have a tremendous history boner. which is why i usually love what thom browne peddles

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My newest cop, have you ever seen anything this beautiful?
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Looks nice.
pretty nice, not gonna lie.
>he fell for it

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what is the best piece of clothing furniture etc rick owens has ever made
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The best thing Rick has done is Rick
i love how the rick ages and ricks with time really adds value to copping a rick
Rick Owens is fucking lame.

>hurr lets take something popular like perfecto jackets, converse, etc

What a cheesedick.

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