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Job thread!
What jobs do you all have to support your hobby/lifestyle? Is your job an extension of your aesthetic?

>Current Job/Profession
>Ideal Job/Profession
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>University student looking after first year students on residence.
>Chemical engineer
>architecture student
>support your lifestyle

Full time NEET

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new popular zoolander 2 promo at runway video, typical youtubers are exposed to fashion and share opinions


>"High fashion" eludes me. Interchangeable eastern european robotic women with pouty faces showing off ugly dresses.

>These girsl look like young, thin boys. Says something about the fashion industry... East european womans are gorgeous if they are well fed. this is just non sense

>lmao right! I mean it won't hurt if some of these designers would have their models smile so they look like they are actually enjoying what they are wearing! Also I never see plus size models anywhere.

>Maybe the clothes they were wearing made them all look ugly or something.

>I would make them much nicer clothes and then people would say things differently. Thy were just being treated like cows, deliberately and going to fast all one after the other.

>Just one black model and she's at the end of the line?

>"tits" . Man those girls are so skinny :(

>Oh yeah, thank you for the FLAT CHEST, dude...

>The real outfits of the models look terrible. These fashion shows are pointless. Why do they attract the attention they get?

>+BayviewFinch it's really sad to me that you think so! That you cannot see that they are clearly underweight, or think they look healthy.

>I'm sorry, but there's more to this world than being really-really good looking.

>I understand clothes design is an art but do people ever wear this crap?

>I'd be afraid to be close to any of those models, because I might break them on accident. They look like they're made of thin, brittle pvc pipes that have been painted flesh tone.

>the hot girls that walk later, look like robots to me dressed in clothing

>Is it just me or have runway models really gotten ugly?

holy shit why does this make me so mad?
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>just now realizing 95% of the population is pleb as fuck
What if they're actually right and we just can't see it?
you're retarded if you think any form of art is objective

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Are there any effay headphones?
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As i thought then..
Getting these soon, but won't be using them outside the house.
Feel the same way bro, i have like 3 pairs of decent headphone, but they're all ugly as shit. would not even consider wearing them on the bus

We doin' this again. Get your fexy asses in here.
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For a casual fit I was thinking about putting together a vague replication of this.

white biker jeans
white hightops
hawaiian print camp shirt
some sort of milsurp jacket

what do you think?
somat like this for the shirt

It doesn't matter what we think

Go for it and see for yourself

/palewave/ general
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there is one already you mong

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Ill start. Heres some OC.
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I'll give it to you OP, this made me laugh
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File: jesus.jpg (171KB, 1080x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Post pics if you got 'em, ask questions about the greatest boots ever
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Shout out to shuitsang.tumblr.com, check him out
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>tfw poorboi
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I've been looking to buy a pair myself, but I'm torn between the 998 and 788z models. I really like the taller heel (pictured) but im not sure if that's the only difference. Does anyone know more about them?

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Pre-Fall 2015 and followed by Fall 2015
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Olivier Rousteing may have a Balmain army, as he likes to say on his very active Instagram account, but with a new store bowing in London's Mayfair next week and a shop in Soho expected to open in New York before the end of 2015, it's one he has to keep building. "You can't put Balmain in a box," he said amid the bustle of his showroom. With an eye to expanding his customer base, he touched on something new in his four-year stint at the house: flowers.
File: Balmain_03_1366.jpg (941KB, 1366x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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Rousteing inherited a label known for hard-edged glamour—emphasis on hard. Over time, he's played up the glam side of things, the disco knits from Spring being the most recent example. For Pre-Fall, his floral prints in hothouse shades of red and ultraviolet had a louche, overgrown quality. Fluid, generously cut flares and backless halter-neck tops made you think of Jerry Hall and Guy Bourdin, while a fitted blazer in the red version of the print and a matching draped silk skirt seemed destined to be a hit with the street-style crowd. The news was the softness. See the pleated jumpsuits cinched with wide belts high on the waist (he mentioned Madame Grès), the slouchy black velvet evening pj's, and an oversize cashmere coat that wrapped and belted like a robe. With the '70s trending everywhere, Balmain is in good company, but that's not to say Rousteing is following. The collection looked very much like him, with rich touches such as long fringes of beads and gold-dipped pleats. We expect him to continue down this path on his Fall runway in March.

> Nicole Phelps
>January 27, 2015
File: Balmain_04_1366.jpg (1MB, 1366x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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> Sarah Mower
>January 27, 2015 9:58 am
Olivier Rousteing says his pre-fall for Balmain is moving toward more fluidity, in his mind, the Parisian louchness of the seventies. Read floaty super-wide-leg jumpsuits in poppy prints of “the sort of wallpaper patterns you can still find in restaurants in Paris,” he laughs. It’s another step along the way in his mission to invent a look for Balmain that doesn’t have to do with short, body-con, hyper-embellished dresses. Not to say that element doesn’t still exist in the line, or the wide-shouldered, brass-buttoned sharply tailored blazers which have been around since before Rousteing took over from Christophe Decarnin. Both continue as Balmain sells.

cant see w2c thread

this fit is killing me tho, w2c them cargos and w2c shoes
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i was just watching this holy shit
literally any thrift shop

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Old one past the point of no return
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Found them pretty cheap
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can you pull them off? be honest with yourself.
if they're cheap, go ahead
don't want yr legs to get sweaty

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ann d ring.jpg
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can we get an accessory / jewelry / ornament thread going?

i feel like this is an underappreciated topic. individual items and inspo welcome
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File: rick owens studded belt.jpg (56KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
rick owens studded belt.jpg
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File: ann d feather necklace.jpg (210KB, 500x750px)Image search: [Google]
ann d feather necklace.jpg
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classic piece

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/fa/ its time we had a serious talk, there is a prevailing and pervasive problem on /fa/ that is severely limiting many of the users intellectual, social and cultural advancement.

its a multifaceted issue that cant really be reduced to a single diagnosis. today we're going to focus on one part of a broader, insidious and destructive disease that has stricken the majority of the western general population, and a sizable percentage of you, users of /fa/.

today's feature article will be focused on the sickness, if you will, that is pop culture worship and general mediocrity.

its vacuous slimy tentacles have have invaded every aspect of this board, from the maligned 'inspo' threads, to daily kanye 'the uppity manlet' west and cara del 'ugly short pig who only has a job because of daddy' levine posting, 'androgynous' threads and other insipid monstrosities that /fa/ mistakes for 'board content.'

it goes further than this however, it effects the way your young, impressionable minds interpret and process information. your cognitive framework with which you explicate and decipher external information, be it complex paradigms or the most basic rudimentary discourse, is skewed and fucked from a lifetime of media and institutional drip feeding. you're products of a system designed to turn you into drooling, corn fed good goyim morons.

and i know what you're thinking "not me! i am different, i only eat salmon!" or perhaps "spare me your dime store 'wake up sheeple' diatribe kid, i go to art school - i dont need you to tell me stuff"

but this is important, so important that i am writing this out for you dweebs on my OWN precious, valuable time :)

some of you are beyond saving, some of you dont want to be saved, some of you are on the cusp and just need that little extra push and some are already there - these are my homies, me boys, me lads, big ups.

1/2 cont
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enough rhetoric though, what are we actually discussing here, whats the crux, the nuts and bolts of the issue? its time to stop tolerating it, stop enabling it: no more shit, no more kanye west, no more discussions about this autistic barely sentient manlet, every time some retard OP tells you to post 'fa celebrities' in his shit thread ignore it - if you see it being flooded with 5'8 rappers who dress like shit and hate you, tell the poster what you think about that. turn off your TV, logoff off facebook, if you see one of these new retard trips who have no business being on 4chan let alone posting with a trip(reee, snow, laserface, doop doop, versace etc) tell em its ogre, the jig is up, they're trash, ignore their shit.

stop celebrating mediocrity and undertake a mandate of self improvement of the mind and body, fashion and art isnt an asap rocky song, nor is that cunt 'fashionable' or well dressed. stop listening to rap, stop listening to shit, stop talking about shit, being an emaciated feminine loser isnt attractive, being a 'trendy' mongoloid who hates himself, cant defend himself, masturbates 14 times a week to porn and has a weak erections and pathetic cumshots isnt what life is about.

you might respond "hey fag this is just about clothes! i am here to dress nice for my hot date and thats it! its just the internet loooser!" spare me, i've seen the 'feel' threads, ive seen the bemoaning, self loathing and self pity that permeates this board, if you're a crossposting retard who's here because he needs help tying his shoe laces thats fine, this aint about you. /fa/ is unique among the 4chan boards in the sense that it encompasses a lot of overlapping lifestyle paradigms, and this is at the heart of it all, if the host is sick everyting that it produces will be tainted, this board is sick, its retarded, it needs a purging, maybe in the subsequent vacuum we can replace it with some productive and beneficial shit.
this is a general fashion and lifestyle guide i wrote a long time ago now, its still good, check it out.


follow my lifestyle blog
Shut the fuck up why do you think anyone cares about your opinions or your blog holy shit you're self important, terrible trip

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Old one is passing 3hunna

This thread is for questions that don't deserve their own threads.
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w2c a men's fishnet/mesh shirt like this?
nice feet
what's her name

dunno, sorry
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forgot pic

File: maison martin future.jpg (141KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
maison martin future.jpg
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Any tips on how to dress around attention-grabbing footwear? I really like weird sneakers but I don't feel confident pulling them off.
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Or just post cringe photos to discourage me. Either way.

dress as plainly as possible for everything but the shoes
That never looks good. That's not being able to pull it off...

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I found these clothes at a festival and thought they were pretty interesting, your thoughts?
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Hey OP,

What is your intent in starting this thread?

You want to know what other people on this board think of this brand?

Why? Why does that matter if YOU find them interesting?

Do you need anonymous strangers who may or may not have extremely shit taste to validate your interests?

If you like something then go for it

If not, if you have doubts about it, then don't


Personally I have never asked for anyone else's opinion on clothes I find interesting because doing so is going against my common sense and natural course of action

The fact that you and many others are even capable of conceiving this idea of asking /fa/ about shit like this just shows how scared and insecure you guys are

Grow a backbone and some fucking balls and figure shit out yourself like holy shit why is this so difficult?
''your thoughts?''

What are you trying to say? Your post makes 0 sense

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