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post your morning routine

>wake up
>try not to snooze
>snooze 5 min
>really wake up
>warm shower
>shampoo & conditioner twice a week
>body soap & face cleanser every other day
>blowdry hair
>brush teeth
>nails check
>quick piss
>fix hair
wake up
news on my kindle
do people seriously shower every day?
>wake up to Deep Cover by Sun Araw set as alarm
>splash water on face
>make coffee
>light breakfast
>read local paper
>surf web a bit
>workout routine
>brush teeth
monday thru friday:
up at 4:30-5am
quick shower - basically just to wake the fuck up
brush teeth
8-10mile ride
shower and shave
eat again
brush teeth + get ready for work
sit in front of the tv or computer till i have to leave

i dont do shit on the weekends till 9am.
>forgot pissing right after I wake up
>forgot deoderant after the shower

yes you dirty hobo
>wake up
>hit snooze for 30minutes to an hour
>brush my teeth
>take a cold shower
>get dressed
>cleanse and all that shit
>browse the internet for the rest of the day
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I believe in taking care of myself, and a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise routine. In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I'll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now. After I remove the ice pack, I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower, I use a water activated gel cleanser. Then a honey almond body scrub. And on the face, an exfoliating gel scrub. Then apply an herb mint facial mask, which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an aftershave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

>wake up
>wake up
>grab a brush and put a little make-up
>hide the scars to fade away the shake-up
>hide the scars to fade away the
>why'd you leave the keys upon the table?
>here you go create another fable
>wake up
>get changed into running gear I had laid out night before
>eat banana
>drink pint of water
>run 5K
>come home
>drink 2 pints of water
>brush teeth
>shit (unless I went before run)
>dry off
>get changed into stuff I laid out night before
>make breakfast, usually porridge oats
>wait for hair to dry
>do hair
>ready to face the day
Get the fuck out of this board disgusting neckbeard
>Wake up
>Check phone
>Go to bathroom and piss
>Weigh myself
>put on comfy clothes
>Make breakfast and eat
>Fix my hair
if i dont have to go to class i just stop there and go to the computer.otherwise
>Prepare backpack
>Put on normal clothes
>Go take the bus
>wake up in the mornin
>Take a piss
>Wash my hands
>Take a knee
>And the the man
>And get back to the money
ITT: autism and pretentious faggotry
i dont really sweat at all, so i only before sleep
everyday ofc
Yeah you wretched hobbit
are you seriously whining about pretentious faggotry here? did you get lost? do you not know which board this is?
>Wake up 6 am
>Piss/shit (I honestly havent shit more than a walnut sized turd for the past month help)
>Have shower, shampoo, light scented soap
>Dry off and put on clean clothes
>Before I put my shirt on; Light scented deodorant and 1 spray of cologne on chest
>Breakfast consists of: Coffee, Plain greek yogurt with chopped nuts and bran on top and drizzled with honey, a bannana or apple and a couple dried figs
>Blowdry hair, and just before its completely dry, add Moroccan oil then finish by drying it off on low heat
>Mouthwash then brush rinse spit etc
>Brush hair
>Put on shoes and coat

The end
i applaud your routine
>wake up
>get up

>wake up at 6am
>switch on sun lamp
>make breakfast
>eat in front of lamp
>prepare breakfast and snack for son
>clean kitchen
>shower (hair every second day)
>bodylotion, deo, perfume, face routine, brush teeth, fix hair, mascara and lipbalm
>get dressed
>lay out clothes for son
>wake him up
>do random stuff like puting out the bin, foldinh laundry or playing piano until he has eaten and is dressed/washed
>make sure i have everything i need for the day in my purse
>make sure my son has everything he'll need for that day
>put on shoes/coat/scarf
>walk son to kindergarden
>walk home
>drive to work

On days i start work later i go for a run after bringing the little one and then shower after.
what the hell is a sun lamp ? in what does it affect ??
>no floss, tongue brush or mouthwash
>wake up
>brush teeth
>brush tongue
>breakfast(4 eggs, milk and sandwitch)

I shower after working out not in the morning when I wake up.
>wake up
>have lunch
>go back to sleep
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>After several snooze/wake-up moments sit up in bed, light a fag and look at the slag that I porked whilst contemplating life.
>Take a line of cocaine from the Kartell Ghost Buster bedstand.
>Walk nakedly towards kitchen, admire form in every mirror that I pass.
>Put 80's British music on the antiquated B&O Beocenter 8000
>Open a new bag of beans from the local roaster down the street, grind them up in the Mazzer Robur before pulling a shot on my La Marzocco GS3, admire face in reflection of said overpriced coffeedevice.
>Put on the robe I stole from Plaza Athénée,
>Drink several cups of espresso and smoke several fags on the balcony overlooking the people walking their dogs in the park and the cars in the streets going by and contemplate life.
>Go to library to sit on my Corbusier LC4
>Have a nice tug thinking about the fit gash that I plastered last night.
>Have maid make breakfast for said clunge.
>Go to shower.
>Piss in shower.
>Apply products, Aesop and Clinique mostly.
>Stare at wardrobe in the walk-in-closet for 30min. contemplating different fits but always going for the full SLP uniform every time.
>Go outside, step in the red Porsche 930 Turbo my dad left me and drive to restaurant 400m away.
>Order brunch, don't eat anything, just drink wine, whilst starring intensely at other people till they look away and contemplate life.
>Drive back home.
>Browse /fa/

Such is life, I need to do something constructive with it though.
>wake up
>jerk off before even getting up
>lie in bed for 1-3 hours until my stomach forces me to get up
>go back to lying in bed on computer
>find reason to go outside if possible
>spend whole day in regret because i think i have a crippling masturbation addiction

>what do
I actually floss and I scrape my tongue fifteen times every morning. Mouthwash is shit and ruins your taste buds.
You filthy cum stain ofc people shower everyday this isn't the 18th century
Fuck off, sperg. There's no reason to shower everyday if you aren't dirty.
Some hodgepodge of:

roll around trying to stay in that wonderful hypopompic headspace
check communications
fix coffee/tea/mate
maybe cannabis
shove some stuff involving eggs into my mouth
bike to the climbing gym or pool
shower + skincare
go somewhere to work
>Wake up
> 20 minute shit
> 5 minute shower and shave if necessary
> Shampoo once a week, condition once every two weeks
> messy hair
> Coffee and a couple cigarettes
> Online fuckaround for an hour or so
> Brush teeth, deoderise, cologne and le day begins
hahah nice bait, i hope
>Wake up
>Cold Shower, Shampoo thrice a week
>Dry my hair just enough so it isn't soaking
>Brush Teeth
>Wash face (have 16 y/o level acne at 19)
>Brush hair or let it sit and style it with fingers when it dries
>Off to do whatever I need to
>wake up
>go back to bed
>repeat 4 times
>wake 5 minutes before i need to leave
>angrily put on clothes i have laid out
>run to bathroom
>brush teeth and put on deodorant
>put paste in hair
>run to car
>Wake up
>Talk to GF for a few minutes
>eat oatmeal and yogurt/granola
>drink tons of water
>brush teeth
>Shower (purple shampoo/condition daily)
>Wash face (shave face after if need be)
>make myself lunch so I dont spend money at work/uni.
>wake up
>immediate bout of anxiety, paranoia and self hatred
>need to drink water really badly, none left in massive nightstand cup, cant be bothered to get more
>need to pee really badly, cant be bothered to get up
>have 20 till class
>force self out of bed
>drink water
>throw on sweats
>go to class

being an alcoholic is draining
U only use soap every other day? Why?
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>wake up naturally
>back to sleep
>wake up @ noon
>take out/feed dogs + cats
>back to bed
>bong hits until i need to put animals back in

that's it. i hate being neet
No one else pisses and brushes their teeth in the shower? Saves a lot of time guys.
Thread posts: 45
Thread images: 6

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