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what the fuck
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Im kind of a fan of his.
I dont want him for more than one term though, I just like his foreign policy ideals
>I just like his foreign policy ideals
hf getting cucked by an hairy arab
Is he the new Obama?

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They are the best and most stylish winter jacket on the market.

I lmao @ your life if you don't have one.
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Everyone who wastes their money on those dumb jackets looks like the guy in your picture
I live in Vancouver. So far on a bad day I can wear a hoodie and a mec rain jacket and be warm. How to keep legs warm-ish though? Long johns the best way or is there something im missing out on?
Harry Rosen special edition Navy Berwick Bomber w/ detachable hood and fur tirm

Feels good

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Total autist from /g/ who got an IT office job.
Give me your best casual business shit.
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This is your marble block
Now chisel
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Get a crew cut, shave chin, Get contacts
>how to become plain 101
Dont get a haircut, but do look into hair products.
Do shave. Its not workin.
Glasses could be upgraded to something more fashionable, or contacts could also work.

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if pic related are the sneakers of /fa/, then what about jeans/pants and jacket?
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Alpha bomber or M65
nothing because those aren't the sneakers of /fa/
those are GATs ripoffs my friend

shoe of mfa

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sup /fa/

where the fuck do i get a good leather jacket for about $1000? SLP, as much as I want it, is too much, and i dont know where to really start looking for a good biker jacket. thoughts?
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I've been having the same issue, been looking at schott jackets which look great but there's nowhere in my country that I can go to try them on and spending that much money you REALLy wanna try before you buy
apparently schott's cuts are really boxy and huge because they're actually made for riding motorcycles. i tried one on once, actually, and it was heavy as fuck
schott is dadcore cuts

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How much can dress pants be tailored? I got a really nice navy wool suit for $4 at a thrift store, but the pants have the old cut that's pretty baggy.
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How do I tailor pants to be longer
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upset wojak.jpg
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>boring middle-class young white people won't stop scouring thrift stores for clothing that could actually go to someone who needs it
>some homeless guy who needed a suit for an interview won't find it now because OP fucking bought it
>OP will probably throw it out if he can't get them to work the way he wants them to
>won't even give a fuck because "lol it was just four dollars senpai"
>implying OP is not a hobo on 4chinz

You don't know

Anybody waiting for the upcoming release of Adidas x Hypebeast Ultra Boost Uncaged?

i can get a pair but dunno if i should pull a trigger just to resell
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I'm waiting for the 2016 Tubulars nigga
ultra boosts look way better with a cage, these look unfinished. If you can cop for resell its well worth it
what resell value u think they will have?

what colors would you wear with this?
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shit brown
Stonewash jeans
black, khaki, or just regular blue jeans for pants, for shoes probably plain black or maybe grey.

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What is the most /fa/ city and why is it St. Louis?
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>big enough to have culture and places to go
>small enough to not be a meme
>cheap real estate so even poorfags can live in huge /fa/ victorian estates
>hint of danger and irony
>emergence of of tech and creative boom here
>not coastal
>plenty of /fa/ urban wasteland to explore
No mention of
>prominent art scene
>tons of money
>gay scene
>music scene

Where are my STL bros fav places to hang out?
Probsbly one of my favorites I've been to
Places I've heard good things about
South Jersey
Fuck it, all of New Jersey
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill
El Paso

Not much about St Louis, except that residents think the crime statistics are overblown, even though they're not

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Is there a ratio to determine if your shoulders are wider than average? I know that there's the golden ratio, 1.618 , but is it indicative of wide shoulders, or of "scientifically-approved" beauty?

Does pic related look like he has wide shoulders? He's 198 cm.
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I don't know of an exact ratio, but it depends on your waist. If you have a very small waist your shoulder could seem wide. I personally don't think he has very wide shoulders that looks about average.

pls answer
>swimmer-tier shoulder-to-waist
>big head

Is it possible for fat/husky guys to be effay in an informal environment (meaning suits don't count)? Got any examples/pics?

Pic semi-related.
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The stupidest thing is that if you are overweight and dress nice, people think you are trying too hard. I know because I was overweight and experienced that judgement. It was stupid, but I can see why the human mind works like that.
No it's not. If you are fat then loose the weight. Being in shape has more benefits than just looking "good"

Being fat is unfashionable

It's dumb to ask if it's possible to look fashionable while looking unfashionable.

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What should i wear if i want to attract Russian women?
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Putin mask
or Putin mask replica
File: russians.jpg (186KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
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My experience with most Eastern Bloc women is that they have an unusual affinity for veblen goods, but that may just be because most of them were poor as shit at one point in their lives.

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is martin shkreli /fa/?
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Got the price of that drug reduced from $13.50 to $1, enabling faggy little effay aids twinks to spend more of their money on faggy clothes.

Yes, effay as fuck.
No one gets points for doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

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How many suits do own?
Do you wear them daily?
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>falling for the #Menswear meme
>implying a hundreds of years old way of dressing is a meme.

not in the sense of an internet meme but in the sense of the word that richard dawkins made up and the actual definition that is basically exactly what a meme is, a repeated and carried idea

a meme can be a formal tradition, a meme can be good

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