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Old thread >>10686088

answer one and ask on fuccbois
where do I find a pic related for under $500?
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As frequently discussed on this board, don't cheap out on a leather jacket
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These are from the vans california collection and feature a cupsole instead of the usual vulcanized cheese sole. Are they worth the price (120€)?
can you be 27 and wear this? Evenif you look like in your early 20's

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post current wallpapers
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Am i effay?
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Thanks bro

torn rn -

there's no way I can justify getting another all-white pair of shoes that'll just get destroyed in a week outside -

what is a good minimalist casual that /fa/ can recommend? no Stans, no CPs -
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muji cotton sneaker. get the waterproof ones.
Holy Shit

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Are oxford shirts better pulled off by people with wide shoulders/high BF/more muscles?

I'm only 130 lbs with narrow shoulders and a 'rule figure' body type. Every time I try a shirt I remember snoop dogg from who I am.

How much bagginess is acceptable for shirts? I don't like slim fits because they look like shit from the side.
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first make you mind up, do you want it to look slim or baggy because you just contradicted yourself.

My advice is find a regular fitting shirt and get it tailored to you proffesionally.
Wear it opened up
don't do this

Are these two, the most /fa/ bald men?
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>black men can pull of the bald look easily
fuck this gay earth.
so can most white guys you insecure fuck
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I think I'd feel better about it if I had a stronger jaw.
That's probably a lie though.

Love this jacket, and I don't think I'll ever find one in my size at a reasonable price. I've found some pretty good replicas, and I'm thinking of copping through taobao.

Would wear like pic related. Black/white western styled shirt with black skinnies and rocker boots. Is this piece too loud and cringey? I know confidence is key and i have some pretty out there pieces but I'd just like opinions.
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Very rarely in fashion is it about the piece over the wearer. Especially in the case of this jacket.

If you think you can do it then go for it. If it works out, cool. If it doesn't, then you've learned a valuable lesson.

I'm probably one of the biggest advocates for quality clothing on this board but I understand that sometimes you have to have gone through the mediocre stages (fast fashion, replicas etc.) to truly be able to appreciate higher quality things and how you approach dressing yourself.

op here, also for reference I own a few slp pieces already. I guess the reason i'm concerned is the fact that I've seen the douche from g dragon rock this thing totally out of its aesthetic and it puts me off.
thanks for the feedback. Definitely appreciate your words.

I've seen the real thing and its pretty striking but I can really only locate XL's and I happen to be an XS. such is life.

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what does your closet look like /fa/?
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>Plastic hangers

ultratoppest of the gigakeks.
How else is he supposed to hang clothes
Wooden hangers mang

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Best white shoe?
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rick owens geobaskets
literally cuck tier
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no contest

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How do Achilles fit? If I wear an 8 (us) in converse (and that's a bit of a tight fit) should I size up or size down???
I wear a 9 in most shoes
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Bump come on effay
if you're a us 9 in most shoes, go to a 41 or 40 in common projects
saged/this info is everywhere
size down twice imo, I'm usually a US10.5 and had a 42 pair but it was v roomy in the front to the point where it got annoying and got a lot of toe box creases, then I sold those and bought a 41 which fits perfect

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What are some good options for chunky/thick turtle neck jumpers for under £150?

I'm considering this one from Oliver Spencer but I would quite like something ribbed/textured. I've had a look all over John Lewis/House of Fraser but nothing I've fond has quite taken my fancy (either too thin, or too wooly). I saw a nice ribbed one on shopstyle, but unfortunately it was from G Star and was 100% acrylic.
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This is one Orvis used to make - looks ideal (would prefer it in grey/black).

Unfortunately they don't stock it anymore.
Found almost exactly what I was looking for on ebay - however import charges and shipping from the USA would set me back £50, which is just too much for a BR jumper.

Something along these lines would be perfect though.
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Forgot to post image ^

Unfortunately possibly a tad small for me as well.

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CAT 1.png
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Thread dedicated to admire and share our passion for the iconic Caterpillar's Colorado boot. Styling tips allowed as well.
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CAT 2.png
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nice timbs knockoffs senpai lmao
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CAT 4.png
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>"Are the Comme Des Garcons Play shirts from Ali Express real or fake?"
>realize it's impossible to tell the difference anyway since it's literally just a cotton t-shirt
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I'm thinking of buying some.

And yes, it's just a cotton t-shirt, no need to spend thousand on it.
Any fit that would include any of these shirts would look better with a plain unbranded shirt desu senpai

They look good by themselves, good for basic level streetwear fits

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going to be going to a colder place in a couple months for a long time, need to get boots. was thinking about SFBs since they're relatively cheap and I like them, but I'd like to know how weather-proof they are (if at all). if they're not good enough on their own, is there any better boot option out there for places with snow, rain, and general coldness? ofc, still gotta look good. pic related, it's the color I'd like to get.
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sfbs are great and can take a beating but theyre made specifically for hot dry climates, not snow and rain
can they be treated to deal with the cold? maybe some coats of weather-proofing stuff to let them cope?
I mean you could try to waterproof them, but its just going to end up ruining the fabric and you'll just end up with cold feet

Let's bring it back
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