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when is it appropriate to wear heels? i never seem to get the chance to and i want to.
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I usually just wear heels to formal stuff, dinners, going out for a glass of wine, weddings and even some job applications.
Wear it when you want to, just dont over do it, make it as casual as you can.
Don't, it sends the wrong image
Do you have pretty feet?

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>tfw don't look good in anything
I'm 6 ft, 130 lbs slender as fuck. Why do I look like shit in everything? I don't even look good wearing jeans and a tshirt. just
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workout and stop looking like shit
or this alternatively this>>10729798
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I like slp but that's not the look I want

Do you ever buy any of the other genders clothes?
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I'd probably buy women's jeans if they didn't have the most pathetic excuses for pockets ever
I'd buy men's coats if i wasn't so scared of society norms
I'd buy women's shirts if they didn't have really shitty sleves. It's like I'm wearing a tank top

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sage or khaki, /fa/?
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Khaki is more versatile but if you wear a lot of darker colors go with sage.
Sage. Unless you wear lots of earth tones, sage will be more versatile.
All depends on your area of operations. For some densly forested areas, the tans can too bright. Especially amongst the dead foliage and grass on the forest floor. Tan is still a safe choice when operating in temperate zones with sparse treecover.

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Im going to Zara for the first time on Sunday. Without shitposting, what should I avoid? I've heard that their shoes should be avoided, but I've also heard tame praise for them.
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You should avoide zara

Is Zara h&m tier?

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So I know these shoes are we past my prime, but my friend is in love with them. Any idea where to get something else that is white leather and has as low of a profile?
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With flash

They were originally thrifted
dylan rieders
Closer than I've seen but not the same. Thanks a bunch anyway. The originals have a distinct sole kind of like bass bucks but a much slimmer profile.

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are coach bags effay? boyfriend dad got me this bag as an early christmas present.

did some googling and apparently the one that he got me is an 'outlet' only bag, is there much difference between outlet only bags and boutique bags?
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Shit you brand autist. Does the bag look nice? Then who gives a fuck where it cane from.
im a chink though, can't help it to be a brand whore.

i just dont want my bf dad to be scam and bought a shitty bag for a high price. :(

anyone else here feel fucking disgusting and ugly 99% of the time, meanwhile people around you seem to find you attractive and compliment you pretty often?
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i feel extremely attractive all of the time

sometimes i get a lot of compliments sometimes i don't
Tried a small handful of things on today, looked like complete shit and went home empty handed. Wanted to cry a bit.
yes, except I'm genuinely ugly and I can't remember ever being complimented

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Trailer Park Boys is not funny. Go back to Reddit.
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learn to reply you shitfuck
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>mfw this thread

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Why do white people bald at an early age?
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from GUILT

It's common knowledge the average white person ages in dog years, h o w e v e r

the few whities who age well look perfect
His hairline just cut inside, man
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is burzum effay? will I look like an autist wearing this around town?
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do you not own any black and white punk or metal ts? i wear this shit every day, my wife can't tell the difference in band t's.

>does this generic black and white band t make me look autistic tryhard?
i only own this shirt t-b-h
no, a black and white band t is fine.

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/fa/ tattoo thread
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some of these are alright https://www.instagram.com/jonboytattoo/?hl=en
tattoos are not fa

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Is houndtooth /fa/ pattern?
eh I wish it were a space invaders tessallation instead
Kris van Assche used it for his FW14 collection and it didn't look half bad.

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Can we get a rafdidas inspo thread going? I saw one a while ago and was really interested.
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Why rafdida's? There's so much interesting raf out there when it comes to the archives and even some new stuff. I dunno, weegos are cool, but nothing to love raf for.
tfw too broke to afford rafidas :(
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These tho

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Was going to post this
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i made a new snapchat
wtf who deleted the old snapfam thread?

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