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Does anyone have experience with 1mg finasteride? I've been taking it for almost a year and have seen no improvement. Should I quit or switch to another routine?
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no improvement?
I've yet to see growth, it maintains but no growth
Unfortunately I had a lot of sides so I quit after 5 months. My derm told me it matters how much hair you have already lost. If your almost bald it won't work. Plus It works best at keeping the hair you have and regrowth is a bonus. He also said wait two years before making judgment(unless you get side effects) because you go through cycles of sheds and regrowth.

Try adding minoxidil and Nizoral shampoo because every clinical trial for propecia, the subjects used those two also.

If you have no side effects then don't stop taking it. As soon as you stop your hair loss could ecelerate.

Hope that helps

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Is there a name for this style of glasses?
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80's paedophile

Oliver Peoples "Flesh-eating Serial Killer" frames

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Post effay band merch. Pic related
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good band but shit merch

me gusta w2c m8

nvm i found and copped 8 of them for each of my 13 year old girls

Post winter coat fits, inspo, recommendations w/e.

I've been looking for a new coat for ruthless North European winters. My price range is at around 200-300 euros and I'm expecting it to last quite a while (4-5 years). Where should I look for quality coats? I'm not really a fan of synthetic fibers but if the mix has a good amount of wool (80% or so) it should be good right? I've been thinking about Gloverall - does anyone have experience with them? I'm mostly worried about their fits as I'm fairly thin: 6.0ft at ~150 pounds and it seems like (at glance) that their main audience is fat middle aged men.

Help me family.
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File: x1007mm_40_black_front.jpg (20KB, 465x465px)Image search: [Google]
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This is the car coat I was thinking of copping. Although I might go with a duffle coat.
w2c top left?

the sherpa lined one

assuming it's going to have a rape price

what are some alternatives?
I'm also wondering

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Are thinkpads /fa/? Also /fa/ tech
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shut the fuck up
im from /g/ too, and nah.

thinkpads are /fa/ to tech-savy folks, but to everyone else they scream man-child.

apple is the true /fa/ brand unfortunately
What makes them non /fa/ to normies? Also what other computers/tech would you consider fashionable, I quite like the look of the chromebook pixel or the surface book

Favorite bombers available now? I've been putting off getting one for the past 3 years and I still want one so I guess I should shop around.

I might even bite the bullet on the rick owens bomber from pic related. Any fit pics involving the classic rick owens bomber?

Preferably some more low key looks, bonus points for ramones/no geobaskets.
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Alpha slim fit, really the only way to play it
File: skqBTxMShCtOLeLon00M[1].jpg (244KB, 960x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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Heres a pic that shows the fit of the bomber pretty well. found on somebodies grailed
Bombers really shouldn't fit that slim, looks silly.

16 things DUDES need to stop wearing in 2016

thoughts on?
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You already fucked up.

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File: IMG_20151215_131303.jpg (1022KB, 1944x1944px)Image search: [Google]
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isn't a bit early for another one of these? >>10719910
also those boots are huge senpai

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Anon, iv got a problem. All beautiful grills in my area are absolutley unfashionble and uneffey. They dont wear even zara/hm replicas of normal clothes, they are not even trying to look good in fa way. But damn - they are still beautiful, hot and i really want to date and fuck some of them. What should i do? Because they all look out of place with me.
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this is /fa/, not /adv/
step 1: get qt non fashionable gf
step 2: ask her if u want to go shopping with her
meme 3: ??
date one and buy clothes for her

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post /fa/ rooms
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File: 1408832633197.jpg (209KB, 1280x1028px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1408832697082.jpg (418KB, 1280x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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poster's note: absolute disgusting shoes

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Waywt, last one is shit. Start over.
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BIG memes
File: fggh.png (80KB, 152x186px)Image search: [Google]
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File: SJhIEN0.png (271KB, 213x545px)Image search: [Google]
271KB, 213x545px

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Post your inspo
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>posting ASOS dogshit

go away kiddo
What is ASOS?
>3 piece suit
>Shirt has no collar
>No tie
>Clown shoes


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No replies in the DB for this post!

File: w2c.png (455KB, 1037x501px)Image search: [Google]
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i cum buckets when i see this hoodie w2c????
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Literally took 2 seconds
would you stop cumming if told you that this hoodie is terrible, ugly and egostistical?
I'd say it's egotistical to even think I give a shit about what you say

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post chan fits. you know tracksuits, adidas sneakers, windbreakers, baseball caps, etc.
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chav* not chan my bad
You want to look like a chav?
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