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R8 the color? I like it but i would like some more opinions
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its ok, it'll look so good after pilling horribly after the first wash
H&M? D O N O T C O P
Haha everything ive bought from h&m (basics, pants) has lasted me just as long as other clothes. Really dont get this "disintegrates after one wash" meme.

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average black 4channer.png
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sum up /fa/ 2015 with one picture
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/b/ IS THAT WAY >>>/b/

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Do you wear pins? What kind of pins do you wear? Do you wear them on a hat, shirt, coat? How many do you wear?
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Idk about pins but I live on the same road as Aldgate East tube station.
No, but I do enjoy some that I see
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I keep these two on my coat. The j rocks one was a gift from my friend who works there and the Mt Fuji one just has a beautiful composition

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Is Kohl /fa/? Should men wear eye liner?
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the shitposting never ends
Are you as manly and exotic as Avan Jogia?
Do you have deep dark eyes with which to gaze across the dunes?

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tfw gf is getting kind of fat
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tfw your mom is pregnant with your child and she doesn't know it yet or how she's pregnant in the first place
that is totally my fetish desu

i always try to get my gfs thick
Kill her

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*listens to the garden once*
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acne denim

stop shitting up /fa/

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Are they effay? Post some if so
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File: tattoo.jpg (400KB, 960x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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They seem really angsty, and kind of dumb.
But for some reason I have sort of a soft spot for stuff like that.
So love/hate I guess.

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What is this little chain on sip products for?
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to justify the retarded prices i believe

even jeans have these
hello poorfag

probably to hang from a hook or something?
it will probably rip of if you try to hang it

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Can we get a sunglasses thread?

What are some cool styles?
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gentlemonster dot com
I'm poor
You're about 4 years too late to be cosplaying as Don Draper OP.

Please stop dressing in shitty 50's/60's inspired trash you look absolutely embarassing.

File: Black-Chateau[1].jpg (68KB, 1024x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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sort of poorfag here.

is $900 for a Canada Goose jacket too much? the only thing i've spent $900 on is a suit i bought 3 years ago

i don't know how people who i know make less than me (for example the interns at my workplace) can spend their money on much more expensive things than me
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>he wants to dress like a goose

Top fucking kek, OP.
>sort of poorfag here

If you were even slightly poorfag you wouldn't be considering buying this shit
it's a nice jacket but you're paying for the logo

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U mirin?
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Shit bait

Who is this literal god?
> go to /fit/
> lurk for about 2 hours
> ???
> profit
How new can one be

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high sperm count edition
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>you will never be japanese, thus unable to pull off sick comfy fits
Actually, the only ones who can't pull off sick comfy fits, or most fits for that matter, are white males.
File: 1408673283482.jpg (57KB, 340x508px)Image search: [Google]
57KB, 340x508px

Im thinking of revising my outfit

What should by character design look like

This is my current uniform, its very versitile
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i refuse to believe this is real
Why, cus its using weird new, but funny language
very nice electrical engineering boots you got on

File: Ralph-Lauren-Polo-Green-2.jpg (80KB, 456x670px)Image search: [Google]
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Whats /fa/ preferred cologne?

I rarely if ever (4-5 times a year) will wear anything, but if I do it's pic related.

I'm thinking of getting a bottle of blue and wearing it more often.
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File: 61SI4ddulFL._SL1000_.jpg (80KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Do you like smelling like an 80 year old white man, who is slowly dying in a nursing home?

Use Polo Blue Sport, Red, Red Intense, or Black. The others are shit(I forget what regular Blue and Orange smell like).

But, whatever. I'm just a fuccboi who wears extra fresh dove deodorant and drakkar noir deodorant spray.
File: nd.11771.jpg (73KB, 300x364px)Image search: [Google]
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<<< thats some good stuff right there

File: Y-3 Manletshoes.png (1MB, 1196x1196px)Image search: [Google]
Y-3 Manletshoes.png
1MB, 1196x1196px
Manlet fashion thread.

5'8 here
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Just getting this out of the way for you OP
What are some good shoes that will make me look taller?
high heels you faggot

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