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I know this isn't an /fa/ related topic, but I don't know too many other places for brutally honest answers.

It's a pretty simple question: How do I stop daydreaming?
My problem with daydreaming is, that I take all of my goals and envision myself in situations where I clearly accomplished them. That goes for my career goal, my fitness goals and my education goals.

I literally spend time thinking about situations where I have finished a huge assignment for school shortly after I begin in the real world. So I stop working on it. I'm completely aware of the situation but I can't continue to work on it.

It's even more damaging because I think about things I want to say to people and then never tell them. This goes for endearing and critical things, to friends and family both.

I just hope someone here knows what I'm talking about and can help me find a way out of this.
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wear full rick
don't worry about nothing
This sounds like a symptom of a personality disorder, maybe avoidant personality disorder. Go read up on it a little and see if it pertains to you, if this is the case then you could work past it or talk with a physician to help you. Also something like this should probably go on /adv/.
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I know that feel, OP.

I always have perfect plans for my life and everything planned out, from clothing and work to even my showering routine. Then it kind of ends with me just walking around in shit clothing because I'm too lazy/scared to go and try things on, and ends with me stopping to do things I like after a while. I stopped lifting and reading and haven't done shit for over a year. I've been eating like crap and I look like skinnyfat teen with gyno.

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How would you describe his body? Guy on the left.
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why do you always make these threads?
" back before the game of baseball was illuminated with a million statistics, back when it was about the mysteries of earthly fate, when major leaguers looked less like big healthy kids and more like lean and hungry workingmen."

from Philip Roth's American Pastoral. That guy has the "big healthy kid" body type.
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I want to dye my hair platinum blonde. Convince me not to do it.
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ur probably like 5'7 and 300 pounds it'll look terrible
6'2" and 180lbs
Platinum blonde, and grey are both pretty trendy right now. Go for it OP.

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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Previous thread: >>10910866

FAQ/glossary/links: http://hastebin.com/raw/qanedewaki

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"

How many pounds/kg/stones/moonrocks have you lost since the new year? / Your stats? / How many do you plan to lose in the next 3 months?

Both male and female thinspo welcome.
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I've been right around 400 calories for the past three days. Feelsgood
>pic is me
you look great, how is your energy? 400 was hard for me.
cool, nice way to fuck yourself up

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Who's the most effay pornstar?
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Ur mom
Remy Lacroix or Jada Stevens

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Lets talk fleece's!

Do you have a favorite?

What are some decent brands that make fleece jackets that you can recommend? esp for us on the east coast other than patagonia, the north face, ll bean, and nike.

I wish I couldve copped pic related but they were only sold in japan and didn't have the funds at the time even if I had a proxy
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I wanted that tan adidas fleece zip-up, but only links to cop were to the Japanese Adidas e-Store, and they were all sold out by that time, anyway.
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really like this one, but haven't been able to find a decent fleece like it
Love my 2 dollar usmc surplus polarfleece. Sometimes I insist on my partner wearing it during sex. Fuzzy overload, man. It allows for just enough air-flow to keep her cool while tickling her clit some, and I can pretend I'm fucking a giant tan teddy bear.

That's it /fa/ just saw this. Cancer is terminal. I can't take it. I'm venting and then I'm leaving.

Anybody who actually wants to dress well I advise you to leave and go to literally any other fashion forum. Here's why

- The more and more frequent /fit/ intrusions which almost always last a couple days while the autists on this board scream about how being ana is "effay" not knowing they fell hard for a meme thinking they can just completely ignore their bodies and just not eat. Terrible.

- Every one of you fuck boys making entire threads for your insecure asses asking us to pick you a haircut because you have more confidence in a bunch of autistic strangers than yourself in choosing your style.

- Similarly when autists post a stock image of a clothing item with no context and ask if it's "effay" and whether they should buy it. The fuck? First of all anybody who makes those posts is retarded for thinking you can post one clothing item with no insight to your personal style and what look you're trying to cultivate and think someone can give quality feedback. Also anybody who responds to these dipshits is either trolling are twice as dumb as the OP.

- Facial aesthetics threads. Jesus Christ the level of insecurity and self hatred/pity you people show is disgusting. You partake in threads where you faun over handsome men and complain about how you have no chin or some shit and should kill yourself. That's your fucking face. It's part of you, more all intents and purposes when it comes to other peoples perceptions it might as well be you. Accept your face for fuck sake. You can't change it, live with it. It's not like you're gonna die alone because you have a couple acne scars and no chin. Just work on your goddamn personality for once and go be a fucking person in the world. Not all cute girls require fucking greek god faces to date them, just fucking talk to them. If you really are a piece of shit inside then deceive them.

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so ready for this

- Skelle threads. Disgusting. You don't have to be a roided out bulge master to be in shape and you shouldn't control your weight purely through diet. Exercise is important faggots. Go jogging. Get outside. Get some sun. Do some pushups, squats, situps, and planks. The fact that so many seem to take the ana meme seriously is actually disconcerting.

- The circle jerking over how beards are gay or reddit tier or some shit. Holy shit. They're fucking beards. Some people think they look good with a beard, sometimes their wrong, sometimes their right. It's just a fucking beard. Fucking chill. I accept that some menenist, Dan Bilzerian mother fuckers are equally circle jerky about their dumbass face rugs and only have them to hide weak chins n shit. That being said whats wrong with a beard to hide a weak chin? Whatever, getting off point.

- Just fuck my shit up. If you wanna play a fucking gameboy, go for it you stupid fuck.

God damn. I used to love /fa/ there was at least some okay advice going on and people weren't posting literal memes in every thread. I'm glad I was around for some good periods because I cultivated my own style already. I come here to find good items that people post so I can check em out if I've missed them. But the sheer amount of shit on the board makes even something as simple as that hard to do. Peace out /fa/.

PS. Stop asking if smoking.your cigarettes are fashionable. Smoking is /fa/ theres no denying this. Your brand doesn't matter as long as they taste good.
>just realizing this
i only come here for the laughs
i dont think fashion is to be discussed online anyway

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shoe edition
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Just ordered them.
File: Screenshot_2016-02-02-00-04-53.png (445KB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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File: m996_nb_14_i.jpg (66KB, 960x546px)Image search: [Google]
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got them for 85

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/fa/ is fucking garbage right now let's have an inspo thread
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Just got this Soviet Raketa 24h with world time rotating bezel, effay enough?
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thats pretty dope

i always liked these too even though i have the legit casio version:
File: 1424996359918.jpg (228KB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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like it, but good luck reading it
the numbers being one off is annoying as fuck.
Also, they should have made it a single hand with a sub second.

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>monochrome is great, avoid colors, a little of pale wave might be okay.
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these clothes might be minimal but whats inside my jeans is the opposite
Avoids colors is mostly for clothing. Not interiors as much. But rule still applies, neutral or black and white is better.

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I'm a loser trying fix my social life. What's the kind of clothes you would wear to a party?
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Just start with fixing yourself and then go and buy clothes
full rick
Jeans and a t-shirt

Jeans, shirt, jacket if cold.

My style is not too look like an overcompensating sperg (because I am)

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OLD: >>10898791

>runway boners

What do you think of the new season?

>Geobaskets/Creepers/Ramone Boots
Go 1/2 or 1 size down from your TTS

>Ramones/Tech Runners
Either TTS or down 1/2 depending on the shape of your foot

>Sock Runners ie Adisocks ie Stretch boot
TTS your UK size or size up 0.5 your US size

>Elasticated Pants/Drawstring Pants
Size down

>>>TRY before you BUY<<

>Season list, Fabric, Leather and Colour Guide (Post additions in thread)

>Instagrams to follow:

SS16 hitting stores, FW16 Just hit the runway, lets talk.

Fabric guide is up and running in the OP post now, post additions and amendments!

P.S. - if your gonna shitpost please also give us your name and address so we can hang out

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Like I said in previous thread, creeper baskets came today and they're gorgeous. Probably going to sell my ramones as they only work with like one pair of pants I have and they're not really 'runway' enough for me
Please correct the spelling mistake in the sticky.
>P.S. - if you're** gonna shitpost
pics. what size are you?

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Lunarcore general : last one was well received and hit 3hunna edition

Previously we shitposted about how > Tfw ywn cop a pair of Y-3s, among other things.

Go ahead, post something far out!
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autism general?
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In the last thread a few Anons posted their fits. I'll be posting the ones that got the most replies here to start off. Some people really liked them, others thought it didn't quite match up with the lunar aesthetic.
File: lunarcore_uchunkei.png (221KB, 618x769px)Image search: [Google]
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If you don't like it, just leave you mong. Last one hit 300, plenty of people like it.

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My wife keeps telling me she's "trying" to get our son into "baby modeling" whatever the flying fuck that is.

Brand representing or a poster child perhaps, no idea what it entails, don't care much either.

Does /b/ think he has the skills to pay the bills or is he just another "run of the mill" baby?

I'd really enjoy putting this issue to bed, 4chan and Reddit are the center of the internet I figured I'd start here.
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>4chan and Reddit are the center of the internet

Where else would I get anonymous advise abiut fashion and modeling?

I hardly give a fuck enough to ask /fa/ this question. Honest replies would be appreciated so I can tell my wife to fuck off and he's just average.
i can hardly give a fuck enough to answer you,
honest threads would be appreciated

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