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It's been a while. Feel free to make suggestions (is a question missing? Do you think a question needs to be modified?)


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and already there are two underage fuckfaces
add question "for how long have you been on /fa/"

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/fa/ doesn't know shit about formal wear, do they?

I need to get a good first suit but am hesitant to ask here because /fa/ board culture is hypebeast fag shit.
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Navy suits are nice, if they dont fit well take them to a taylor, helps a lot.

If you're tall and slender, a slim fit black so,ple suit will do wonders to your image (unless you're literally ugly face wise) and a nice tie to complement the suit, a slim one as well, those are trendy for a while now, like a blue one or so, but dont cheap out and buy those with clips or whatever, go to an actually store that sells ties and ask for opinions and advice, they'll usually even help you decide based on the suit you bought.
For shoes, a simple yet rounded shoe or a pointy one is enough for a suit, doesn't need to be 2000000000000 dollars shoes, just some regular cheap crap is good enough really. Even if they wear off quickly, so what, they're cheap.

May I ask what you want the suit for?
Just need a good all-around suit for job interviews, formal events, conferences, etc...

I'm a manlet (5'10), and basically have an SLP silhouette, I'm a skeltal.

I've been told charcoal is the best starter for if you're going to have a one-size-fits-all suit, and that it's better than navy if you have an incredibly pale complexion? I'm ghost white with very light hair/blue eyes.

I'm so think that I've resigned I'll need to get a custom tailored suit, but I don't want to walk in to a tailor for a fitting with no idea about fits and cuts.
>I'm a manlet (5'10), and basically have an SLP silhouette, I'm a skeltal.

So you're basically just a really small guy?

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Saw this in a thread some time ago, anyone know where to cop?
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how about you use the fucking w2c general instead of shitting up this board any further
bump, these look sick
probably vintage
search for "jump boots", they usually have the zipper+laces combo

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What is the most /fa/ board?
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>tfw Townes never got the recognition he deserved
>tfw country music took a massive swing into twangy Nashville faggotry in the 70's and the likes of him and other genuinely good folk/country artists will never see the light of day again

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Can someone explain why rick owens is so loved on this board but kanye is pretty much written off as a joke? Not even trying to sound like a straight defender of kanye, but almost all of the rick stuff i see posted on here is the same: oddly shaped leather jackets, oddly shaped shoes, and drop crotch pants. None of it looks really wearable to me. Not trying to sound as if i cant handle anything out of the ordinary, but it seems like its weird just for the sake of being weird and somehow a board like /fa/ bought into it
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Kanye made a rip-off of Roshe (meme) runs with a ribbed sole. Nothing much to admire
I always thought that the 350 only resembled roshes because the pure boost took inspiration from roshes. To me, it always looked like kanye took a pureboost and just built around it. Either way you look at it, yeah its not completely original, but it still looks good. And why is originality favored over whether something looks genuinely good or not?
Why bother with fashion if you're not gonna look weird occasionally? Weirdness is fun.

That said, I think the reason the board went for Rick (besides the inherent memeness of the man himself) is because it -is- very wearable. He makes a lot of sneakers, sweat pants, tee shirts, leather jackets. Interesting cuts, interesting fabrics, but you can still go out in full Rick and be wearing sweats, a tee, and sneakers. A lot of his contemporaries in similar styles, it's pretty much elven priest or nuthin'.

is racing effay?
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Only formula one
f1 is the only fashionable one by far.
There's only one /fa/ race

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Keeping animals as a mere accessory from their natural habitat is not /fa/
The ones you love and care about.
big cats

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Classy thread. No cringe!
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What the fuck is animanhattan? I know what a Manhattan is but what.

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how do i know if my raf velcros are made in italy or portugal? Bought them in 2nd half of 2015, pretty sure the web store said made in italy but not 100%
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All Made in Italy velcros have original Margom soles. Also, it should say on the back of the tongue.
those all black and all white ones are made in italy
sole is similar to pic related (But black obviously)
all i see on the tongue is a silver serial number

What is the /fa/ of him?
I think he is /fa/ but he needs to stop being so low key.
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aesthetics senpai
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>nigger with ground beef on head

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so /fa/, I need an aesthetic to match pic related car, what should it be?
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go for those McRae aesthetic's brah
is vape-core an aesthetic?
but... how do I get sponsors? pls advise

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>most of /fa/ dresses like this
>this looks less autistic than most of the crap /fa/ pretends to like

Shiggy diggy

more so reddit has been on the bad layering, button ups and gats look for years

its just basic af now

kinda like how palewave is still a thing here
$50 says OP dresses awful and he's throwing an autism fit.

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/fa/ I want a new haircut, what should I do?
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fuckboii general
Is this a meme or is it genuinely a good idea

I'm just sick of dealing with long hair so I'm considering it

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whats everyones opinions on >branding, in outfits. a lot of people here seem to hate on it but i think if you remove the branding from an outfit and it still looks good, its fine. but if you rely on it to make or break an outfit you need to stop. pic as example
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If an article of clothing looks good, it looks good, regardless of the brand. I don't care about branding but some brands tend to be more reliable than others. I own a lot of Mishka because I really like the occult graphics on most of their clothing.
In the end it all comes down to what you wear and what appeals to you.
Branding is for dumbasses who are happy to advertise for free for no reason other than because they buy that brand and want other people to know that they buy that brand.
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Helmut bomber c. 2002.jpg
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Branding can work if done correctly. That Supreme jacket, for instance, is riffing on the iconic American baseball jacket that the coaches wear. The real ones have the team name in big block letters. Skate clothing is all about branding both for the coolness factor among other skaters and so that if you get sponsored by a brand, you basically become a walking advertisement for them.

I don't really like obvious branding, but I love certain details that are particular to a designer and subtly clue you in to the brand/label. Helmut Lang was particularly adept at this. His clothing was generally quite minimalist, but with signature details like elbow slashes and 'bondage' straps. You didn't need a big label on the piece to know instantly that it was Lang.

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What philosophy schools are /fa?
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Egoism obviously

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