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The only effay dogs are mutts.
Swiss Shepherd
Having a stinking animal make your house and clothes smell like shit isn't effay

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Are forest tattoos effay?
Women love them
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jesus that looks terrible
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so original... oh wait, i forgot where i am. there is no originality in /fa/

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>cutaway collar
Why the fuck is this now standard in formal menswear? They look fucking atrocious.

Also, formalwear thread.
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This is the kind of man who thinks cutaways are good.
>handsome dude
>nice three-piece
>strong silhouette
>acceptable tie
>complementary pocketsquare
>oh wait, you really fucked it up
Nobody else triggered yet?

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Are you questioning if people are skinheads or asking people's opinions on them?
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Streetwear thread

Post your waviest garms here
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A dis one
street wear is not fashion
what are some good & not too mainstream street wear brands?

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Any sneakers that are dope for under or around $100.

Also general poorfag budget /fa/ thread.
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Just get some black Nike training shoes you poorfag
Buying replicas are the best way to get dope shoes for less than $100
these tickle your fancy? https://mainlandskateandsurf.com/product/adidas-stan-smith-vulcanized-shoes/
>The DkGnWh


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How do you justify your spending habits?
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It's a work expense.
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Maslow Hierarchy
to be better than others obviously

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I'm looking for a brown leather moto with very little detail, two welt hand warmer pockets, one zip pocket on the left chest, moto collar and basically no other details. Best example I can give is: http://www.danier.com/brock-rugged-cowhide-leather-moto/d/2785_cl_13054
but brown and without the zips on the lower pockets.

Budget is up to 500 bucks, preferably a US retailer.

Pic mostly unrelated.
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500 bucks isn't enough
Then let's go unlimited budget and I'll just wait a little longer to get it and save up. Works for me if I get exactly what I want.
>buying leather online

Bad idea my friend

Where does Wiz Khalifa buy his pants, or where do I find simillar skinny ripped jeans?
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are you serious
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I want his legs
Guy has the torso of a 6'2 person and limbs of a 6'7 nig. Blacks are the master race

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Last thread auto-sage >>10847243

BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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For anyone looking for fragrance suggestions, give as much information as possible about what you want. Helpful info could include sex, price range, climate/season, use (work/clubbing/etc.), notes/families you like/dislike, and other perfumes you've tried and liked/disliked.
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and the new infographic from the last thread
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>Turned 18 recently
>Anything over $150 for 100ml is too much
>Any climate
>Casual wear
>Notes I like: Anything, really. There's nothing I innately dislike. But I will put emphasis on a GOOD plum fragrance (Think Atelier d'Orient Plum Japonais or Bond No. 9's Andy Warhol , but I'm willing for anything.
>Tried and liked: Comme des Garcons - 2, Comme des Garcons - Sherbet Cinnamon/Rhubarb, CB I Hate Perfume - At The Beac 1966, CB I Hate Perfume - Damp Mittens and Dollhead, Heeley - Sel Marin, Bond No. 9 - Andy Warhol (the discontinued one), Etat Libre d'Orange - Tom of Finland, Jasmine et Cigarette

Aldehydes is god-like on my skin, but the problem is the shit is very "old lady" like and I'm 18 and a guy, so people would probably be turned off. But anything similar to the ones I like would be good, or anything "unique" without being Secretions Magnifiques or something

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One of my eyebrows is always raised especially when smiling, is there a cheaper route to fixing this until i can afford plastic surgery?
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pic relevant, not me.
I don't see the problem. It doesn't make you unattractive. If anything, it gives you character, something that makes you more unique and something to remember you by.

NOT A RATE THREAD. Post your face, get comments, and get recommendations on how to improve your overall look. >inb4 go to /soc/
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In general? No, men and superficial women are the reason love isn't real. You see I said superficial women, cause women usually are too nice when it comes to the type of men they acknowledge however men in general are very very very visual beings they don't consider ugly women or fat women to even be worth talking to. They even think that these women shouldn't be alive. Isn't that crazy
Yes, love for someone who needs you is a great thing. "Love," (actually longing) for someone who doesn't really want you is awful and should be recognized and dropped immediately.

Lol, nice rant out of nowhere. Mad ugly chick detected.

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>February 5, 2016 might go down in history as the day it sank in that the whole fashion system is about to reconfigure.

>Ford has called off press previews of his Fall 2016 collection, which were scheduled in New York for next week, and will show and sell the offering, all in one go, in September. “In a world that has become increasingly immediate, the current way of showing a collection four months before it is available to customers is an antiquated idea and one that no longer makes sense,” Ford said in a release. “Our customers today want a collection that is immediately available . . . Showing the collection as it arrives in stores will remedy this, and allow the excitement that is created by a show or event to drive sales and satisfy our customers’ increasing desire to have their clothes as they are ready to wear them.”

Where were you when Tom Ford revolutionized the fashion world (again)?
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Runway faggots blown the fuck out

>muh collection
>muh models
>muh seasons
>muh previews

A hack designer like dick ovens would never have the balls to do something like this
Other brands are already doing this. Also Burberry did it first. Also not all brands can afford to produce everythin beforehand and this could easily backfire if you produce a shitty collection (which is all Tom Ford has been doing since he left Gucci).
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m8 Tom Ford has never put out a bad collection. get that dick out of your eye

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Trying to start a decent /fa/ skype chat

1. No underage attention whoring
2. No repetitive circle jerking
3. Be nice

Add me on farah.fa71 if you want to join
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b m p
WEW lad

How any people are in it right now?

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