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recent cop.jpg
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just cop pic for my palewave fits. post your recent cop.
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fuck off.
but this is not my sick cop. :(
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Three jumpers from in grey, military green(?) and brown.

Cashmere, merino and merino/cashmere-blend respectively.

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Last one archived
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grailed wardrobe.jpg
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send me offers senpaitachi
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Western Suede Jacket, need gone today. HMU
lol size 6

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>Military inspired
>Military inspired semi-formal
>Punk influences
>Post-punk influences
>German influences

Post modern inspo
Post old inspo
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>wearing a fucking poncho with weimar flag
You went full retard OP
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Fuck off oioi

you'll never be as awesome as knoch

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Is it really a necessity for every man to own a suit? As a student who attends few social events I have absolutely no reason to own one. Not to mention I'm in Los Angeles so trenchcoats, blazers, and most jackets in general are redundant here.
Also, how often do any suit owners here actually get to wear it anyways?
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If you don't have reason to wear a suit and you are over the age of 20 or so, you should reevaluate your lifestyle. Don't you have interviews? Formal events? Nice dinners? Client-facing or otherwise important work? Instances where you present in front of others?

I wear suits nearly every day, save for weekends.

That said, if you genuinely don't need one, there's certainly no reason to go get one just for its own sake.
I wear a suit 50% of the time. People treat you much nicer, women make eye contact and allow you to approach and enter into a conversation with them in public; I have worn suits in LA, San Francisco, and many other cities in the world and everyone responds positively. But make sure it is a casual suit and not something too formal or stuffy like a double breasted pin stripe suit or three piece.
Ignore this guy, he doesn't sound like he knows what he is talking about.
I'm 20 and I have a job but the only places I go are to work and school.
Never had a relationship so there's nobody to impress and I've never been fine dining because I usually just eat at family restaurants. Probably just overthinking it. Wouldn't it be a tryhard thing to do? Get fancy clothing you have no reason to wear?

No models thread? Let's fix this
Both female and male
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i look vaguely like a male version of the top brown haired one
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Molly Bair for two reasons

1.) She's unique as fuck. Like her or not, this is something you have to admit. Plus pisses off beauty snobs and redditors.

2.) Rocks her look with nothing but pure confidence. Seriously, If I could cop that I'd be swimming in pussy instead of posting on 4chan at 4am. Follow her on social media you'll see she has a good sense of humor as well.


Bonus points if affordable.
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>"oh look at anon's bmw"
> "OMG IT'S SOOO OLD XD" laughinggirls.jpg

>"Chad has a new one it's so nice"
> In unison "Oh chad aren't you the greatest" As they look upwards with daydreaming eyes.

Seriously guys old bmw are only seen as "SOOO OLD XD" by the general population, nobody thinks they are cool outside of a small percentage of carfags

Old German cars are considered shit, especially in comparison to new ones.

What is the ideal body to you?
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could these threads just stop, pls

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New facial aesthetics thread.

>old one over 200+100.
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Is a masculine jaw ok for a girl
it's not masculine, you're just ugly
File: Snapchat-4458169416479426994.jpg (763KB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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I dig it .

any RICH mofos gonna be copping this?

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it's hideous
Why would anyone cop other than to prove they know how to waste money
File: image.jpg (177KB, 650x820px)Image search: [Google]
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File: Snapchat-8365170275531674815.jpg (239KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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What can I do about this for head acne?
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wash your hair you look greasy as fuck
I feel uncomfortable
cleanser + moisturizer

im looking for more skate brands like bronze56k or Palace, i need a good hat. Pic related is what im thinking of buying
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just post some brands that have dadhats like pic related please
File: 20160204_230638-1.jpg (3MB, 2218x2254px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 2218x2254px
Just copped this at a Goodwill. I quite like it
Brand is called Arctic Circle Enterprises

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Post your tips on how to stay lean. How to eat less and fight hunger. Simplest ways possible, without counting calories, carbs/proteins and other /fit/ nonsense.
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Out the fork down, smoke cigarettes. Drink water, tea and coffee.

Also chewing slower, eating more fiber and staying hydrated is helpful as well.

When I got skele I didn't eat protein and walked constantly
People strive to be this skinny? Wtf. I'm about as skinny as pic related and get shit for it all the time.
Develop a sense of taste
Live in poverty

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I really don't understand acne. If I saw someone dressed like this irl i'd want to beat the shit out of them. Not to mention that they're selling this shirt for nearly 500 fucking ausbux
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>If I saw someone dressed like this irl i'd want to beat the shit out of them
god whats wrong with you australians
muh muscle
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1454915544944 copy.jpg
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You're a big edge

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Hello, /fa/. I come to you in my time of need. So my boss gave me one day of notice to get a haircut. My hair can't touch my collar, and I can't tie it. What should I do? Any help is much appreciated.
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Get a haircut ya queer
That's the idea, got any more specific advice?
>one day
>1:38 am
shave it off

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What will be your go to S/S16 shoes?
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