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I have a ton of polos, but no idea on how to wear them. The fits i came up with are either to informal or to formal. So post inspo below
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Look up Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

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Where can I cop some wide round sunglasses that are /fa/?
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Search on Amazon.
Most brandsa are made by the same company so quality is the same overall

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thoughts ? and w2c, thanks
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the material looks like the cheapest, thinnest plasticy shit ever
need to find a good one

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Post ur palewave fits senpai
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Kudos to whoever can guide me to a similar looking jacket like the white one pictured in this guide
im personally just waiting till scrt's blackmore parka in beige comes back into stock

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Hi /fa/
I have no fashion sense, but I'm drawing a character that is supposed to be fashionable.
Sort of a jock who has a good style, maybe a bit douchy.
Can you help me style this?
Just pictures of "cool people" clothes would be fine.
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Varsity jacket with letter
blue oxford with button down collar
white sneakers (think Tretorn Nylite)
Exactly, he's a poser who took interest in other people's hobby (fashion) then emulates it.

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Lets have at it /fa/
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Everything was fine... Until I saw those Nike shoes...

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Other one reached image limit
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The Strokes are pretty effay
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>control f
>fuccboi general
>no results

post your questions that don't deserve their own thread here.

Does anyone have that image with the two guys sitting down on a step, one of them is wearing blue jeans, I think he has Old Skools on? Thanks
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I went to the tailor to get some pants tapered. I figured they would know what to do. They asked me how I wanted them handed me a measuring tape and pins to mark the fabric. I just looked back confused grabbed my pants and left.

Still thinking about 9 hours later
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post /fa/ cocktails

>itt: cosmopolitan
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Rum lime and simple syrup

Vodka, Liqour 43, cream, hazelnut syrup, grenadine syrup and cream

last one is 300.
Cop this flannel or not?
>inb4 zara
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looks very baggy
Too loose. Do not cop
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Saw this in an older thread.

Agora is apparently really sketchy though. Thoughts?

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How did I do? I know it's not exactly hard to follow but let me know what you think. Also I can't exactly layer much to make it more interesting as it's summer in Australia rn and it's fucking hot.

Also general palewave thread, post inspo etc.
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learn to dress for the weather you australian fuck
>black watch
I'm getting a casio one soon which probably isn't any better but still

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Prep general
Last thread >>10885994
Post fits, inspo, guides, and all that stuff
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asking again
w2c loafers and Oxford shoes
Allen Edmonds
GH Bass
Rancourt & Co
Brooks Bros
LL Bean Signature
Buffalo Jackson
Brand guide:

God tier (Generally consistent in quality):
Brooks Brothers (Original American outfitter)
J Press (Old New Haven outfitter, makes sack coats and blazers. Shaggy Dog sweaters are very good)
Mercer and Sons (good OCBDs)
Bill's Khakis (pretty obvious here)
Barbour (English, not American. Excellent coats regardless)
Gant (Formerly American, now owned by Swedes)
Ben Silver (Old Charleston outfitter)
O'Connell's (Excellent quality across the board, comparable to J Press)

Good-to-OK tier (Makes good stuff but not always consistent):
LL Bean (Norwegian crewneck sweater is excellent, so are the duck boots)
J Crew (Generally a bit budget-friendlier and fashion-forward than these other brands, but decent if not great)
Lacoste (best polo shirts, but avoid tracksuit stuff)
Patagonia (for outdoorsy stuff, otherwise you'll just look like a frat boy)
Bass (classic penny loafers)
Lands' End (kinda like discount Brooks Brothers in some ways)
Brooks Brothers Red Fleece (Not as good as normal Brooks Brothers, in some ways trying too hard to look preppy. However, the quality is generally better than the imitation-tier brands and the fit is very slim if you are a skeleton.)

Imitation tier (New brands, mixed to poor quality, imitating preppy style instead of being prep):
Polo RL (although some of their stuff is/was legitimately good, like their polo shirts. In general, avoid them because the pony logo screams tryhard.)
Hilfiger (a step above Nautica and Vineyard Vines, similar to Polo RL in some aspects. Their old OCBDs with contrast stitching on the buttonholes were decent.)
Vineyard Vines (Frat brand, mixed quality. Fun ties though.)
Southern ______ (Frat brands, mixed quality)
Nautica (Mall brand that sorta imitates prep sometimes)

Shit and not-prep tier:
Abercrombie (For teenagers with too much money and too little taste)

Dubiously prep:
Fred Perry for white M3 solid polo shirt. Quality is good, made in England, but the brand is not preppy anymore.

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Cringe Thread: OC edition
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That shirt is mildly interesting.
Too bad he ruins it completely with everything else he's wearing, his terrible physique, and disgusting facial/skin health.
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Hot new RO fit from streetwear.

Post your effay eyes
Bonus if they're blue
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>Bonus if they're blue
disgusting cuck color

green eyes master race reportin in
>Bonus if they're blue

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