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burzum time.jpg
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I've given some thought to ditching my current wardrobe in its entirety and replacing it by a 100% merino wool wardrobe.

What do you think about this idea?
What type of clothing will be hardest to find?
What are some brands dealing in merino wool garments?
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I bought a 100% merino would t-shirt and honestly i can barely tell the difference between that and the H&M tshirts i buy for basics
i mean it's nice but the difference isn't worth the price

merino wool seems to be a fashion industry meme right now
it's not as premium as you think it is, if it was the stores wouldnt have to push it so hard
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So, the stuff about it being easy to clean and being fairly odor resistant so you can wear it five times without washing until it smells are untrue?

That's the main argument for me, because I really want to have a compact wardrobe that allows me to travel with out washing my clothes for some weeks yet still be able to surround myself with civilized people.
As said, merino wool is bit of a meme status in the industry now. Huge differences in quality across manufacturers as well. I have a few basics in merino wool. They're great when I need or want to go somewhere with my bike and not smell like sweat and shit afterwards.
However you don't want to be blinded by the advertising as there are many great and functional materials for clothes that are not merino wool. Cashmere, angora, alpaca, silk, linen to name a few. Synthetics have their place too. Having polyester blended in your socks make a huge deal in wear resistance.

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fix me.jpg
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Hey /fa/
I really need some help with what I should wear. I am starting college in September I want to change up my style. I need to know what I should buy/wear that would sort of fit the style I am in. Any help would be appreciated. I am sorta a new fag on /fa/ so go easy.
>pic related is me
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Also, sorry about shitty photo quality
Thats fine bro
lose watch
lose shoes
get better fitting pants

lurk more

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fine ass clothing.gif
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>button-down Gingham shirt
>white tube socks

Add pomade and a bad haircut and you have most of the dorky College Republicans I used to know.
Sam Hyde, pls

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Ted Cruz wears two watches, where were you when he was getting fucking laid
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Why does everyone in the picture looks like they are scared of Cruz

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thick inspo
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bingo wings are very effay.

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just got a pair of doc martens on the cheap, has anyone got any inspo of what to wear with them. preferably tall skinny inspo
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This, I wish doctor martens would start advertising them using their heritage a bit more rather than just trying to attract teenage hipsters who aim to dress appallingly
I really like skinhead fashion, in terms of how simplistic it is.

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>tfw gained half an inch from fixing my posture
>tfw another half to go to reach 5'11 aka average height

gonna make it bros
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Habla causa. que asi es??
Tell me how senpai
>tfw 6'1
>tfw shit posture anyway
>tfw couldnt give a shit about it
literally constipated

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Yeezy General

Latest news: open casting call in NYC for over 1200 extras for the Feb 11 MSG show

sites to watch


Yeezy is a line from Kanye West in partnership with adidas originals. Yeezy is generally not manufactured by adidas, except the footware, which is made in Chinese adidas factories.
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Dope. Is /fa/ really not even a little excited to see what he's bringing to the table? I liked a good amount of the things ive seen from him, mostly the season 2 stuff. I guess you guys favor complete originality over taking inspiration to make something. But still, rick owens' fashion is shit and i dont understand why its so hyped up on here. It just looks like a modified version of the 2013 fashion trends with black and white screen printed shirts and joggers
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honestly just waiting for this hoodie and the chocolate/ gum 750s to drop zzz

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ITT: Long Hair inspiration, progress, advice, and ideas. Hair products discussion also encouraged

Helpful Websites:

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This is how I want my hair
And yes I am as attractive as Christian bale
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i look like a girl.jpg
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My hair gains. 2 1/2 years in. Any tips on how to style it/wear it? Male

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Who /Gangsta/?

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hopefully bait
fite me irl rn
Lol OP, you're ignorant or 12
Either way fuck off

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Who is the most Effay family and why is it the Beckhams?
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does anna sit next to them on purpose?

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Tfw 6.4 and cant find fitting clothes from thrift stores.
tfw when 6'4 and complaining
>you will never look like lucas bin

best sneakers in the game
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Zoz'd desu
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Obligatory gat post

Is iOffer legit? Gonna buy some fake ozweegos (inb4 baka desu senpai lmao poor boi)
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>is ioffer legit
>gonna buy some fake ozweegos

nigga just turn off your life
fuck off

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Fuck you
No u
Fuck you

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