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sup /fa/

i am working into writing a book for male audiences, intended to give tips for everything masculine, from your looks to behavior tips etc.

i will design the book myself, in a minimal way with adobe indesign, i will put quite a lot of work into it, and it will be 100 pages or so

you think anyone would actually buy it?

design will be something like pic
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>intended to be a guide on how to be masculine
Pleb tier concept
might be a pleb tier concept but it has quite the niche market to it, insecure people might cop
>capitalizing on a social-constructed idea.

good luck on the idea but i probably wouldn't buy it because there are already so many alternatives

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lmao right now
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Chicken little? Nice fit tbqh, very 90's office casual.
is this that guy that lives in japan or something

didn't he used to wear all tech wear everything weeaboo wtaps fits?

this fit reminds me of frank grimes lmao
yea was like 35 or something living in japan on 15k a year as a teacher repping the worst wtaps fits you've ever seen and talking like a street nigger how he was going to kill people on the internet
now hes like 40 or something in australia trying to post menswear in styleforum

funny af tbqh

In search of a decent winter jacket, had this in mind. Just not sure what to wear with it, any suggestions?

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A coach's jacket is not a winter coat
Do you know what winter is?
fuck off, poser

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Mfw all these face problems and no faces
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Literally what?
Theres been like 6 threads asking about what they should do with their face, and they wouldnt post their face
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I have been told I'm extremely attractive by most Asian people I meet. I myself am part Japanese. Though I'm not tall enough to be a conventional model (5'9") am I tall enough to be an Asian model? Is there a chance I'll be scouted or where would I look towards becoming an Asian model?
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Not posting a pic but if you've seen that one of a dude with dark features smoking a cig in a floral shirt I look very similar to him
ok. no i haven't.

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I like the aesthetic and I can actually wear this in summer opposed to jeans etc.
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it's uniqlo x lemaires upcoming collection
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I know, but lemaire generally has this style and I am wondering wether there is a name for this style.
Basic af, but Id fuck wit it

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Sup /fa/, rate my look

ALso thread for posting your looks
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Aren't you a little warm in that jacket?
>That hard part
I know it's a bait thread but lord jesus have mercy look at it.
Whew lad.
isn't it cold?

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Hey guys I hope this is the right bored any tips thoughts or help with what I should do with my hair
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buzz it
This, really.

Also, all we can see are your fucking bangs, dude.
Give us a better more zoomed out picture, op. With a frontal or downwards. angle. We need more to work with than that one way too close picture.

How can I even dress well in the summer, All I can wear is shorts Vans and t shirts, everything else is too hot its painful, how do you do it?
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light, airy materials
but I don't plan on summering in Auschwitz, anon
I normally wear long-sleeve t-shirts and jeans in summer. Or a suit when I'm at work.
Heat isn't that bad as long as you don't stand out in the sun for a long time, and it's better to wear clothing that covers you up so you don't get cancer.

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Clothing you see celebrities wear that you want really badly but can't find online and need the help of autistic /fa/ggots to find the clothes so you can be a little bit closer to momentary happiness.
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If you are looking for that, its from tommy hilfiger
Literally googled 'winter bear sweater' found it in 5 seconds. It's Ralph Lauren and they have different bears for the sweaters.
It's Ralph Lauren not Tommy

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objet petit a
this is really funny
File: slavoj.jpg (51KB, 467x627px)Image search: [Google]
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You shee *sniffs* the shoes themshelves are an ideological shymbol for capitalishm *sniffs* by purchashing the shoe you are volutarily partishipating in the highest point of cosumerishm *nervously tugs at shirt* in thish way the brand itshelf loses itsh significance and so on and so on..

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post inspo pls
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There are girl school shooters?
i don't like mondays.
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school's out.jpg
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Not until OP gets her act together and makes it happen.

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Opinions on Timberlands?

I'm planning on getting some tomorrow. I really like the black timbs. Any other styles / colors that people could suggest? What about quality? How long to they last?
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Lace them tight and all the way up. And cut the hanging logo.
Niggers wear them.

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There are 5 fashion errors in this image. Can you spot them all?
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blazer, jeans and shoes on the third picture look bad

not every man should own all-stars, especially not that colourway

why should I take fashion advice from fred armisen

spongebob's fit is pretty dank though
teddy looks like a fucking fag
spongedod has short tie yes
The Division and Ex Machina are rocking some fresh Techwear. Gotta be some ACRNYM in there.

Interstellar; Perfect Lunarcore fit

Spongebob looks nice with the prep

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How do I avoid low quality clothing?

I just now learned that material matters, because I found that jeans containing rayon and polyester are fucking disgusting compared to pure cotton jeans. Is there anything that matters besides material?
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>I found that jeans containing rayon and polyester are fucking disgusting compared to pure cotton jeans
hey good for you man, it's shocking how many people don't get this

construction also matters. look at the stitch density and cleanness, usually those are two good indicators of quality construction.
>pure cotton

if you wanna be effay you need skinny jeans, good luck with pure cotton skinny jeans

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