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How do Jack and Jones bottoms fit? Lookin to cop these joggers for the gym. Im 5'6 manlet, care more about length then width
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>Jack & Jones
>wearing Joggers for the gym

Wow. Just kys
>>10929640 >not wearing tech ninja tights and shorts to gym


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Saw this guy at the club wearing some palewave/dadcore stuff or something like that. Knew right away that he got his style from /fa/. He was by himself the entire time, smoking. This is you guys in real life.
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>dark t-shirt
Sorry water I ment
Vapor* autocorrect

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Why hasn't french braided hair on black males taken off more in the 2010's?

I always thought it was a cool style, and upon the emergence of ASAP Rocky and his role in fashion/trends and the mainstream, I'm really surprised FB's didn't become the thing to do.

I was just watching college basketball, and these guys are STILL wearing fro-hawks. That shit was played out from the jump. Dreadlocks had a huge resurgence in the 2010's too. Wiz got dreads, Lupe got dreads, fucking Fetty Wap bought dreads off some lady and transplanted them to his dome. Every black person in Chicago has dreads.

Where the fuck are the french braids?
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huge opportunity missed with the blackman bun as well
Let's dispel this fiction once and for all that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing; he's undergoing a systematic effort to change this country and make America more like the rest of the world. If I'm elected we'll embrace what makes America the greatest country in the world
I dunno man. I had french braids from my tenth til my 18th. If you want to keep them somewhat neat-looking, it's quite some (weekly) maintenance. I got bored of them, hormones fucked my growth up and other hairstyles turned out to complement my facial features better.

Ironically, my current hairstyle might even be harder to maintain.

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I'm not some manager, but I do have a fairly decent job as a network engineer

Thing is I think it would be pretentious and even awkward to wear a shirt to work. Especially since I really don't like tucking in my shirts

So what's ok to wear to work _except_ shirts while looking ok? Obviously something besides polo's, since it's a bit cold for polo's most of the time

>inb4 just wear a fucking shirt
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yeah just go shirtless mate
Get over your prejudices. Shirts are a staple to workwear even if you're a network engineer. And generally should be tucked in. You might feel insecure in a wildly inappropriate shirt type that fits bad but well chosen shirt that fits well should do the opposite.
Since you despise formal you should opt for an oxford cloth shirt with either a spread collar or a button down collar. Get a couple in the basic colors; white, light blue, light pink or grey. If you want darker colors have a look at chambray shirts or even denim shirts. You can wear these kind of shirts with almost any type of bottoms; Jeans, chinos, wool trousers, cords or even cargos.
And of course it's not absolytely mandatory to wear shirts but it's going to come around soon so better get used to it.
honestly, a colleague of mine is basically the only guy that wears a shirt, everyone else dresses casually as fuck

and it's just weird most of the times when he overdresses; it's a culture that appreciates skill more than appearance, and he's trying to get ahead through the latter

don't get me wrong, he's a smart dude and everything, but I don't like overdressing for stuff

but ok, point taken; I'm aware it'll have to happen eventually
>oxford cloth
that looks like a pretty ok way to start, thanks

where to cop a good turtle neck? are turtle necks capable of being formal? are they too academic? meme sweater? how do they fit into your wardrobe? share your thoughts on this garment
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i'm pretty stoked that they're becoming trendy again, however i can't find any
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i see. thanks ..

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Share your fa instagrams!
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i'm uploading old stuff until i get to upload new stuff
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Analog photography

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New Tumblr Thread

Other one has passed away

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Expressions - Cover Art.jpg
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>original artwork and music

Relatively new, using as a hub for my creative output, wondering what I can do to best arrange and display my work, any feedback is appreciated


Where can I get some good mid-rise trousers and chinos? Budget is like $60-80
I don't really care about the brand as long as it's mid rise and doesn't fall apart in a year
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pic related is close to the rise I would like
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tfw I will never have nice mid rise pants

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Which is more /fa/ to watch and read
>Cartoons and Comics
>Anime and Manga
>TV shows and books
>Documentaries, News, and newspapers/magazines
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Reminder that responding earnestly to this thread shows your insecurity
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>>Anime and Manga

Tokyo Ghoul
1. Books
2. Documentaries
3. News
4. Magazines
5. TV shows
6. Manga
7. Anime
8. Comics
9. Cartoons

How are the Filson bags other than really expensive?
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qt hugh dancy
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Friends swear by them, but I'm not digging the country look that much.

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hey fa, why arent you as fa as a late 80s hoolifacore yet?
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Now that grailed takes 6% + paypal fees from every purchase where will you guys sell your stuff from now on?
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Same place I always do, at the markets around London. Spitalfields, Covent Garden, etc etc. And no I don't have a permit but I'm usually in and out of there in about 90 minutes, £600~ richer usually. Do this most weekends. Get money nigga

Any large, secure online market is going to have to do this, get over it
They fucking banned me for trying to get the buyer to make a gifted payment

Fuck Grailed now

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what is this style called and is it effay?
if so w2c entire outfit?
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I call this the mid-mid-life crisis. When 20 somethings/40 somethings feel old they start dressing in all black to try and reclaim some cool.
pretentious dullard-core
nigga it is 2016. this fad died back in 2013. get your life together. people who dress like this still are pretentious cunts

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Is future /fa/ ?
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>fucks your bitch with gucci flip flops
>is he fa
fucking ofc
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>random hot brand pieces that don't work together at all

what an embarassing fit

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room inspo thread

starting with this classic
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