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crust punk effay.jpg
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Is crust punk effay? If not it should be.

Also, patch general
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Crust punk is very /fa
File: nigger.jpg (268KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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looks nice on this asian person but you'll probably won't put it off
(pic retarled, it is you anglo man)
i see these losers everywhere begging for money.

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I want to lick her tongue. Also obscure models who walked for famous designers thread. Aka no meme models or famous ones.
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1 - VPfM1Ik.jpg
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Just get a gril, man, lmao.
Btw she needs a nose job stat

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is icelandic black metal /fa/?
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File: G3A1845.jpg (122KB, 940x627px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm just watching the movie 'Trumbo'. And noticed that the delivery guy collecting a package hands this kid his pen to sign with. The pen is a Montblanc Meisterstuck.

Would a delivery guy have carried one of these pens in the 1950s? Today they cost a fortune... vintage or modern, it makes no difference. Were they like the Bic Biro pens of yesterday or was the delivery guy trying to be fashionable?
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I'm just watching the board '/fa/'. And noticed that the OP creating a thread hands this board his observation. The observation is utterly autistic.

Would an OP have such autism in the 2010s? Today they're able to screen for these things at bird... bait or genuine, it makes no difference. Is OP genuinely autistic or was he trying to be 'cool'
File: TrumboMontblanco.jpg (124KB, 1500x820px)Image search: [Google]
124KB, 1500x820px

Would you care to sign to certify your Autism, sir?
That's not a meisterstuck anon. The cap ring and clip is different, not to mention the snow cap is missing.

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Can we get a DBSS thread?
for old time sake!
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>implying nu-/fa/ even knows what DBSS is
DBSS has been about for ages thou???
Pair on grailed for $233 do I pull the trigger?

File: broparty1-729988.jpg (15KB, 250x157px)Image search: [Google]
15KB, 250x157px
Why the hell does everyone where I live dress like this? What is this?
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did you read the fucking filename
its a broparty
So 80 percent of males between 14 and 40 are engaged in one massive broparty buttfuck orgy!?

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I'm deciding between Ace Cash & Ace Stay Cash. Has anyone compared them?
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how quick is the fading on the cashs?
any jeans with a similar/identical fit from a cheaper label that anyone can rec?
I've tried Cheap Monday Jeans and they slowly fall apart now after 1-2 years. They are verry washed out, the croach area is ripped and the pokets have huge holes inside. Cheap "River Island" Jeans are similar. I've had the Acne Ace Ups now for a while and i love them. Fit, matereal and quality is great. They aren't as skinny as the others so i had to sew them tho.

File: 123.png (1MB, 1077x758px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1077x758px

Are cheeckbones accentuated with photoshop or lighting? Same face but right pic looks much more defined than left
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lighting/makeup/photoshop yeah
his eyebrows appear to be trimmed
He's obviously wearing makeup but he could achieve that look if he lost a few kgs

File: image.jpg (53KB, 300x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Requesting 80s business attire inspo

Whatcha got
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90KB, 634x622px

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Can anyone help me find out where this long sleeve is from??
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wew lad
w-who is this cock gobbler?
headshot kimlen sweater
think thats ian conners girl

File: download.jpg (66KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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where can i find a good replica pair of rick owens tech runners?
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good replica tech runners are >$250 for that price, just go on grailed and get some legit ones, because they will have infinitely better quality.
File: FcOmQCiRT7ztXmzSnCAv.jpg (183KB, 960x640px)Image search: [Google]
183KB, 960x640px
I looked around for a cheaper alternative than the real ones too but they simply don't exist, like the other guy said, just get real ones of Grailed (which is what I did in the end)

Took months for them to pop up in my size and colorway though
in the trash where they belong

File: rickoretail.jpg (550KB, 2048x1536px)Image search: [Google]
550KB, 2048x1536px
Hey senpai, recently was in Tokyo, and decided to go to the Rick Owens store with travelling mates. Mainly just to get the retail experience, and see how a fully fledged retail design space, including fashion, interior, exterior all com together to create the designers vision. I was disappointed in this aspect, as the retail space helped me realise Rick Owens approach to design more than just seeing his clothes online or on body ever could.

BUT, having said that, the SERVICE was atrocious. Worst I've ever experienced. This is where I want your input. How have staff treated you in Rick Owens stores? In our case... we weren't even greeted, or smiled at. Simply stared at the entire time we were in there with dead stone gazes that imitated the emotion of the cement interior.

With this said, none of us were going in there with the intention of buying anything. Being a college student I simply don't have the money, though we were all wearing nice looking clothes. And 2/4 people I was with work full time and could have easily dropped a weeks worth of salary on some clothing should they wanted to.

Did the sales assistants snuff us from the beginning based on their assumptions of us? It was strange to walk into a retail space and not even get greeted or smiled at, but simply stared at through 6 hawk eyes until we left.

How do they choose their clientele? how do they deduce who does and doesnt have money to spend in there, and in turn who they greet and treat like customers? I found this strange, because even though we may not have 'looked the part' who is to say later down the road we would all have enough $$$ to drop in a Rick Owens store? Later down the road though my only memory of the service will be this. Anyway, I found it odd and standoffish. We went into many other designer stores for a 'look' (Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen etc.) and were still greeted as actual people. At RO it was like we didn't exist to them other than being pests.
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thats just bc your foreigners, most japanese people are afraid of other ethnics. The fact that you had no intention of buying anything probably urked them even more
This isn't true at all. In fact, 95% of the time in Japan the Japanese were very welcoming, humble and polite (at Balenciaga we had the very heavy, tall door opened for us upon entering and leaving, even though we didn't spend a cent - or yen) I found this to be great manners. At Issey Miyake (yes, a lot lower price range) they told us to feel free to try anything on.

But at Rick Owens, they just stared, and stared, and stared. Yeah, we didn't have any intention to purchase, but how were they to know that. Like I said, the people I was with DID have the income to spend on some clothes had they wanted to.

And even with that said, the fact that we took time to visit the store means we are interested in the stock (also we were dressed in similar 'style'). So we could have all been potential customers in the future, but this will be our only memory of the service should we enter a Rick Owens store in future with intention to buy.

It seems an odd way to treat customers. I'm posting here because I wonder if this is just normal, and the staff are told not to approach customers and give them space to shop (which doesn't make sense to me)

I'm not really put off by this experience, just not able to understand fully the reasons why this was the service experience.

Echoing the other poster, this is more of a cultural problem rather than an industry. Every other Rick Owens store hires extremely personable and down to earth staff.

File: Fotor_14550835708179.jpg (220KB, 2200x1650px)Image search: [Google]
220KB, 2200x1650px
Hi /fa/. Where can I get nice stuff in these colours, mostly the lighter ones. feel like these + white would look nice. hoodies, shorts, pants, casual streetwear.
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yes I want to look like a watermelon so what
watermelon core is nxtlvl shit desu

File: 03993.jpg (39KB, 540x391px)Image search: [Google]
39KB, 540x391px
when will bedsheet-core come back
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that's actually pretty cool.
have any noteworthy designers done serious shows/collections influenced by the greeks/romans (not prints/graphics, but in form/shape)?
File: poo.jpg (230KB, 1000x667px)Image search: [Google]
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rick owens 2012

File: life.jpg (72KB, 1024x682px)Image search: [Google]
72KB, 1024x682px
A local shop doing a comp and the prize is some Yeezy 350s

To enter I gotta make a short instagram video incorporating a Kanye song in some way and the one who entertains them most wins. I have until next Friday to enter.

A few issues tho:

1. I'm white as fuck
2. I have no friends
3. I'm not entertaining

pls /fa/ i need ideas to win the comp I want the shoes so bad.

At the moment I'm thinking something artsy or whatever that makes people go "wow" even tho I don't have to show my face in the video sounds the best idea to me. Ideas?
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Step 1: Get a car.

Step 2: Buy some sheet metal.

Step 3: Apply sheet metal to exhaust.

Step 4: Connect the sheet metal through any door of your choosing.

Step 5: Turn on the car. (This is a key step, no room for error.)

Step 6: Make sure the AC is not on and the windows are all closed.

Step 7: Sleep tight, pupper.

Good luck brother.
Where would I set the camera for this?
Preferably latched onto the steering wheel pointed towards you.

Make sure to stream it.

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