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Intro to palewave?
>best brands
>brands for broke people

also, palewave general
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palewave is the fashion equivalent of hiding in a cabinet and watching a man fuck your wife while you jack off
Try http://www.norseprojects.com
or go with the good old Uniqlo (or even Muji - although by far not as good)

That's some weird ass comparison you have going there. Explain yourself.
could a 7/10 gril pull off palewave?

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Are gauges effay??
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only if youre a bike courier
absolutely not

but if you want to look like a late on the memo central american teenager who still listens to bring me the horizon go on and get some
So 2000 and late. All my friends did it in high school. Now they all have nasty "ass hole" looking lobes that will never close.

alright so i need a new pair of skate shoes and i was thinking half cabs cuz of the supports in them and the suede. what do u think. they look like sperg shoes for the average autist but i can pull them off
>also skateboarding general
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sk8 his are the only non autist skate shoe
Forgetting about old skools? Or any Adidas skate shoes?
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raf 01.jpg
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post anything related to raf
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meme coat.jpg
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File: meme coat douchebag editiion.jpg (360KB, 1366x2048px)Image search: [Google]
meme coat douchebag editiion.jpg
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Looking for recommendations. Budget up to $150. Prefer something with a tool/tech but not too bulky.

Post what you use too.
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File: BD-131BICYCLE-BIG.jpg (34KB, 800x358px)Image search: [Google]
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Here's mine...most people seem to like it though they never understand how to use the bottle opener.
Seat plus handle bars?
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4MB, 4032x3024px
would recommend it look similar to this op

maybe even add a really small flashlight, pill case (emergency benadryl), and small pocket knife added on it

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w2c this shirt or a shirt with a similar neckline
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More pics of this qt please
This. (I'm not even gay)
This. (I am gay)

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Is Guy Fieri Core the next thing?
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It's just early 2000s fashion. Nothing unique.
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>its 2016
>he isnt wearing onion rings as an accessory

do you live under a rock anon?

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Last one at 3hunna

Pic related, 530, anyone have these? Waiting for shipment
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>draped head to toe in used "too cool for school" jap shit
>looks like a harry potter extra from house slytherin
>carries his camera around on his neck because the only somewhat productive activity this worm engages in is taking photos of himself and the shit he consumes
>posts pics of himself on dying boards like sufu for validation of his disgusting life

This is the end game for many losers who construct these little personalities online. Be mindful it doesn't happen to you guys. Learn how to dress, cultivate a style and gtfo of shitholes like sufu or mfa and live your lives.
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making a thread about it
wait what's the point of this thread
couldn't you have just started a cringe thread or something

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Whats /fa/ opinion on slim fit shirts?

I am very skinny with some muscles. In regular shirts I look like buka.

Is it really that pleb to wear slim fit?
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no? oversized is just a fad this board is currently on. but anything black mannequin is probably shit quality from aliexpress
Slim is good, tight is bad.

As a general rule, dress shirts and casual shirts should be as slim as possible - in all respects - but not be so tight as to be uncomfortable or visibly strained.
don't buy that bullshit contrasting collar/cuffs stuff online it looks like garbage

the seams down the front are trash too

just take your 15 dollars to H&M if you want solid casual button downs with a close fit they're just as good as any other shirt you're gonna get in the sub-$100 range

go for 99% cotton 1% spandex

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Anyone here have Veneers?

Price? Reason?Advice? Experiences?

My front teeth are becoming see through from what I beleive is enamel loss or genetics and I want the front 6 on top done.

Also the military should cover my cost right? Tricare, any experiences with that?
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The military covers cosmetic procedures? God fucking bless America.

Also, veneers are a big fucking hassle to get, have you researched it?
they are very very expensive.
didn't think this fell under fashion-related but at least you didn't ask /b/
just call your insurance company and ask; you might be out of luck but they all do payment plans

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>not the slim one

no thanks
to bad its not 2014
they do a MA1 sale every few weeks
I signed up cuz someone said they've seen OSBs on the site before lol
hopefully they bring those back cuz i'd love to get another pair, but without having to pay retail

the charge tti price is way too high do not cop; you can get them on amazon cheaper

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How do I dye my hair white
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wait 50 years
itll look like ramen
Hair dye.

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Let's get a face thread going /fa/
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File: IMG-20160212-WA0001.jpg (451KB, 3264x1836px)Image search: [Google]
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w2c sweater?

average white boi/10


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Are chelsea boots too femenine?
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no but the jeggings and drapy oversized rayon shirts you wear with them to accentuate your hips are
No, Chelsea boots on men give me lady boners
Too feminine for what? Do you have to pass a masculinity test?

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