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Need help /fa/

broke college student got his car broken into and got sunglasses and bookbag stolen :/

looking for cheap /fa/ sunglasses/bookbags but feel free to turn this into an accessories general thread

so far a came across sunglasswarehouse.com but pretty skeptical on quality but for the price I'm not that worried I've got a really small face so rounded frames seem to fit better any recs?

Also for bookbag I'm probably just gonna end up getting a jansport but that's just bc I'm too lazy to research any

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this board is full of ssssss
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Fuck off you dumb snake

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what's the name of the store that sells hip-hop clothing such as a three 6 mafia / aaliyah / krs-one shirt? i remember it being posted here
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coke magic?
thanks so much, you're right

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Am I normal?
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nah lad, u a yardie
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Better put that gun back in your dad's drawer before he comes home from work
I took it as collateral for a small loan (of a million dollars), and never got the money back so now it's mine lmao

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Hey guys, first time on /fa/ for a while. I need your help with finding sneakers similar to the fila memory workshift (pictured). ozweego 2 would be the perfect ones but cant find them for less than 300 euro anywhere.

Tl;dr w2c bulky, white, nice sneakers
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Airmax 90s?
Air Max 95

where can you find /fa/ swim wear? having trouble finding anything with an 11in outseam or around a 3-3.5in inseam. do you prefer patterns or not? pic related
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bump for interest
Saturdays Surf NYC.

Thanks anon.

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How the fuck do I keep the back of my head look retarded because my hair grows that way? my head has this bump because the hair wouldn't go down. Here is a pic of a drawing of my hair dry and the hair I want, but that guy has too much gel for my taste, I want a more dry look.

What product do I apply to make it look good? I hate the volume on the crown area, makes my head look deformed fffffffffffff
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This is how it should look like.
But how do I ahieve this look with a more dry product. Will American Crew Fiber work? I just don't want to need to apply a fuck toon so it looks fucking cardboard-y
get a better barber
it's most likely the hair around your crown growing outwards/upwards and partly because you went to super cuts.

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W2C this hat from the Childish Gambino music video?
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Baby GAP

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y (1).jpg
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Where can I get this same black wrath shirt?
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Just make one on Spreadshirt or something like that. Also, you're going to look autistic wearing that.
Not for what I plan to do
Okay, bud.

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Okay you guys are smart. How the hell do I go about copping a bortknee tee?
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Forgot pic
File: rll3VRk.jpg (245KB, 410x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Found a fit pic. Tbh this t just makes me go wrow. I need bortknee in my life
no. Don't cop. Can I ask where to cop those tennies though?

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Hello there /fa/, I usually don't come here since I don't care about clothes, but I'd be curious to hear some of your input on the aesthetics of input devices.

I have a hobby that is keyboards and I'm looking for inspiration on my next keyboard build. Pic related is my HHKB (in my opinion one of the most aesthetic keyboards around) and my current project (used to be an apple extended keyboard II).

Please tell me, what do you consider the most aesthetic looking keyboard? Or how would it look if it existed?
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I'll just dump some pictures to get things started.

Lightsaver with Dolch keycaps.
File: P1050986.jpg (2MB, 4592x3448px)Image search: [Google]
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Another HHKB
File: ehH5UUL.jpg (2MB, 3888x2592px)Image search: [Google]
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Some korean custom.

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hi-fi fnk thread

why is this website the best?
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cheap Japanese knockoffs are never the best, fa/m
It's good for inspo, but thrift similar pieces instead you'd have to be a total cuck to pay those prices for that quality
hmm.. i've just found a lot of good pieces. this jacket is quite good cut and it's about $100. though shipping is $50.

i've ordered from them earlier, but the t-shirts shrunk a lot in washing machine. but i was thinking that sweatshirts and jackets doesn't shrink

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ITT: resellers and scalpers

>What are yalls estimates of the resale value of the Supreme coming out on the 25th?
>What else are you hype for resale from other brands?
>Recent transactions?
>Recent hype piece cops?
>Did you use bots, which one?
>Reseller nightmare stories?
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Is it possible to cop the motion logo hoodie and Morrissey tee without bots?
Supreme is banning bots so I guess
not gonna hold your hands.


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Looking for informal suit jackets / chore coats with military accents. Wool, tweed and herringbone welcome. Needed for a general paramilitary aesthetic.
Universal works (pic related) is good, but currently do not have anything fitting.
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>paramilitary blazers/sport coats
don't think that computes
Chore coats, not sport coats. In general something between an informal wool blazer, a work or field jacket and maybe a very rustic sport coat. It is hard to describe, just like pic related maybe.

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Would you unironically buy these?
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You'd have to be majorly retarded to even think about buying these.
Damn Daniel!!
>buying a meme for $2000 that will be dead in a week
You would become a bigger meme by buying them

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