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how can I become an effay rapper like yung lean?
https://youtube.com/watch?v=JvmB9Yrn-0U https://youtube.com/watch?v=CaEfNTXhXY
What do I have to do to get /fa/'s attention and respect what genre is effay and how should I dress
>pic related, me
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1. Drink codeine
2. Google translate Japanese

The rest will come to you yung cyka
I know fluent Korean is that effay enough

actually korean will come more in handy anyway, so yeah

show 'em bois

Mine is more function over fashion, I do a lot outdoors. Gonna make a nice wood handle to replace this awful pattern.
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Nice knife, but not very fashionable
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download (1).jpg
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More like KEK 110 am I right ladies
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lol brah, a knife that doesn't fold is fedora to the max (not saying knifes in general are not either)

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are interracial relationships /fa/
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does this count as intersex too?
so uhh.. do you think he knows?

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Post effay instagram pages to follow
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Here's mine
@sighgtg is a good account to follow
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Looking for a new backpack. I'm going for something with dark colors and is between $50-$100
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dunno if you can get eastpak in the US though
Good for tech fits
Man the only guys who can get away with that are /fit/ MotoGP guys with gsxrs

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I know I'm gonna catch shit for watching GQ but does anyone know what these are? Also - sneaker thread if there are none
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Nike foamposites boyo
Thanks guys

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What is this haircut called and how do I ask for it?

Where do you guys go to get your hair cut?
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cutting your own hair is hilariously easy

buy some $40 clippers and google cuts congrats you're now roughly as qualified as any salon chain cosmetologist

that's just like a #3 or #4 guard around the sides blended down to a #2 and faded with #1 in front of the ear. scissor the bottom of the part to a suitable length that it will lay flat and scissor the top as desired. put in some mousse or pomade or seasalt spray and comb over, you can't really fuck it up
I don't trust myself

Does this have a name?
just ask for a combover with 1/2" sides I guess

everyone has a haircut similar to this they do them all day

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Is it /fa/ to be one legged?
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post stub
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File: 1946_PiratePegLeg_34.jpg (594KB, 1400x1494px)Image search: [Google]
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what are these shoes?
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Knockoff yeezies
nike free 4.0 flyknit wolf grey
thank you

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Hello /fa/. I'm trying to find a couple new pairs of shoes. One pair kind of like pic-related, but perhaps a little less "skater". Also not Vans since this was my first pair and they fell completely apart after about 6 months of medium wear. Was looking at the rust red Stan Smith's, but I'm undecided.

Also want a pair of casual leather shoes for work/school, preferably in brown or reddish/brown. I don't really know where to look though. Any thoughts?
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maybe nike SB mid
janoski mids

Hey /fa/ im looking to buy my first hat
I was looking for something more black and yellow can anyone help me out?
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>my first hat

how old are you?
underage but who cares this is a blue board.
Maybe something simple supreme (dont be afraid of reps) or a Alt colour local sports team hat.

has /fa/ ever been to a funeral? what did you wear?

I have black wool trousers, a white oxford, and a black knit tie, but I only have a charcoal, lightly patterned blazer. I really don't wanna cop a black one in a few days notice. Will it be aight?

It was my grandma who died age 96. She was effay to the bone and would insult or compliment how people looked without second thought. Always cared how everyone looked. Would she disapprove of a charcoal blazer at a funeral?

pic funrelated
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pls respond ;_;
post fit
yes get something black sensi. Only grey allowed at funarals is belts, socks, and ties

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Is pimping effay? I don't mean all the gaudy jewelry and old cadillacs, but the actual pimping part. Maybe running an escort service is more effay? It's basically the same exact thing but dressed up a little cleaner.
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pimps up, hoes down.
pimpin aint dead it just moved to the web
but is it effay?

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just got some yeezys :))
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and some poorly fitting jeans rip
congrats on the kanyes but you probably look really dumb
Are you taking shit in this pic? The fit on those pants is horrendous.

Will warosu start working again someday? I've saved some links with inspo, but now they're worthless.
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I hope so. Been checking it everyday in case it goes up again
Post more like this!
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Too bad I haven't saved much stuff like this

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