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these are pretty hot rn, all the cool kids wear them

I only shop from the Douglas Mcmillon collection but those are kool :)

anyone had any experience with this brand? what is the fit/quality like (for the price range)... can't seem to find any info online
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Try it out yourself, stop asking others
but isn't that the point of /fa/ and online forums in general?
>asks a question about fashion
>shitpost relentlessly

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I'll start Don Hertzfeldt
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this board has gone to shit
Just stop

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Post your absolute worst pair of socks.
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fuck off, my dude. those are baller

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when wearing turtlenecks, do you roll it down or leave it unrolled?

no mocks allowed
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>leave it unrolled

who actually does that

guy in the pic looks bad, cant imagine walking around like that

Anybody know where I can get reps of the PC&L supreme vans?
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old one is dying so post em
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Anyone know where i can get a good supreme bot?
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The faggot store.

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I need a little help /fa/

I've been trying to curl my hair for the first time, to get some beachy waves. My hair is bit over chin length, and pretty much pin-straight. I'm using a very compact flat iron, cuz I don't have anything else. Anyway, at first I had some success, a couple of curls as expected, it looked so cool! Did most of my hair, but after shaking my head twice, to get some semblance of style, it pretty much fell apart and all of it went back to straight. Tried curling it more, but it's still straight, though now my hair has some lift. Also burned the hell out of my scalp and left hand.

What gives? What am I doing wrong?
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You need to add some texturising spray and/or hairspray to help the curls keep their shape. Just curling isn't enough.

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How to be /fa/ in Central/Eastern Europe?

Due to family reasons I had to return to my home country after living abroad for several years. Since this board is focused mainly on NA/AUS/Western Europe, let's have a thread dedicated to all things /fa/ on the other side of the Iron Curtain.

Post links to decent stores in your home countries, obscure brands, cool places to visit and general lifestyle tips.

I'm currently based in Warsaw but all former soviet satellites apply.
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but slavs are always so effay
t. burger
I'm gonna be living for a few months in Moscow, how should I dress?

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pants thread! how would you answer these questions now, and how would you answer these questions when you were in high school? compare!
>whats your gender?
>whats your favourite kind of pants to wear?
>what brand?
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>skinny/slim (depends on the outfit)
>I like how the silhouette of tighter pants looks in outfits more than baggier cuts most of the time
> I usually get Levi's, or H&M because they look fine, and are at a good price point to buy a pair, wear the fuck out of them, throw em out, and then buy a new pair
>Thinking about copping some SLP jeans, but I bike everywhere. Will the crotch on SLP jeans hold up much better than cheaper jeans?
>im skinny as shit, as are my legs. Skinny jeans are the only kind to really fit me decently, some slim pants work well too.
>currently levi's, some uniqlo bc im poor and jewish. Also have a pair of CCS chinos which have a great fit and great quality for $30

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Where can I get some quality octopus camo fits?

I really want something that blends in really well with my style.
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OP, hahaha

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w2c this kinda outfit for less than $500?

want a nice outfit to go downtown with the gf in, she always says id look hot in this kinda shit. Not the slightest clue where to go for it. Live in Canada.

HATE dress pants, what are the pants in this pic? Chinos?
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nice cringe thread op!

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Where can I get a jacket like this? Do you think someone on the jacked side things can pull this off?
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black models on ebay
It's a regular, two-button overcoat in probably the most typical colour.

Shouldn't be that hard to find one.

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Does this beard go well with my facial structure /fa/?
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