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I really love this, what do you think?
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idk overpriced
bad graphics
too hyped i guess
everyone was doing the religious imagery/renaissance thing like two years ago eg: supreme with their jesus jerseys, the madonna tee, pyrex, bad streetwear, w.e/etc
/fa/ kids aren't going to like it


So I was at a local consignment shop, and I found a Brooks Brothers cable knit sweater in size medium that I really wanted, it fit properly in the torso but the sleeves seemed awfully baggy.

how are cableknits supposed to fit? should i go get it and intentionally shrink it?
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of course there's a qtddtot
it's called fuccboi general

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What brand is this jacket? I'm too stupid to decipher the logo.
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far away

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I have probably a bit retarded question. Does tucking in undershirts (like Uniqlos Airism or Heattech) into my jeans stretches out hte waist further? I need them to wear with sweats or knits and they are too long (I guess point of them is to tuck in).
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You're supposed to tuck your undershirt into your underwear...

what are some /fa/ snapbacks?

pic unrelated,
im not looking for anything with too much branding, which is why i dont like most of those skate brands.
sport team ones are okayish but a little bit too gaudy sometimes.

either way post some cool snapbacks preferrably with little to no branding
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copped this the other day

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Is streetwear dead and what is streetwear?
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Streetwear isn't dead, but you should be

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What do you guys think of grey sneakers?
Are they more versatile?
Are they more boring?
Should I just stick to white ones?
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Grey sneakers are nice. I have a pair of grey wool ultra boosts and they suit with pretty much everything.
Also, opinions on brown sneakers?
Most people go for white ones but they're not really my thing tbqh
Are those acceptable?

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cotton gauze.jpg
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Hey there /fa/, just wondering if I can buy summer clothes in winter?

I want to buy some very nice cotton and gauze white trousers (Like pic related but without the distressing and extended layer hem things), but I'm worried I will only be able to wear them in summer / will have to keep them in my wardrobe until summer. I live in the UK where it's currently 6-10 degrees in day time, and hopefully will start to get warmer.

They're on Grailed and thus they might be bought at any time, hence why I can't just wait.

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You can be my intern, abs and in turn I'll show you how to cook up summer in the winter
I don't have abs v.sorry anon

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Trunks flipping graphic tees off y!j after preaching against them on /fa/
Smh, truely a disgusting double standard
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that's trunks for you m8
How do you know it's trunks? Is that a fake shirt?

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This sounds ridiculous, but has anyone tried it? to what avail were you succesful?

pic unrelated
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It's unfortunately bullshit mate. If you want to slim your cheeks your best bet is to just cut the sugar/fat loaded foods and do some cardio.

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I'm i new york at the minute, whate and where should i cop?
Want to get a black pair of tims but worried itd look like im trying to follow a trend rather than just buying sturdy rugged shoes that are versatile
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>New York Cops
careful, if you're black you might get shot.
Knew it, someone was gonna say it

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Does anyone here like cycling caps
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I have one; not a huge fan of the design so I don't wear it
waiting for Tempra to restock their Wonder World (made with the Wayne's World logo) caps, the one that was in Go Out a few months ago
I have a merino wool herringbone that is comfy af

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How much should I charge for artistic nude modeling (male)
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post pics so we can give an accurate assessment, pro homo

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Let's get it going; I know there have been good discussions about HuffPo, New Yorker, Atlantic, Transworld Business, and New Republic fashion articles. And this just got posted a few hours ago on The Atlantic. http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/02/buying-less-by-buying-better/462639/
What inspiring / informational articles are out there?
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> Huffington Post
> good
pick one

business of fashion has consistently the best articles tho
I liked that article that talked about the current landscape of fast fashion, that people were sewing shit in their homes to complete H&M orders and stuff like that
it was from Huffington Post, if I remember correctly

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coat inspo thread
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Eidos Napoli 4.jpg
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