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Beat up shoe inspo
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i don't know why i like that kind of threat so much

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Why are you not emo, /fa/? It looks so much better than your buzz cuts, comb overs and laughable man buns.
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Not a faggot
well my gf is
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Keep saying that, meanwhile I'll be out fucking emo/scene girls.

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Why is it that everything this magazine publishes is coated with multiple layers of faggotry? They're completely off base with what the common man wants out of clothing. Which is usually to look nice (which can be sexy, manly, professional, etc.) without looking like a raging homosexual that floats into every room.
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>reading magazines

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Haven't seen one for a while.


>Everything SLP
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Which model jeans is that?

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Hey /fa/,

Post all of your Board Improvement Ideas here.

I'm the buying-generals-anon from December. I've noticed many people ask basic questions here, so I thought I should rework the generals so they have a source of information.

The generals never really took off, because they were too many of them. There were 3 price ranges, and people would never post in the middle price range, the middle thread would die, and people would post middle-tier stuff in the expensive thread, thus ruining it too.

So now I've only made 2 threads - Budget and Pricey. Now the threads should work I hope.

Here's the updated pastebin that contains all the threads: http://pastebin.com/1TxNV2ty
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Pricey Apparel General is hosted here: >>10985733

Gotta wait a while until I can host the others.
Also, I added some new infographics I found in the albums (youngstalin infographics are outdated as fuck): http://anonfashion.imgur.com/
Budget Apparel General - /bag/: >>10985824

Pricey Apparel General - /pag/. This thread is about apparel for people who are willing to spend more on apparel.

>What apparel is discussed here?

All and any apparel (all sexes) including outerwear, headwear, gloves and scarves. The price range by category is as follows - guideline: Leather jackets and pants $700 andabove; Coats $450 and above; Sweats and knits $130 and above; T-shirts and Shirts $70 and above; Jeans and Pants $150 and above.

>What topics are discussed here?

Cop or not, where to cop - any type of query, any type of inspo, any type of information.

>What is not discussed here?

Apparel that is below the listed price range, as well as footwear. Please see the appropriate generals for that: pastebin.com/1TxNV2ty

>What are the most common brands discussed here? (Alphabetically)

ACNE, Ann Demeulemeester, APC, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Dries van Noten, Givenchy, Helmut Lang, Kenzo, Maison Margiela, Saint Laurent Paris, Vivienne Westwood

>Where can I buy pricey apparel?

Antonioli – antonioli.eu
Barneys – barneys.com
Colette – colette.fr
Farfetch – farfetch.com
Lane Crawford – lanecrawford.com
Luisaviaroma – luisaviaroma.com
LN-CC – ln-cc.com
Matchesfashion – matchesfashion.com
Mr Porter – mrporter.com
Nordstorm – shop.nordstrom.com
The Corner – thecorner.com
Revolve – revolveclothing.com
Shopbop – shopbop.com
SSENSE – ssense.com
Y-3 Official Store – store.y-3.com

>Where else can I buy pricey apparel?

Check out the online-shopping search-engines: Shopstyle, Lyst, Google Shopping, Mybestbrands

>Are there any relevant infographics about apparel?

Yes, please check imgur.com/a/C4nps/all

>Any questions, or ideas how to improve the OP?

Please feel free to contact [email protected] You can find this entire OP at pastebin.com/TNvAv6qZ
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Deciding between the following
Norse Projects Nunk
Canada Goose Expidition
Cockpit USA N3B

Willing to pay up to $1000 (thus not checking Moncler's site); I want a heavy winter jacket if you all wanna help
When it comes to winter Jackets, Moncler is the most fashionable choice imho.
yeah but I can't afford anything beyond 1000 bucks
well I'm not willing to spend beyond that much since I have other stuff to buy; insulated boots, fleece jackets, lambswool jumpers, down booties, decent baselayers, etc

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Just wondering where people go for good looking replica sneakers
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Stay there

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are joggers and Nike Cortez the new /fa/ meme?
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This looks comfy, though i'd replace the joggers with some cargo pants similar colours.

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ITT essential Daniel-core
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are these his?
>flat feet.
Fucking amazing

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Is this acceptable as a jacket? Jeans+boots
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the upper pockets are a little loud, but as long as nothing else you wear with it is overdesigned i think it's okay.
If you have to ask on fucking 4chan if a shitty OD field jacket is acceptable as a jacket to wear with jeans and boots I think you should not leave your house ever again and preferably kill yourself
I have a similar jacket by French Connection.
I wear jeans and boots and feel like it works, so why not. Try for yourself OP.

Spent a month indoors recovering from a surgery and Ive let myself go, recommend me a haircut

Don't laugh at my ugly curtains please
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start off with shaving
Yeah I plan to before going out whenever I decide I feel good enough to
Damn dude what was your surgery?

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Don't you guys have anything better to do than looking at other people clothes?
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I am serious here.
Don't you guys have any bigger meaning in life than comparing who the better rolepllayer is?
This is everything /fa/ can answer

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cop or not thread?
pic related
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what are you wanting to cop??
link to those boots please
jeans :)

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cop or not thread
and c or n?
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Cop highs
mom i have wiis for feet

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black man platinum blonde hair.jpg
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I don't know what is wrong with my hair. After a month of trying to get platinum blonde I finally got around acsilver white color, but my ends/curls won't tone and look unified with the rest of my hair. So the question is that did I fry my hair too much because I bleached it several times in the past month or curls just won't tone or dye?
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enjoy your irreversible hair damage

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